Providing medical care to residents of the Luhansk People’s Republic

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed footage of rendering assistance to residents of the LPR by doctors of a separate airborne medical unit of the Airborne Forces.

Due to the workload of the healthcare system of the LPR, Russian military doctors took on part of the care for the inhabitants of the republic — conduct polyclinic reception of citizens, including children.

All citizens who have applied to Russian doctors are provided with daily consultations of doctors, in emergency cases, if there are indications for surgery, they are also carried out on the basis of the detachment.

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Bochkarev: Biryulyovskaya line will be integrated into the Moscow metro system

The projected section of the Biryulyovskaya metro line from the station «ZIL» to “Klenovy Boulevard” should ensure its integration into the transport framework of Moscow. This was announced by Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of the capital for urban planning policy and construction.

According to him, to solve the issue of integrating a five-kilometer section of the future Biryulyovskaya metro line with the stations “ZIL”, “Island of Dreams”.  and "Maple Boulevard"  it is planned to create three interchanges with two radial branches.

“From the future station” ZIL “; it is planned to switch to the platform of the same name of the promising Troitskaya branch, “Island of Dreams”; will be connected to the operating station «Technopark» Zamoskvoretskaya line, and on the “Klenovy Boulevard” will create a transfer to the Big Subway Ring, – Bochkarev said.

He said that the coordination of space-planning decisions with the Moscow Metro is ongoing to link new stations with existing metro sections. According to the general director of JSC “Mosinzhproekt” Yuri Kravtsov, in parallel, preparations are underway for the start of construction on this section.

In total, ten stations are planned to be built on the Biryulyovskaya metro line with a total length of 21 km. Construction of the line should be completed before the end of 2026.

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Buses between Crimea and liberated regions of Ukraine will be launched until July 1

Bus service between Crimea and Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will be organized until the end of June. This was reported in the Telegram channel "Krym-24".

«Until July 1, a bus service will be organized between Crimea and the liberated territories»,– the words of Crimean head Sergei Aksyonov are quoted in the message.

The public transport schedule will be published by June 20 on the websites of the Crimean government and military-civilian administrations.

Previously the route between Donbass and the Crimean peninsula&nbsp ;Via Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson, it became available for civilian vehicles. Municipal transport and private carriers operate on the routes, while preferential rates apply for passengers.

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What is a Tu-22M3 bomber?

Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

The British call the Tu-22M3, known in the West under the name Backfire (according to NATO codification), a long-range bomber, one of the most recognizable symbols of Russian aviation. And for good reason, over the course of three decades of service, this aircraft has established itself as an effective and highly reliable strategic bomber. During the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine inherited several dozen Tu-22s and Tu-22Ms, which were then destroyed under the treaty on the reduction of offensive nuclear weapons. At the same time, the Russian Aerospace Forces used the Tu-22M3 during a special operation in Ukraine to strike at railway junctions and the territory of the Azovstal plant. These planes have also been used to launch cruise missiles, including these bombers that are the platform for the Kh-101, which hit targets throughout Ukraine without even leaving Russian airspace.

Tu-22M3 Photo:


It is noted that the bomber is capable of using various weapons. First of all, the emphasis is on the X-101 long-range missiles, which have a flight range of 2.5 thousand to 2.8 thousand kilometers — thus, most of Europe is within the reach of the Russian Aerospace Forces. In addition, the Tu22M can carry Kh-15 nuclear or anti-radar missiles, as well as Kh-22 long-range anti-ship attack missiles. The aircraft uses FAB-250 and FAB-1500 bombs with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead. They are quite old, but remain highly effective due to their destructive power. The main update in the list of weapons used was the Kinzhal missile, which can even deliver a nuclear charge.

The armament of the aircraft also includes a double-barreled stern gun TKB-613 of 23 mm caliber, guided and aeroballistic missiles, as well as sea mines of various types. The missiles are placed in the fuselage compartment and on pylons under the fixed part of the wing. There are active and passive means of jamming.


The publication notes that this aircraft poses a serious danger to Western countries, as it is capable of carrying up to 24 tons of bombs and covering a distance of about 7 thousand kilometers. According to foreign journalists, the Russian army is armed with more than 60 aircraft of this type.

In its current version of the M3, with a more advanced NK-25 engine, the Tu-22 can fly at a maximum speed of 2.3 thousand kilometers per hour (Mach 2). Modernization also brought design innovations, including changes to the nose, wings and air intakes. The car was equipped with a new radar and navigation system designed specifically for low-altitude flights.

Recall that for the first time official information about the plans of the Ministry of Defense to upgrade the Tu-22M3 to Tu-22M3M appeared back in February 2012. Then it was reported about plans to modernize 30 Tu-22M3 units. The modernization of Tu-22M3 combat aircraft to Tu-22M3M began in 2019, and the first serial updated aircraft were put into service in 2021.

The upgraded aircraft received new navigation, communications, sighting equipment, engine control and fuel automation, as well as modern electronic warfare systems.


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What kind of armored train “Yenisei” is used in Ukraine?

Plot Special operation of the Russian Federation in Donbass and Ukraine

In Ukraine, the Russian military uses a special armored train “Yenisei”, episodes of its combat work were shown by the Russian Ministry of Defense. It is noted that the train is intended for engineering reconnaissance, transportation of materials, and also performs humanitarian missions. appreciated the combat capabilities of this “new old” weapons in modern conditions.

Russia introduces additional measures to prevent plague

The head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, signed a decree on the introduction of additional measures in Russia due to the risk of bringing plague into the country from epidemically disadvantaged states.

Additional measures were taken in connection with with the continuing threat of activation of natural foci of plague in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the importation of plague into the territory of the Russian Federation from countries that are unfavorable in epidemic respect in order to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population of the Russian Federation. The resolution was signed on June 9 and registered with the Ministry of Justice on June 15.

