Dwoyo – Emerald Freestyle (Interlude) Lyrics

This ain’t infinity no more, bruh
Real life shit bruh
I thought you was a real one, what you flexing for bruh?
Huh? What you flexing for bruh?
You’re too nice, too many feelings
You ain’t party like that no more, shit’s over
You a real one right?
This ain’t infinity no more bruh

Temporary temptations in my community
Feared thoughts of the future, this shit is new to me
Don’t wait on your opportunity
On my name, don’t wait on your opportunity
Feared thoughts of the future, this shit confusing me
Waiting on the decision of who I choose to be
Don’t wait on your opportunity
Don’t wait on your opportunity

[Verse 1]
Been living reckless, like life is infinite seconds
Till one day I’ll have to reflect on everything I’ve neglected
Take advantage of the talents I’ve been blessed with
Take away my pride would only leave me breathless
Cause that’s connected, to my voices
Complacency killing all of my choices
This ain’t a game no more, don’t you forget it
Whatever I decide to do, I won’t regret it

Dwo, trust me it’s hard to pay attention
With everybody telling you your dreams are too expensive
And getting into habits that I’m too afraid to mention
The more we grow the more we’re learning lessons

I ain’t really stressing, but I should be
Thinking bout what I could be
Slacking on my essentials, did I waste my potential?
The more I reflect, the more that I think it ruins me
All these emotions on the mic are feeling new to me
Music is the cure for my obscurity
Realizing that a part of my maturity
Is letting everybody know that my purity is just a facade for all of my insecurities (uh uh)
Is this a recording or therapy session?

Valuable lesson, take advantage of all of your blessings
Before it’s too late, even though they tell you that it’s too late
The only true fate you’ll find is death if you do wait

Life is not a game
Life is not a game

[Verse 2]
Hail to the throne, cause my ice fly
Rap game ain’t for me, nice try
Hol up, this is no more Mr. Nice Guy
This time, Ima make the motherf**king guidelines
Tired of watching from the sidelines
Every time I’m motivated, now is not the right time
Ima leave for the next time
f**k it I’m livid, bound to my own limits
I don’t mean it literally when I say its been a minute
Always worrying bout what other people might think
Till your ass back home, cause you let the night blink, but
Actions speak louder than words, oh that I’ve heard
If you can’t read they mind, then why the f**k are you deterred?
In anything that you do, get curved, get straight
Maybe that’s why you keep delaying yo mixtape, huh
Heart on my sleeve, had it rolled up
For years I was telling people hold up
Now I’m half full, finna fill the whole cup
Mind locked in, and I’ll never keep my soul shut
Nightmares in a field full of snow, fire in my hands Ima never let my dreams go
Dreams that were once deferred are now being transferred into spoken word, Dwo

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