Atwood – Rain Dance Lyrics

This hit the charts
I’m too clean with this rappin’ shit
I’ma get lit
Homie I’m about my money

This that shit that you hear about
f**k boys takin them earrings out
Bout to bring this whole buildin’ down
Kill the king and then steal the crown
I am next
A T dub Double O D, Yuh
This that dope make you OD, Uh
Only speak from the podium
I sell out let the homies come with

They didn’t like me at first
They call me white so i wifed it shit now I’m bangin, like coke
Shit now I thank em this shits amazing
I say what I’m worth
I’m hangin on words like a stick figure
Get figures
Go figure
Remember i had no figures
Like hoe did ya
Know gold diggers won’t roll with ya
When you broke
Oh, TJ that’s that squad shit, we so cold (free-zang)
That’s that squad shit we so cold
That’s that squad shit we so cold
Yo yo yo

I was less paid than ever
Shit, better late than never. .i guess
I’m a diamond under pressure
This jewel is gettin’ heavier, i bet
She likes all my songs when they come on bet she hate austin tho
This flexing shit ain’t hard to do
Comin’ live from the barbecue
South side hangin’ with the villains
We don’t care about your feelings
You are not that appealin’
That’s just my opinion i hope that u hearin’ it

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