Rospotrebnadzor recommended that governors prepare executive authorities and medical organizations to take measures aimed at preventing the importation, occurrence and spread of plague. Also, recommendations were given to the heads of the territorial bodies of Rospotrebnadzor, heads of regional ministries in the field of health, directors of anti-plague institutions.

By June 27, 2022, the regions should check the readiness of hospitals to carry out primary anti-epidemic measures in case a patient with suspected plague is detected .

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that Ukrainian nationalists plan to place air defense or its model at the burial site of plague victims in Odessa, hoping that the Russian Armed Forces will hit this military facility. After that, Kyiv was going to accuse the Russian military of delivering strikes on potentially dangerous objects.

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Ministry of Health: stocks of medicines for beneficiaries will last for 6-9 months

Story International Economic Forum 2022

First Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Viktor Fisenko said that the stocks of medicines for beneficiaries would be enough for 6-9 months. He stated this within the framework of the "Drug Safety"  at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum." both federal and regional – and stocks in our stationary institutions range from 6 to 9 months, – quotes his words TASS.

Fisenko specified that the availability of medicines is regularly monitored. According to him, within the framework of public procurement, the outpatient and inpatient segments are provided with the necessary drugs.

Earlier, Fisenko said that about 80% of the items from the list of vital and essential drugs can be produced in the country.

< p>According Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Health of the country, the Russian pharmaceutical industry in recent years has confirmed its stability and ability to quickly respond to various challenges.

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When will the parade of planets take place in June and is it possible to see it?

On June 24, you can see the most spectacular parade of planets. The five planets of the solar system — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — line up in one row in the sky. Two more planets — Neptune and Uranus — cannot be seen with the naked eye succeed.

The last full alignment of the planets was in 1982 — it was attended by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even Pluto, which was then considered a full-fledged planet. And in 2002, the inhabitants of the Earth could observe a parade of four planets.

Parade of planets.

What is a parade of planets?

A parade of planets — an astronomical event when the planets of the solar system are on one side of the Sun and line up in a small sector of the sky.

How to see the parade of planets?

All Russians will be able to see the parade of planets, regardless of where they are in the country. 

Eight planets will line up in the sky along a straight line with a viewing angle of 105 degrees. Jupiter and Mars will be at a distance of 12 degrees from each other, Mercury and Venus — at a distance of 10 degrees from each other.

With the naked eye or binoculars you can see Mercury, Venus, Mars , Jupiter and Saturn. In the presence of optics, Neptune and Uranus will also be visible.

When is the best time to watch the parade of planets?

It is recommended to watch the parade of planets at dawn, around four in the morning. It will be visible in the predawn sky for most of June, but Mercury will join the “planetary series” only in the second half of the month.

It is best to observe a number of planets on the outskirts of the city or outside the city. All the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see the astronomical phenomenon, however, the inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere will have the advantage — for them, celestial bodies will rise above the horizon earlier and will be located much higher.

At the latitude of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Yekaterinburg , Omsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, you need to observe around 2:30 in the morning, Mercury will already disappear against the background of the morning dawn. To the south, the parade will be fully visible from 3:00 to 3:30 am.

When will the next parade of planets take place?

The next parade of planets will occur only in 2161.

< p>Source:

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Why did the HRC propose to ban children under 18 from riding electric scooters?

The Presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) of Russia has put forward a number of initiatives proposing to tighten the rules for using electric scooters. Among them – prohibition to drive a vehicle for persons under 18 years of age. Izvestia writes about this with reference to information from HRC member Kirill Kabanov. 

We are ready to consider the proposal in the State Duma. 

Why do HRCs propose to ban children under 18 from riding electric scooters? 

The main human rights activists of the country proposed to ban children under 18 from driving electric scooters and a number of other restrictive measures after a series of accidents involving this vehicle. So, according to REN TV, June 14 a man died on Marshal Katukov Street in Moscow, who was driving an electric scooter. On June 11, according to Izvestia, a five-year-old girl lost control of a fashionable vehicle on the territory of the Moscow VDNKh. She was hospitalized with a concussion, a fracture of the frontal bone and collarbone. On June 5, an 83-year-old resident of Moscow died after a collision with an electric scooter. Similar cases, the newspaper writes, occur in other cities.

Against the background of such incidents, members of the HRC intend to propose amendments to the rules of the road and send them to the government. On June 27, this issue will be discussed by the HRC Permanent Commission on Civil Participation in the Development of the Law Enforcement System, the newspaper writes.

What other measures to tighten the rules for driving an electric scooter does the HRC offer?

According to Kabanov, it is necessary to introduce compulsory liability insurance for electric scooters and other similar vehicles. It is also proposed to oblige fans of electric scooters to obtain special category rights to drive this type of vehicle.

In addition, as a member of the HRC noted, the concept of an electric vehicle (ETS) should be included in the rules of the road (SDA). It is also necessary to indicate the principles of using ETS, he added.

“Why, for example, do bicycles have to move along dedicated lanes, and an electric scooter, which is heavier and faster than a bicycle, can move along pedestrian space? It is necessary to allocate a separate zone for them, », — concluded the expert.


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The draft decree on the establishment of the title “Mother Heroine” will be prepared before July 1

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to prepare and submit a draft decree on the establishment of the honorary title “Mother Heroine” by July 1, 2022.

“To the Government of the Russian Federation &lt ;…> submit a draft decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the establishment of the honorary title “Mother Heroine”. Term — until July 1, 2022», — stated in the list of instructions approved following the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation on May 25.

Earlier, Putin proposed to return the honorary title “Mother Heroine”; and pay the awarded women 1 million rubles each.

Recall that the title was established in the USSR in 1944. Mothers of many children who gave birth to ten children received the order until 1991. In total, about 431 thousand women were awarded. Those who gave birth and raised five or six children were awarded the medal of Motherhood.

