Calboy – Voices In My Head Lyrics

All these voices in my head tell me kill em softly, ayy
Wanna talk ’bout them Benji’s, bitch I get em often, ayy
Demon on my shoulder, I can’t get him off me, ayy
Doin’ all that sneak dissin’, bitch I hear em talkin’
I was in the trap with my niggas, we got lean pills and coke
You got problems let me know, send them problems to your door
And I got a whole lotta bosses with me, I ain’t goin’ broke
Talk is cheap, niggas wanna beef with me, I [?] like the store
Talkin’ that rara shit, let’s calm down, he just seen some contact
One who’s claimin I’m her baby daddy
That lil bitch can’t come back
Swerve that shit cause I’m so wavy
I got crack just like the 80’s baby
I can flip with Betty, I know niggas out here shady
We leave a [?] on the boulevard
Hit the deck, my niggas [?] cars
These niggas actin they really hard
Might catch that boy at the synagogue
He get to tweakin won’t see tomorrow
Trust me I really just beat the odds
Trust me I really just beat the opps
Pull up on shorty and watch em drop
And it’s Long Live [?] nigga why they take you
To the opps, voices in my head said God can’t save you
I’m so sorry, just stay strong can’t let it break you
You don’t owe nobody shit except the one that made you
f**k shit, get that bread
I was just geekin off meds
Bitch gon do what I say, just like Simon Says
Put a bullet right at his head
Bubz like [?], I put em to bed
Yeah that lil nigga dead
Thotty gon give me the throat
Textin me Xs and Os like Tic Tac Toe, lil bitch let’s go
I heard that nigga was mad I took his lil hoe, lil nigga you broke
Police was askin me questions about murders
Nigga I never did spoke, I’m so sorry that I never did fold
Instead of yellin’ free your dog, you trappin’, bail him out lil nigga
You was so gang gang, killed your dog
And now you tellin out lil nigga
Hatin’ on a nigga just cause he ballin’, yeah you hella foul lil nigga
Come playin’ with us, don’t make me take you mama only child lil nigga
1-4-7 Wild Boys, my lil niggas ain’t duckin’ shit
Clip on the Glocks, them my savages
Look like honey, I shrunk the kids
And [?] he was up all night, like shorty I’m off the meds
Boy you better let me know if you niggas ain’t ridin’
I f**k around and pop your kids

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