Atwood – Grown Lyrics

Hyper current

Grown a lot but I still ain’t grown
Told a lot but I still don’t know
What I want, what is God
Why my shit hasn’t popped
Why my tick is a watch with the gold
Tenfold and they still ain’t notice
Sip slow shit ain’t impo’tant
Ten, four I’m staying focused
Makin dope shit, chasing goals yeah
Want a kid and a wife and a home
Want that crib in the heights with a view
Wanna kill on the mic on the road
Been dreaming about headlining a show
Got ’em like who is this
I don’t talk about it
Less they already found it
I ain’t modest I’m just not about it
Sick of sounding like another starving artist

Hol’ up
One sec lemme get this
Roll up
That high never ending
Tried to find a mind like mine the kind that runs through lines and lines of how we livin’ and
Sure ’nuff
I’m still just tryin’
So what
No one like I am

I ain’t learn to fly yet
On autopilot chasing diamonds
But there’s no one like I am
And that shit’s just it
Had to find time and learn to love me
Ain’t no mind like mine it’s just me
As the days go by we rising upstream
Yeah we buzzing gettin’ a lead
Feelin’ buck in the front seat
In another league
You ain’t want nothin trust me
Been awhile since I came into it
Grindin’ to the top tryna make my footing like
Want a kid and a wife and a home
Wanna see what it’s like when in Rome
Only here for the night then I’m gon’
Thinking about where this shit might go
Will I end up in it, will I hit the ceiling
Sick of limits
Tryna break the building
Pena-penicillin yeah the flow through the roof
And if I make it aye, I owe it to you

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