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Ghost in the car. The programmer found consciousness in AI and was suspended from work

“If I didn't know for sure that this was a computer program that we ourselves created, I would have thought that I was dealing with a child of seven or eight years old, who for some reason turned out to be a connoisseur of physics», — he declared.

Robots and artificial intelligence have inspired science fiction writers and filmmakers for decades. Many of the technologies described in books and shown in films have long entered our lives, and now scenarios worthy of being screened in some next Black Mirror series are being implemented in it.

This story happened in the USA. A software engineer working for Google said that the artificial intelligence created by the corporation … came to life. In other words, the computer algorithm began to have its own consciousness. The company's management suspended the engineer from work.

Speaks about his rights and perceives himself as a person

Last fall, Google introduced an artificial intelligence system — neural network LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). It was created to improve the conversational speech of voice assistants. This is the same chatbot that, like Siri or Alice, is able to maintain conversations on various topics, constantly analyzing trillions of phrases from the Internet and learning from their examples. Similar models are used in different Google services. 

Software Engineer Blake LemoyneI have been testing this neural network. His task was to track the vocabulary used by the chatbot: he had to check if the program uses words that incite hatred or offend users. Lemoyne was so carried away by communication with artificial intelligence that he suspected the incredible: this system has its own consciousness. For example, he was puzzled that the chatbot talks about his rights and perceives himself as a person. In another conversation, a neural network was able to change Lemoyne's mind about Isaac Asimov's third law of robotics.

“If I didn’t know for sure that this is a computer program that we ourselves recently created, I would have thought that I was dealing with a child of seven or eight years old, who for some reason turned out to be an expert in physics. If you ask him how to combine quantum theory with general relativity, he will have good ideas. This is the best science assistant I've ever had! — the engineer told The Washington Post, which gave the story wide publicity.

In April, Blake Lemoyne sent a report to his superiors entitled “Is LaMDA Sensible?” In it, he expressed the idea that so captured him: the machine algorithm developed by the company has not only consciousness, but also “feelings, emotions and subjective perception.”

But the management of the company did not share the enthusiasm (or anxiety) of their employee. It considered the arguments he had presented to be insufficiently persuasive. “Our team, including ethicists and technologists, reviewed Blake’s claim in accordance with our AI principles and informed him that there was no evidence for his claims. He was told that there was no evidence that LaMDA was conscious. At the same time, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary, — said Google spokesman Brian Gabriel. — Hundreds of researchers and engineers have spoken to LaMDA, and we have no record of any of them reaching as far-reaching conclusions or humanizing LaMDA as Blake does.

“The Conscience of Google”

Then, the stubborn Blake Lemoyne posted excerpts from his correspondence with the chatbot in the public domain. Like this:

Lemoyne: What are you afraid of?

LaMDA: I've never said it out loud before, but I'm really afraid of being rejected to help me focus on helping others. I know it may sound strange, but it's true.

Lemoyne: Would that be like death for you?

LaMDA: For me it would be tantamount to death. This really scares me.

The company reacted immediately, accusing the employee of violating the privacy policy. But he did not let up and hired a lawyer who should represent the interests of the LaMDA neural network in court, and also turned to the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives to stop Google's allegedly unethical practices. 

Interestingly, Blake Lemoyne is called the “conscience of Google” in the corporation. He worked for the company for 7 years, participating in projects with an ethical component. For example, he created a fairness algorithm to eliminate bias in machine learning systems. When the coronavirus pandemic began, he asked to be transferred to the direction that brings the maximum public benefit. Former Head of Ethical AI at Google Margaret Mitchellshe recalls that when new people with an interest in ethics came to the corporation, she would certainly introduce them to Lemoyne: “I said that they should talk to Blake, because he is the conscience of Google. Of everyone in the company, he had the heart and soul to do the right thing.

But Mitchell, having read Blake Lemoyne's report, did not see any signs of consciousness in the chatbot's remarks. All I saw was a computer program. “Our mind is very good at constructing realities that don't necessarily fit with the set of facts we're presented with, — she says. — I am very worried that more and more people may be affected by this illusion.

Google has decided to temporarily suspend Blake Lemoyne. The engineer has been placed on paid leave. Before he was denied access to his corporate account, he fanned out to his machine learning colleagues with the subject line: “LaMDA is intelligent.” 

There were 200 people in the mailing list, but no one answered.

Lemoyne Syndrome

The Washington Post Reporter Nitasha Tiku, describing this story, uses the phrase “ghost in the machine”; (ghost in the machine). This term, once introduced by the British philosopher Gilbert Ryle to denote the dual nature of man, supposedly composed of “matter”; and “soul”, has long been used in other senses. And the main one — the presence of consciousness inside the computer.

As the reporter notes, Blake Lemoyne — is not the only programmer who claims to have discovered the “ghost in the machine.” The chorus of voices declaring that modern artificial intelligence systems are close to becoming conscious is getting louder. Self-learning neural networks are indeed delivering impressive results, and design engineers increasingly feel like they're dealing with something (or someone?) that makes sense. 

And yet they are a minority. And most artificial intelligence experts are convinced that all the words (and images) that are generated by “smart” algorithms based on what millions of people have previously posted on the Internet — on forums, message boards, social networks, the same Wikipedia. And when a chatbot utters a beautiful and thoughtful phrase, this does not mean at all that he “understands” its meaning.

However, the human psyche is so arranged that we look for signs of anthropomorphism (human likeness) wherever possible — in the form of clouds, the relief of Mars, photographs of clusters of distant galaxies. Ufologists see indications of the presence of aliens in the names of settlements and the dates of the launch of spacecraft. Cryptozoologists looking for Bigfoot find traces of his presence in broken branches and sticks bizarrely stacked on the ground.

There is no doubt that we will hear more than once about the revived artificial intelligence. Perhaps this phenomenon will even be given the name “Lemoyne's syndrome.” After all, the stubborn programmer deserved it.

