Cask – Heaven’s First Redemption Lyrics

Well I gave you my honesty, I gave you my way
And in this rock hard bed I try not to pray
Keep my bible beside me but I’m losing my faith
You keep me down how much more can I take?

Heaven help me fight this battle
Let me win
I’m lonely and I’m lost
I keep on holding to my cross
Fighting this cancer
Waiting forever for an answer

Well I read your letters and boy did I pray
Pull the covers over me, make sure I stay awake
You stand above me and the Earth as it quakes
You sit contempt and watch me break

Well I offered my problems, counted my blessings each day
But when I got on my knees, you simply turned away
Kept my hands together tight, and refused to go astray
You kept me waiting, now it’s too late

Well the room has no light
And the smell is unnerving
The ground is hard
I have a shadow I can’t stand
And this promise isn’t all that great
For the time that I’m serving
Don’t care much for dreams as they slip from my hand

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