“Combat Brotherhood”: the future of our country depends on partial mobilization

Plot Partial mobilization in Russia

Partial mobilization is aimed at preserving the future of families and the country as a whole. Such an opinion with the City News Agency «Moscow» shared the deputy chairman of the All-Russian public organization of veterans “Combat Brotherhood” Yevgeny Lyapin.

The expert noted that at the present time there is a question about the future of Russia, since Ukraine is supplied with weapons by NATO and the United States, which seek to split our country.

«We, « Combat Brotherhood, all these years we have been facing the consequences of the rehabilitation of the wounded, not only participants and volunteers, but also the residents themselves. And all this clearly speaks of the “hybrid aggression” committed since 2014 and aimed at destroying not only Novorossia, but also our state,” Evgeny Lyapin noted.

Earlier it was reported that the Museum of Moscow was working temporary mobilization point. According to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the capital, Tatiana Potyaeva, no violations were found. The Ombudswoman added that a neurologist, a surgeon and a therapist also work in the same unit. Local residents can undergo a full examination.

Currently, more than 1 thousand operators of the “122 Service” receive calls on questions of partial mobilization. Every day, the service receives several thousand requests from residents of the Russian Federation who want to clarify information on this topic.

In addition, a mobilization point was placed in one of the VDNH pavilions, uniting three Moscow military commissariats: Ostankino, Butyrsky and Babushkinsky . At this recruiting station, mobilized people can go through all the formalities in the “one window” mode.

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