Cask – Unfaithful Lyrics

Don’t know what you see in his eyes but I hope he’s worth it
Lately it’s been no surprise but we can get through this
I know I shouldn’t give second chances
Sometimes it’s not that easy just to leave
I know that I shouldn’t bother looking past it
But lately I feel hurt and deceived

I can’t help but think about you and him
And how he had you against the wall
I’ll never be able to trust you again
How could you be so unfaithful?

I don’t know what was in your mind but I hope I was there
And lately I can’t get it out of my head oh how I wish that you cared
[oh I wish that you cared]
And I know that I shouldn’t study what happened
But it hurts more not to know
Obsession thoughts have become such a habit
I know I’ll have to let you go

Did you think about me when you got undressed?
Did you wonder if we’d have anything left?
The trust I never gave you just goes to show
When were you going to tell me? Because I feel like the whole world knows. (I feel like the whole world knows)

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