Cadell – Fast Food & Lottery Tickets Lyrics


They wanna know how I come in the business
I reply “it’s none of your business”
Now look at me, I’m running a business
On my own, nobody assisted
And cause of my dad, I’m young and I’m gifted
Hope they don’t get none of it twisted
I’ll still knock man out for gunning my sisters
Cause I don’t wanna end up back on the strip
Delivering fast food and lottery tickets
But I never had a job so none of ’em get it, f**k it
Or in OT with a baiter face
Telling a worker “go buy some credit”, f**k it
I ain’t getting no job, chat shit if you want
66 for the box

[Verse 1]
I don’t trap, I’m a drinker
I’ll ride out, stuff six man in the sprinter
If I want swag, then I travel to Bicester
Cause I remember not having a listener
And I ain’t a work of art yet
I’ll still need somebody back in the picture
But I ain’t quitting for no one
So you won’t see me scrapping the scripture
Lefevre to Ladbroke to Lewisham
To Lansbury, they know me
And the London streets are cold, B
Nowadays man wanna beef their co-Ds
But I ain’t no defendant
So when I get money, I’m over-spending
That’s why I come across so defendant
I smoked the yard, then I broke and entered
And if you ain’t real, then ask for a refund
Save your money before the ting’s begun
And if you’re here to hate then get your P back
If not, bill a ting and then relax
What do you know about sitting on a train
From North to South England, carrying three straps?
Ain’t even gotta share that, you’re too gassed
Don’t encourage anybody to do that
I ain’t invincible
Stay alive, don’t snitch is the principle
Don’t fear no pawns or bishops or kings at all
And as for the rooks, they’re pricks and all
I took two steps, then I slid to the right
Don’t wanna be a king, what’s a king to a knight?
And I won’t do no link-up with I-OD
Cause I had a drink and I’m high

[Chorus 2]
So anyway, I got in the business
I went Liverpool to my brother at his crib
Doing rap but I learnt to spit quick
How old was I? Like twelve, thirteen
Anyway, it was a kid ting
Come back, then I got nicked at Tristan’s
They run up in the yard and I had a flick ting
Back then, gassed up, young on the strip
Eating fast food, playing lottery tickets
It was easier then, man I gotta admit it
Now feds have got about thirty man
All over the country in cans sitting down
I ain’t saying no names or baiting out case
Just know it ain’t rape
Can’t have that on our licence plate
We’re out here avoiding Trident, mate

[Verse 2]
Now they’re like ahh, he’s trying it bait, ‘llow it
Launchpad days, you was not that shower
First time that I set foot in the radio
First time that I saw a man sniff powder
First time that I thought man should sell that
First time that I saw man, it was a power
Broderick house, Balfron towers, East side for hours
Young flee gang never brung me fam, so I done me, fam
2014, it was only Truss we had
But then I got hooked on the country laps
Before Culps, we was the hungry batch
Mum don’t know when her son’ll be back
But she knows that I’m gonna be back
Cause since Guardian Angels, man have been the devil
And no one troubles me back, fact
Hotline Distributions
Problem? Hotline’s the solutions
The real fans will buy the exclusives
While fake fans admire the big movements
So out to the girls doing 9 to 5s
Who are ride-or-die and ain’t choosing
I could’ve got a job in computing
I could’ve been a cricketer too, but they tied me to shootings
I don’t come on the mic about shootings
I come on the mic and show man how to do things
I’ve got a holiday sponsorship, lots of piff
Two years flat after music
If you’ve got more than 100k for the next album
My brudda, we’ll do this
If you’re a female and you can handle my calls and emails
Come do this
Cause I’m drained, it was easier selling cocaine
But that isn’t a path I must take
Made two mil and I half it with Dwayne
Jack rang me up like “what you saying?”
Now man’s hitting the park to link Shane
Insane how I’m still the same
But they all say I’ve changed, but I know I ain’t
Or have I?
I want a manager that’s a rabbi
Cause I ain’t like them, now, am I?
And I can’t let them win, can I?
Bars go over your head like shampoo
Mind that you don’t get bad eyes
How can I be the bad guy?
You don’t feed me, you don’t clothe me

[Chorus 3]
Tell me, who do I owe in the business?
They prance around but they all know who the prince is
And the feds charged me with negative ID parade and fingerprinting
That means somebody’s snitching
Still buss case cause I ain’t a victim
That’s why I focus on this ting
There must be some way better to live
Than eating fast food, shotting lottery tickets
Man’s due to link up with Potter and bill it
Been through a lot- oi, blud, yeah keep that

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