Dr. Yen Lo – Day 777 Lyrics

[Intro: I tell ya there’s somethin phony goin on, there’s something phony about the whole business, and even now I feel that way- this minute]

[Verse 1]

I deeply treasure that I could speak my leisure
Thought tough sound was struck down in the bleakest weather
The frequency is weak to me if you can’t keep it clever
What they produce is fruitless
What I reap is better
When I was pressed and stressed it was hard to make music
In these parts get shot in your heart- it ain’t cupid
One sacred loop, one naked truth, my lanes suited
These silly songs really on for us to remain stupid
I switched off
This shits soft
Your groovy don’t move me
Got the kids lost, crazy rude
Days removed from baby food
A young divine, I’ma find blind ways is crude
Listen, what you pitching son
Got em’ sick and dumb
Cease all them jewels in your teeth if you ain’t spitting none
I carve a lane, do it for the starving brain, mind stellar
My wine cellar put your bars to shame
(“We would like some more wine!”)
They wage war on rap
So I propped, took a shot, got more on tap

(“The speech is short, but it’s the most rousing speech I’ve ever read”)

I heard of blood
We a cut above

[Verse 2]
As I take spoils, the snakes coil
Indeed I love it, the meaning of it: stay loyal
My foes are those that slither, hiss and rattle
Saw the signs, stay drawing lines, if you wish to battle
Between you and me? Musically, your scales is pale
We on the road to gold, your trail’s to fail
They feel me? Cause I’m building, that’s the task of pharaoh
Rhyming on sublime, shining, you cast a shadow
The imagery ain’t fresh, that you paint is sketched
I spin a couple hymns, send them to saints to bless (yes)
Came to guide, remain a pride before you taint the rest
You flowing get-rich-quick, I show them sustained success
I’m holding truth for nothing but, you penning the particle
Disturbed by your blurb, observe genuine article
You here in the spirit? You only brung flesh
I keep it primal til it’s final, who wanna come test?
(“Who wanna test me, come on”)
I use a mic device to give a slice of life (nice)
You commence to wave offensive blade?
I got a righteous knife

I heard of blood
We a cut above

Day 7, 7, 7

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