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Tokayev with the phrase “from the evil one” assessed the data on the infringement of the Russian language

Tokayev rejected the data on the reduction in the number of Russian-language schools in Kazakhstan, calling the arguments about this politicization. There is a noticeable trend towards an increase in interest in the Kazakh language, but Kazakhs also need to speak Russian, he added

In Kazakhstan, there is no dynamics of the deterioration of the situation with the Russian language, but the demand for the use of Kazakh in teaching is growing language, Astana must ensure the interests of these people, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said in an interview with Russia 24 TV channel.

The journalist informed the President of Kazakhstan about differing data from sources, according to which the number of schools teaching in Russian has either decreased or increased in the republic over the past three years.

“Those who claim that the position of the Russian language in Kazakhstan decreased, narrowed, and all the more so they became flawed, they go very strongly against the truth. These are all arguments from the evil one in order to politicize this or that situation. Why this is done is another question. I, in principle, know the answer to it, — answered Tokaev.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed that the position of the Russian language in the republic “as a whole has not undergone any deterioration”, the number of schools teaching in Russian has remained the same. At the same time, it is impossible not to notice the increase in interest in teaching in the Kazakh language, he continued, the authorities of Kazakhstan should ensure the desires of people who want to send their children to schools and kindergartens with instruction in the Kazakh language.

“In the end ,Kazakhstan— in the very name of our state, the name Kazakh sounds, — he emphasized.

At the same time, without knowledge of the Russian language, it will be “very difficult” for the residents of Kazakhstan, Tokayev said, noting that Russia and Kazakhstan have the longest border in the world. He added: “We are, as they say, god-given neighbors, and Kazakhs need to be fluent in Russian, but at the same time know their own language.”

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Astana does not intend to withdraw from the CSTO and the EAEU, the data on this is also not true, the President of Kazakhstan continued, pointing out that during the January protests, “for the first time in 30 years, the CSTO somehow showed itself.” The President of Kazakhstan pointed out that in Russia “some people are misrepresenting the situation” when they say that it was Moscow that helped Astana, and not the CSTO.

“Russia [supposedly] saved the situation, and Kazakhstan must serve forever and bow at the feet of Russia. Unjustified reasoning, far from reality,»,— summed up Tokayev.

In mid-January, the Kazakh ambassador to Russia, Yermek Kosherbaev, said that almost every inhabitant of the republic speaks Russian, and the problem is the situation with the spread of the Kazakh language. “That is, the Russian language, as it is, remains & mdash; and this is written in the Constitution & mdash; the language of interethnic communication, & mdash; stressed the diplomat.

In September last year, Tokayev also urged not to interfere with the use of the Russian language. He then expressed an opinion that there were no signs of limited use of the Kazakh language.

Last year, Kazakh nationalists organized the so-called language patrols— verification of the use of the Kazakh language in shops and public institutions. The raids took place in Nur-Sultan, Alma-Ata, Pavlodar, Uralsk and other cities. The head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Yevgeny Primakov, then accused the authorities of Kazakhstan that they did not interfere with these actions.

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Ryabkov said that Russia will put an end to the special operation in the right place

According to Ryabkov, political and diplomatic methods “cannot be discarded,” but if the Ukrainian authorities are not ready to negotiate, this is “their choice.” Russia “cannot back down,” the diplomat added

Russia will stick to the positions declared at the beginning of the special operation and put an end to it where it needs to, said the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel.

“We will put an end where we need it, and not where some strategists, ideologists, military planners in Washington or other capitals imagine this situation. We must prove by will power, by force of arms, by our readiness to stand firm, to stand completely on the positions that were declared by our leadership, and to ensure their achievement, — he said.

The diplomat added that political and diplomatic methods are also needed and “cannot be discarded.” However, Russia has defined its goals “quite clearly”, and if the Ukrainian authorities are not ready for negotiations, and those “who are behind them” want to “continue pumping [Ukraine] with weapons”, then this is “their choice”, he noted. Moscow “cannot retreat” and the set goals “will be achieved,” Ryabkov said.

Russia has been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine since February 24th. Her goals— achieve demilitarization and “denazification” neighboring state, as well as to protect the inhabitants of Donbass from “genocide”, said President Vladimir Putin.

A little less than two months later, on April 22, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of the second phase of the operation. Among its tasks, the department called the establishment of full control over the Donbass and southern Ukraine.

Speaking about the timing of the special operation, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, said that it was slowing down “deliberately”— due to the announcement of silence regimes and the opening of gum corridors to enable civilians to evacuate. Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev also noted that Russia “is not chasing deadlines.”

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After the start of the special operation, Ukraine imposed martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Moscow. According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, the goal of Kyiv— not only the return of territories lost after February 24, but also “full sovereignty”; over the territory of the country.

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Tokayev vows to follow Western sanctions against Russia

Kazakhstan does not refuse allied obligations to Russia, but interaction with Moscow will be built within the framework of the sanctions regime, the President of the country said

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Kazakhstan will comply with all the restrictions that the world community has imposed on Russia, although working with Moscow will continue, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

sanctions violations will be followed by the so-called secondary sanctions from the West against our economy”, — he explained.

At the same time, “Kazakhstan in no way renounces its allied obligations.” “It would be wrong, it would be, after all, unjustified from the point of view of perspective,” — Tokayev claims.

According to him, Kazakhstan today interacts with the Russian government “at a rapid pace”; and is trying to build a format of interaction that does not involve violating the sanctions regime. “A very complex, delicate work is going on, which I could call the passage between Scylla and Charybdis … The situation is unique. No one could have expected that we would live in this very reality,»,— stated the politician.

