Cassidy – A 100 Clip Lyrics

It’s time to revitalize, I’m the boy niggas idolize
And I’m not surprised, I’m the truth, but a lot of guys now be writing down rounds with all kind of lies
I feel like all them kind of guys should get disqualified
When I was in the county jail fighting homicides, you was living with your grandmomma on your momma’s side
Tryna ride could leave you traumatized
But if you kill everyone you beefing with, then the drama dies
When the contract finalized, bitch get hit with the magnum, the cold world condom sized
I’m kind of wise, if they took you to the bing, pussy you would sing like that thing between Rihanna thighs
I’m kind of high, got the just-smoked some ganja eyes and I got it in, just let me know what you tryna buy
I sold the white, been buck, no over-bite
Yo, it’s like you need it, I could get it to you overnight
You so polite, yo I know your type, and I know you like to tell jokes when you rhyme, like Dolomite
I’m tryna underpay for what I sell overpriced to the white folk to buy a white Ghost, poltergeist
Champagne over ice, shrimp scampi over rice
I’m really a willy, you gassed up like a motorbike
So it’s like they be hating, taking turns now
I’m turnin’ up, tryna get deals that I turned down
My life took a turn, but shit gon’ turn ’round
I’ma earn til I’m in the urn, it’s my turn now
If you ain’t been concerned, don’t get all concerned now
When I break your jaw, it’ll make your drawers turn brown
Beat shit down your leg if you misbehave
I could spit for days, getting chicken when I hit the stage
I’m dumb lit, that’s why I’m gettin’ paid
But f**k the dumb shit, you get a drumstick, it’s not a chicken leg
I’m just on a different wave than the rest of ’em
God back blessing ’em cause Bars back pressing ’em
That’s all facts, all’s whack, I can’t mess with ’em
I can tell that somebody was sexually molesting ’em
Yo, he so feminine I think he take estrogen, and I’m a different specimen, so who did you expect to win? Him?
Hell no, he took a L yo, and I predicated that he a fail yo, I’m psychic now

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