Botanist – The Shape Of He To Come Lyrics

It runs across the soil
And through the branches of the trees
O’er the canopies upon the hills
And into the depths of the sea

It can be seen in the paths of birds
And in the rising of the waters

The shape of he to come

It can be felt in the air
And heard in the growing silence

A murmur of he who is to come
The messiah of the end
Figurehead of the apocalypse
And herald of the Budding Dawn

Out of a race doomed
Nature chooses its hero
Flesh and flora unite

A champion from the damned
For he is the avatar
The last remnant of man
The final vestige of a race turned to dust

Flora grows from flesh
As humanity falls away
Symbolic of armageddon’s rise
The shape of he to come

The shape of he to come

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