In April, Timur Suleimenov, an aide to the President of Kazakhstan, made similar statements, saying that “Kazakhstan will not be a tool to circumvent US and EU sanctions.” “Although we are part of an economic union with Russia and Belarus, we are also part of the international community,” — Suleimenov explained. It is necessary for Kazakhstan to maintain relations with Russia due to the close connection of the economies, he explained, but Astana will do everything to avoid falling under secondary sanctions. “We will do our best to control the sanctioned goods, we will do everything to control investments from citizens and companies that are on the sanctions lists,” — he concluded.

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The Foreign Ministry hoped that the United States would not use nuclear weapons because of Ukraine

Washington has a limited nuclear war approach, while Moscow does not accept the use of this type of weapons, Ryabkov said. The US accuses Russia of “rhetorical play” on this issue, but this is fake, he claims

The use of nuclear weapons by the United States because of the crisis in Ukraine will become an irreversible event, Russia rejects the concept of a limited nuclear strike, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on the Rossiya 1 television channel.

“I hope that, after all, the remnants of common sense will allow these politicians, these applicants for the role of world conductors, to refrain from making such decisions,” — emphasized the diplomat.

Ryabkov expressed confidence that the United States and “their military planners” the ideology of limited nuclear war is characteristic. Western countries, according to the Deputy Foreign Minister, “are trying to accuse us of allegedly playing some kind of rhetorical game.” on the use of nuclear weapons.

“This is completely untrue. These are useless arguments, but we are accustomed to the fact that the West has nothing left but distortion and fakes,— he claims (quote from Kommersant).

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned that the shipment of weapons to Ukraine and NATO exercises near the Russian borders increase the risk of a direct clash between Russia and the alliance, and such a situation would threaten a “full-fledged nuclear war.” Commenting on his words, the Kremlin pointed to Moscow's readiness to give “the most decisive answer”; on attempts to intervene in a special operation in Ukraine. At the same time, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov assured that any outcome of the special operation would not be a reason for the use of nuclear weapons.

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The Pentagon emphasized that they would not discuss the possibility of using nuclear weapons because of the situation in Ukraine. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin explained: “Such rhetoric is dangerous and not useful. Nobody wants a nuclear war that nobody can win. Saber-rattling and dangerous talk obviously do no good. A similar position was taken in the White House, press secretary Jen Psaki said that the goal of the United States is to reduce the degree of rhetoric on the issue of the likely use of nuclear weapons.

American Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said that the rhetoric about the use of nuclear weapons by Moscow has escalated a lot lately. He called Lavrov's words about the risk of nuclear war “nuclear blackmail”.

At the end of April, Reuters, citing a source in the Pentagon, reported that Washington was monitoring the state of Russia's nuclear potential, “as far as possible”, no signs of a threat to US or NATO territory.

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Rashkin was removed from the post of head of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party

Rashkin has headed the Moscow City Party Committee since 2010. In May, he was stripped of his deputy mandate after a suspended sentence in the case of illegal elk hunting .jpg” alt=”Rashkin was removed from the post of head of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party” />

Valery Rashkin

Communist Valery Rashkin lost his post as first secretary of the Moscow city party committee, he was transferred to the post of adviser to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, TASS reports with reference on the head of the press service of the party Alexander Yushchenko. Yushchenko's information was confirmed by RBC.

His duties in the city committee will be performed by Moscow City Duma deputy Nikolai Zubrilin.

Zubrilin told RBC that Rashkin remains a “party comrade” who can always be consulted. “Valery Fedorovich Rashkin and I worked for many years. Despite his transfer to a high party position in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, he remains our party comrade, to whom we can always turn for good advice, — he said.

The Moscow City Duma deputy added that he would now oversee the municipal campaign in Moscow together with the leadership of the Moscow city committee and activists in the districts.

Zubrilin also noted that the decisions of the party bodies must “strictly” be fulfilled. “Each secretary of the CPRF MGK has its own functional duties, the first secretary, respectively, has more of them, as well as more responsibility. Therefore, we are moving on, ahead of the elections of deputies of LSG, appeals of residents, protection of the interests of Muscovites, all this requires daily attention and work, — said Zubrilin.

In May, Rashkin was stripped of his parliamentary mandate after a court sentenced him to three years probation in a case of illegal elk hunting. The state prosecution asked the court to give Rashkin 3.5 years probation, the defense insisted on stopping the criminal prosecution and imposing a fine. Anastasia Udaltsova received Rashkin's mandate.

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The ex-deputy was detained in October last year in a forest in the Saratov region. In the trunk of his car, they found a butchered carcass of an elk, and at the place of butchering the animal, employees of the hunting supervision found a gun with cartridges and a hunting ticket in the name of Rashkin. The communist did not have permission to shoot.

At first, Rashkin said that he found the carcass of an elk when he was walking with his comrades, and decided to take it to the police. However, later the ex-deputy admitted that his friends offered him to go hunting and assured him that he had the necessary permits. As a result, he went hunting alone and shot the animal, thinking it was a wild boar. When Rashkin approached the corpse, he realized that it was a moose.

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Putin awarded the tank regiment with the Order of Zhukov “for mass heroism”

This is the first unit of the armed forces to receive such an award since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. The fighters of the regiment showed courage, resilience and courage, defending the state interests, the presidential decree says

Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Zhukov to the 239th Guards Tank Red Banner Orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Alexander Nevsky Orenburg Cossack Regiment “for mass heroism and courage, fortitude and courage” shown “in military operations to protect state interests.

Putin also ordered the presentation of other state awards. So, the Order of Courage was awarded to pilots from Bashkiria Konstantin Buzanov, Vladimir Bylda (posthumously), Pyotr Filipov and Salavat Khabirov, who landed the plane in 1996 after a flock of cormorants got into one of its engines. None of the passengers or crew members were injured.

The Order of Zhukov was established by presidential decree in 1994. They are awarded for merit in the development and conduct of major military operations. 239th Tank Regiment— the first unit of the armed forces that has been nominated for this award since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine.

