Divine – Tonight Lyrics


Verse 1
It’s been 9’Oclock ,your door is still closed
I can see the moonlight shining through
The Windows
Sitting right here at the livingroom,listenin
To your voice over the radio
So spicing and juicing ×2
I know you want it tonight,trust it ,pray for it
But don’t just bring your
The door is still open,your cloths is still here
And i trust the words from you,everything
Will go smoothly
The party will be on
Me and you
I would be sitting here
Me and you
I can smell your perfume,right from far..

Oh baby you can dinne with me for life
Oh baby can you ride with me Tonight
Love baby you can try tobe now
I know that you care too much
Where are you tonight

Verse 2
Candles lites up everywhere
I heard the car pulled up right the driveway
So i walked into the livingroom
I saw the girl walking outta of her car
So she walked towards the door
She was so sexy like i’ve never saw before
Tonight is the night,the night i planned for it
Ooooh oooh….
The way she walks
The way she smiles
The way she laughs
It makes my day,nor it bright my future
I wanna spent with you
She can be my wifey or she canbe whatever
Thing i planned her tobe
Lets go see your parents,because am ready
For it
Cuz tonight will be the night

Chorus ×2

Tonight ×5
Where ma baby tonight
Wwoooooooh ×3

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