Cask – Mistress Lyrics

Am I unnoticeable to you?
Wish that you could see this
And I am nothing do you approve? Of this mess
And if I had my way I swear I’d tell you exactly how I felt
But it’s not the same when you don’t read it spelled out
The wish of the seasons changing and the truth reflected it’s over
Your mother and your father raised you, embraced you and now you’re gone
And all I wish I had said was goodbye
I was feeling so guilty that I’d lied

Go on you’ll be happy without me
When you’re gone maybe soon you’ll see
That I could have done better, I should have done better.,

I, I promised you that it would be just fine
When it was not
And you, you stabbed my back a million times
And it still hurts
And you looked at me and with love that you swore on your life
I can’t believe I “admitted I’d lied”

Time will heal these scars. Heal them from our hearts

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