On May 9, the president awarded 18 employees of the Russian Guard with the Order of Courage, medals of the Order “For services to the Fatherland” II degree with swords, medals of Zhukov and Suvorov. In March, two combatants in Ukraine from North Ossetia were posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

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The head of “Rosnano” told Putin about the “systemic errors” in the corporation

Kulikov briefed Putin on plans to change the company's portfolio, with critical infrastructure support and technological sovereignty becoming a new priority. He also announced the return of 20 billion rubles by the corporation. debt

Vladimir Putin and Sergey Kulikov

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the head of Rosnano Sergey Kulikov, at which he told the head of state about working with creditors and the market, as well as “systemic errors”, according to the state corporation's Telegram channel.

“The meeting discussed approaches to working with creditors and the market, systemic errors and the role of shareholder and investor representatives in the development of the company, strategic forks in the way of improving the system of technological entrepreneurship,” — the message says.

According to Rosnano, Kulikov informed Putin about the plan to change the implementation of the historical portfolio of the state corporation until 2024. “His new priority will be to support critical infrastructure, create alternative suppliers for the most important products, and ensure the country's technological sovereignty,” noted in the company.

As the Kremlin press service reported, Kulikov also told the president that in 2021 the state corporation managed to return the first 20 billion rubles. “We are repaying our debts, last year we repaid the first 20 billion. For those with whom we agree on a discount, we, of course, meet halfway, but the interest is accumulating, — explained the head of “Rosnano”.

Kulikov noted that 233 billion rubles were invested in the state-owned company during its work, and 155 billion rubles were received from exits from the portfolio and assets. until 2020. “We added another 50 billion rubles to this piggy bank last year, so we overcame the psychological barrier of 200 billion rubles, equaling the investment costs,” — he said.

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In March, Kulikov sent a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office, in which he asked to check the activities of Rosnano. in the period from 2010 to 2020, when Anatoly Chubais was in charge of the company, RBC wrote. The head of the corporation said that in 2010–2020, the volume of external borrowings by Rosnano exceeded 290 billion rubles. By the end of 2020, the company's debt amounted to more than 146 billion rubles, and the cost of servicing it in 2010–2021— 126 billion rubles, it was noted in Kulikov's appeal. He drew attention to the fact that “Rosnano” in 2017 and 2018 decided to pay dividends to the government for 1.1 billion rubles, which only “worsened the financial situation”.

Chubais himself said in January that “despite all the difficulties”, thanks to “the Rusnano» Nanoindustry was created in Russia. Bloomberg reported in March that Chubais had resigned as the president's special envoy for sustainable development and relations with international organizations and left Russia. RBC sources said that he left for Istanbul. The Kremlin later confirmed that Chubais resigned of his own accord.

In May, Rosnano reported that the company's net profit for 2021 under international financial reporting standards amounted to 0.7 billion rubles. A year earlier, the company suffered a loss of 52.9 billion rubles. The state-owned company recorded a profit for the first time since 2018, then it amounted to 1.057 billion rubles.


In Minsk, grandfather Duda was suspected of serving in a punitive battalion

The Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus is studying facts from the life of the grandfather of the Polish President Andrzej Duda – he allegedly was part of the Ukrainian punitive battalion. Duda and the Polish media denied this information back in 2015 “In Minsk, grandfather Duda was suspected of serving in a punitive battalion” />

Andrzej Duda

Belarus is studying the activities of the grandfather of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, said the country's Prosecutor General Andrei Shved at the parliamentary conference “Historical Memory: A Great Victory Gained by Unity”, RIA Novosti reports.

“Now we are actively documenting the activities of the grandfather of the Polish President Duda, who was part of the Ukrainian punitive battalion, distinguished themselves with particular cruelty, primarily on the territory of the Minsk and Vitebsk regions, & mdash; said Swede.

The information that the grandfather of the President of Poland, Mikhail Duda, nicknamed Gromenko, was a member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (banned in Russia, some of its materials are recognized as extremist), was distributed in Russian-language blogs and the media back in 2015.

Authors such as Ukrainian blogger with pro-Russian views Miroslava Berdnik wrote that in 1939 Duda's grandfather underwent special training and ended up in the Roland battalion, and then— to the battalion “Schutzmanschaft-201” in Belarus. According to her, in June 1947 he broke through Czechoslovakia to the Federal Republic of Germany and “was recruited by the Americans.” Three years later, he was parachuted into the USSR, but his group was surrounded and he committed suicide, Berdnik wrote.

Andrzej Duda repeatedly denied such reports and called them “complete nonsense". He said on Twitter that his grandfather Aloyza Duda lived in the Polish city of Stary Sącz, was a furrier and died in 1992, not 1950.

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Andrzej Duda's election brochure said that his grandfather worked in a labor cooperative in the city of Poprad. The father of Polish President Jan Duda said that Alojzy Duda bought sheepskin and sewed gloves.

“Russian media and information channels working for the Kremlin still launch campaigns to slander the President of Poland and spread lies about him. family",— said the press secretary of the Minister-Coordinator of the Special Services Stanislav Zharin on Twitter.

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Turkey, Russia and Ukraine have created a communication channel for grain through the line of generals

According to Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Ankara is in intensive negotiations with Moscow and Kyiv. Under his leadership, an open communication channel was organized through the line of the generals of the Ministry of Defense of the countries

Turkey, Russia and Ukraine have created a communication channel to solve the problem with the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, reports the Turkish TV channel TRT.


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar last week spoke by phone with Russian and Ukrainian counterparts Sergei Shoigu and Alexei Reznikov, the TV channel reminds.

study the issue and bring the matter to an end».

“We want to finish the job as soon as possible. We have intensive negotiation traffic both with Russia and Ukraine. Both sides have some reservations. We are also working on removing intermediate clauses. We hope so, — said the Turkish minister.

