Cask – Mistress Part II: See What Tomorrow Brings Lyrics

You may only see it once
You may never see it again
There’s a good chance that when it’s gone
That this will be the end of everything
You could let me go right now
And I wouldn’t say anything
But I’d have it figured out
So I will see what tomorrow brings – it’ll be interesting

There’s one thing left to say
Then I’ll have nothing to say to you
You’re the one that got away
And I’ve get nothing left to lose

You may decide to let me go
And I would have to accept my fate
But I would have to let you know
Before I thought it was too late
You’re not the best I’ve ever had
No you’re not even slightly close
Now you’re gone and I can say I’m glad
Because I’ve taken a new road

You may see it only once
But you will never see it again
I had it all figured out
See what tomorrow brings, bring it back again

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