Botanist – The Reconciliation Of Nature And Man Lyrics

Glory be to Flora, the divine
Embodiment of the unseen
That which makes what is
That which balances all
All that represents
The truest knowable god

Hail thee
True one

Modern Man the oppressor
He who tests the balance
He who pushes it to break apart
He who shall be wiped away

Nature and Man reconciled
As the latter falls to dust
Balance restored by forces primordial
Fathomless to mortal comprehension
Herald the coming of the Verdant Messiah

The false, the self-made gods will fall
Into an abyss of their creation
The time of surfeit is coming
An upheaval of wrath approaches

When the land ceases to be pillaged
The earth misused and perverted
Resources devoured without sense
Only then shall Nature and Man be reconciled
Perhaps in death, perhaps in life
Perhaps as a font for a flower to grow
Man will be instrumental in what is to come
When flora reconquers the earth

Can the oppressors change their view
And exalt something bigger than themselves
Can the tide be turned before nature exacts revenge

Will Mankind consume itself into oblivion
Trampling what keeps it alive
Spitting on its gift
What has been granted shall be taken away
As the Earth marshals its forces

Only when Humanity’s blight is at an end
Shall the Deer lie down beside Man
And the verdant again can grow

Only when Humanity can see its place
Its true role in the grand scheme
Can armageddon be averted

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