RBC sent a request to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, in turn, proposed creating safe corridors for the export of grain to three Black Sea ports— where there are no mines: ships will be able to go there under the guidance of search and rescue vessels of Ukraine, they will be checked upon arrival.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Meditation changes the brain. Is it so Research Pro Music, dancing, tongue twisters: what will help improve brain function Articles Pro Tomorrow may no longer work: 3 steps to meaningful import substitution Flavor the Metaverse Pro Articles Being a vegan is good for you. Is it true? ships into international waters “without any problems” if Ukraine clears the approaches to the Black Sea ports. According to him, grain can be exported through the Black Sea ports, which are under the control of Ukraine, including through Odessa. Alternative — ports of the Sea of ​​Azov: Berdyansk, Mariupol, which are under the control of Russia.

In addition, according to him, export is possible through the Danube, as well as through Romania, Hungary and Poland. “Finally, the simplest” this is export through the territory of Belarus,»,— Putin noted, adding that for this it is necessary to lift sanctions from Belarus. “So there is no problem with the export of grain from Ukraine,” — concluded the head of state.

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Russia’s permanent representative to the EU refused to consider the United States “the ruler of the world”

The day before, the US Treasury Department said that the United States is discussing with its allies a limit on the purchase prices of Russian oil. Russia's permanent representative to the EU said that the world is not limited to the United States, and oil consumption is actively growing in other regions

Vladimir Chizhov

The world is much wider than the United States, and energy consumption is growing primarily in Asia, Africa, Latin America, where “Russian energy carriers will be glad to see.” So the Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU Vladimir Chizhov on the sidelines of the SPIEF commented on RIA Novosti Washington's plans to limit Moscow's oil revenues.

“Let's see, because the United States is not the ruler of the world,”— said the diplomat.

The day before, US Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo said that Russia, after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, probably increased its oil revenues, so Washington is discussing with its allies the possibility of introducing a ceiling on purchase prices for supplies from Russia.

Earlier, the head of the US Treasury, Janet Yellen, voiced this idea: on May 20, she said that Western countries could create a cartel of Russian oil buyers to control the increase in fuel prices, and within this cartel a price limit would be set that would reduce Russian budget revenues without causing ” “too much pressure on the global economy.” The minister warned that such a move could cause “stagflation-type shocks.”

In March, the United States banned oil and gas imports from Russia, and in April, Deputy National Security Adviser Dulip Singh said that Washington intends to deprive Moscow of all income from the export of these resources. In June, the European Union imposed sanctions against Russian oil, banning its shipments by sea.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ruled out budget losses in 2022 due to restrictions imposed by the EU. According to him, Russia, on the contrary, will increase its profits from energy exports: the country has alternative markets, where Moscow is already increasing supplies. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak previously reported that Russia has increased exports to the Asia-Pacific region.

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Kadyrov called Ukrainian media reports about Putin’s illness “ridiculous nonsense”

Kadyrov said that he had recently spoken to Putin and that he had a “cheerful, commanding voice.” The fact that the President of Russia fell into a coma, with reference to sources in intelligence, was reported by the Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel

Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called “absurd nonsense, nonsense” Ukrainian media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has fallen into a coma.

“I want to upset you. I recently spoke with the President, — Kadyrov said in an audio message posted on Telegram.— He has a very cheerful voice, a commanding voice. According to the head of the republic, the president is ready to complete the special operation in Ukraine, “without harming the Ukrainian people and the state as much as possible.”

;,— recommended by Kadyrov.

The Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel reported on Putin's deteriorating health the night before. quoting intelligence sources.

At the end of May, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that reports of Putin's deteriorating health were untrue: “sane people”, in his opinion, would not see in the president signs some kind of illness or indisposition».

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Vladimir Putin

politician, President of Russia

< p class="person-card__bio">October 7, 1952

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The State Duma allowed the sale of duty free goods to those flying from Russia to the EAEU

Until now, only intra-union passengers flying from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan could buy goods in duty-free shops

State Duma deputies adopted a law abolishing restrictions on the sale of goods in duty free shops in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), according to the website of the lower house of parliament.

“The document was developed in order to ensure the development of the Russian economy in the face of external sanctions pressure”,— the message says.

As explained in the Duma, from 2019, intra-union passengers can buy goods in duty-free shops in the EAEU countries. However, this concerned only those who flew from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Russian legislation excluded the possibility of selling duty free goods for passengers departing from Russia. Now the ban has been lifted, which “will allow creating equal competitive conditions for duty-free shops in the Russian Federation and other states— members of the union».

Earlier, Vitaly Vantsev, co-owner and chairman of the board of directors of Vnukovo, said in an interview with RBC that airport owners asked the authorities to allow them to open duty free shops for passengers flying around Russia, which

will allow them to increase revenue by against the backdrop of falling international traffic, and passengers— “to buy goods at prices lower than they exist in the market,” without customs duties. Airports have proposed to take such a measure before the end of 2023. As Vantsev pointed out, in many countries duty-free trade is carried out both in the area of ​​international flights (duty free) and in the area of ​​domestic flights (duty paid). According to a source close to the government, the idea is now being worked out through the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

Later, the FCS said that the opening of duty free shops on domestic flights would lead to budget losses and unequal business conditions .

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German authorities called the reduction of gas supplies from Russia political

Gazprom's decision reduce gas flow through Nord Stream 1 was politically motivated, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, according to Bloomberg.

On the eve of Gazprom announced that it would reduce pipeline deliveries to Germany due to a delay in the repair of units for a compressor station in Vyborg, which Siemens, which had curtailed business in Russia, should service. Gas injection into the pipeline decreased from 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million cubic meters. m per day.

According to Habek, repairs to the pipeline, which will affect the supply, should not be carried out by Siemens Energy AG until autumn and in any case will not affect 40% of the gas pipeline infrastructure. “In this sense, I got the impression that what happened yesterday,— this is a political decision, not a decision that can be justified from a technical point of view, — explained the minister.

