Dwoyo – Hypocrite Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Every girl out there I meet’s a ho
I underestimated how it feels to be alone
Other people love to drink, I like getting stoned
We all have ways of dealing with it, but to each his own
I’m a motherf**king hypocrite, and I can’t help it
If I say I want you back, that’s just me being selfish
Cause I blew it once before, and I broke off the rails
But if you start dating another dude, I hope it fails
Why do I feel so petty?
I hear your voice telling me why can’t you just forget me
I’ve got more reasons than regrets, and yes, of those got plenty
Wish we could make amends
Don’t know if we could be just friends
I blew it once before, won’t make the same mistake again
Stop, sending texts to all of my brothers and boys
Every time I read the words, I swear I hear it in your voice
Is it static noise? Or is you tryna tell me something
I can’t look at your pictures and think this was all for nothing

But what if it was?
I don’t know what’s up, I think that me and you were blinded by love
I think that me and you were blinded by love
But what if it was?
I can’t tell you what’s up
I think, I think me and you were blinded by love
I think me and you were blinded by love

[Verse 2]
Can’t tell whether I’m in too deep or insecure
At what point do these feelings stop being premature?
With just your words, how can I be assured?
What good is loyalty if it’s impure?
Is there more to this than just ignoring shit? Forgiving, forgetting?
Count my blessings till it gets depressing
I don’t f**k with opps cause I’m too optimistic
Befriend the critics, then air my grievances in my lyrics
Set up for failure if I make my future too specific
I live on the daily, so maybe, I’m not just being lazy
I’m being cautious of everything constantly changing
You get what I’m saying?
City of sin calling your name, and I know that you’re staying
That’s why I play by ear
Why I display my fears, that one day you’ll disappear
Why I almost obey my peers, who tell me not to delay my years
For something that isn’t clear
Mr. optimistic found the opposite
(Ha) And you say that I’m not a risk
Met a lot of dudes that wouldn’t put up with this shit
Are they the same that you wanna explore?
Don’t come back to me once you find out there isn’t more

(Cause there ain’t) I think that me and you were blinded by love
Blinded by love, blinded by love

Ooooh, oooh, oh, oh, oh
This shit ain’t a game
No, this shit ain’t a game
This shit ain’t a game
I just don’t wanna be played

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