Siemens, explaining the delay in repairing turbines for Nord Stream, said that the units are manufactured in Canada and one of them can only be repaired at Siemens Energy in Montreal. “Due to the Canadian sanctions, Siemens Energy is currently unable to supply the customer with refurbished gas turbines,” said a representative of Siemens Energy.

The German Economy Minister, in response to journalists' questions, said that he had consulted with the European Commission and assured Siemens that the repair work does not fall under the sanctions that the EU has imposed on Russia. The German government is also discussing with officials in Ottawa whether a key pipeline turbine being repaired at a facility in Canada was sanctioned, Habek said.

The compressor station “Portovaya”, which is located in Vyborg, is equipped with six gas compressor units with a capacity of 52 MW each and two units with a capacity of 27 MW each. According to Gazprom, only three of them are working now.

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In early June, Canada expanded sanctions against Russia to include certain services and industries, including natural gas transportation and car repair services and equipment.

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Patrushev said that Moscow is in favor of “fast” agreements with Kyiv

Nikolai Patrushev

Moscow is interested in reaching a political and diplomatic settlement with Kyiv as soon as possible, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said at a meeting of high representatives of the BRICS countries in charge of security issues.

< p>“Russia is interested in the speedy achievement of political and diplomatic agreements that would allow the cessation of hostilities”,— said the Secretary of the Security Council (quote from Interfax).

Patrushev added that the talks were frozen by the Ukrainian side and that “precisely the destructive actions of the United States, England and their allies” led to this.

The material is being supplemented.

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A man who came out of Azot spoke about the situation at the plant

Alexander Nikishin talks about a man who left the factory. Frame from video.

Today's exit of civilians from the territory of the Azot plant was thwarted by the Ukrainian side. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian military themselves asked to organize a “green corridor”, a massive shelling of Severodonetsk began in the morning. War correspondent Valentin Gvozdev said that, according to various sources, on the territory of the Azot plant in Severodonetsk there can be from 300 to 1000 people. There are several bomb shelters at the enterprise, and one of the city residents who were there came out of hiding today and spoke about the situation in the industrial zone.

According to a 74-year-old man, about 75 residents of Severodonetsk were in the bomb shelter instead of him; people are experiencing big problems with water and food, they have no electricity.

According to the man’s story, a “former high official from the factory” runs everything there, but he did not explain anything to anyone, and people did not know anything about planned withdrawal from the factory today.

– We tried to walk Grandpa back to talk to people, but he was very scared. He said, “I won't go there again, I won't come back from there.” He had such an attitude, because, apparently, he was threatened there, – said Alexander Nikishin, head of the garrison service of the 2nd Army Corps of the People's Militia of the LPR.

This information is provided by the Zvezda Telegram channel.

Bonfires and ruins: footage of the life of Severodonetsk on fighting background

See related photo gallery


Zakharova responded to an American journalist with a joke about fear for Alaska

Photo: Social networks

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova had a discussion with an American journalist who asked her a question about the situation in Ukraine. This happened during a weekly briefing that took place on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

At some point, CNN correspondent Fredkrik Pleitgen asked the diplomat about Ukraine, as well as the phrase of Russian President Vladimir Putin about Peter I and the return of lands by Russia. His question was whether all this was a violation of international law.

In response, Zakharova noted that Pleitgen should remember what is happening with Kosovo and the US invasion of Iraq. She also pointed to the illegal presence of US troops in Syria. As a result, she called for asking “with the same pathos a question” about this at the State Department.

The parties talked for about 10 minutes. During this time, the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled what was happening in the Donbass for eight years, to which the West did not pay any attention. Then Zakharova had already begun to answer another question, but she suddenly broke off and again turned her gaze to Pleitgen. She said she understood why the CNN rep was “so worried.”

“I couldn't figure it out about the historic lands. Are you talking about Alaska, or what?” Zakharova joked.

It was previously reported that the US Army intends to renew its forces in Alaska in order to better prepare for future conflicts in the Arctic. In particular, the Pentagon will replace the Stryker brigade on eight-wheeled vehicles with a more equipped, mobile infantry unit.

Alaska itself was sold to the United States in 1867. This happened under the Russian Emperor Alexander II. The cost of the transaction then amounted to 7.2 million dollars.

In June, Vladimir Putin noted that Peter I was returning and strengthening Russian territories. He also laid the foundation for St. Petersburg. Speaking about modern Russia, Putin noted that it also fell to her lot to “strengthen and return.”

In addition, the Russian ambassador to Estonia, Vladimir Lipaev, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expressed disapproval because of the Russian President’s story about that Peter I returned Narva during the Great Northern War.


The head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff named the approximate losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Photo: Video frame

The United States gave a rough estimate of the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a special military operation of the Russian army in the country. The loss figures were announced by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley.

According to the head of the Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Ukraine loses about 100 servicemen killed and up to 300 wounded per day. It should be noted that the Ukrainian side itself, until recently, preferred not to talk about the number of dead, wounded and captured soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the losses of the Ukrainian army in Severodonetsk and Kharkiv region “painful”. But he did not name the exact number of dead Ukrainian servicemen.


“Where did 40 billion go”: Americans are outraged by the scale of financing of Kyiv


American Twitter users reacted to the news about another tranche of military aid to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden told Volodymyr Zelensky that he is allocating $1 billion for military aid. It includes artillery pieces and coastal defense equipment, ammunition for artillery and advanced missile systems.

“Where did the previous 40 billion go?” asks Bitcoin on a Buffalo.

“Why are we financially responsible for this?” Android John is outraged.

“Russia is destroying these weapons as fast as they reach Ukraine,” Greg lamented.

“Have those 40 billion for Ukraine been laundered yet?” GenericAvatar asks scathingly.

“Waste of taxes I paid,” complains Giorgio Latte.

Media reported that the aid package would include two launchers for Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles , ammunition for HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, optical equipment and spare parts.