“Fisher”, Yeltsin’s neighbor. The real story of serial killer Sergei Golovkin

Starting from antiquity, people tried to punish the most heinous, from their point of view, criminals with oblivion. However, most often it turned out the other way around — the stories of villains became legends that persisted for decades, and and for centuries.

"Have you heard about Uncle Fisher? I he and is!»

The phenomenon of the strange attraction of evil still exists today. Russians know the names of space heroes worse than the stories of serial maniacs. And  the and filmmakers who have lately taken on screen adaptations of the stories of the most inveterate national fanatics are not far behind people's requests.

In the second half of the 1980s — In the early 1990s, in the Moscow region, a gloomy horror story about “Uncle Fisher” began to circulate among teenagers. A certain man with a strange tattoo on his arm, who asked to be called “Fischer”, rubbed himself into the trust of the boys, after which he brutally killed them.

The legend of "Fischer" was born after a teenager who was being interviewed as part of a real-life criminal investigation launched into wild fantasies. The operatives only later realized that the boy had lied with three boxes. However, the guy could not even imagine how much worse everything is in reality. The real maniac, having learned about  the legend, took it on with pleasure, saying to his doomed victims: “Have you heard about Uncle Fisher? I he and is!»

Last Victims

October 5, 1992 in a wooded area in&nbsp ;Podmoskovye mushroom pickers stumbled upon tormented human remains. It didn't take long to determine who they belong to  — in & nbsp; area for more than three weeks, there were searches for three boy friends who were missing at once. We hoped for the best to last, but the finding in the woods brought everyone into indescribable horror.

Investigators by that time were already familiar with this handwriting. The hunt for the maniac went on for several years. But, as often happens, this time the criminal, believing in his impunity, made a mistake. There was also a fourth friend in  the company of the missing boys, who said that on the eve of their disappearance, a certain uncle drove up in his car, offering to rob a trading stall. «On case» the next day, three men went with their uncle, and the fourth, who refused, was the only one who survived.

The boy said that the same uncle worked at the stud farm. Among the photographs of the employees of the enterprise, he confidently identified Sergei Golovkin.

This episode was the denouement of a bloody nightmare that continued for six years.

Rockstar classmate

Golovkin was born in Moscow in 1959. Quiet downtrodden mother, alcoholic father, son with  not the best health, shy  closed — the family, of course, is not  exemplary, but there were more than enough of there the late USSR.

Garbage wind, smoke from chimneys
Nature's cry, Satan's laughter
And all because we
Loved to catch winds and scatter stones.

These well-known lines from the work of the group with not less less gloomy name "Crematorium" invented by band leader and vocalist Armen Grigoryan. And it just so happened that the rock star studied in the same class with the one who later became one of the most terrible maniacs of the USSR.

During the investigation, Grigoryan was summoned for interrogation in order to get to the bottom of the secrets of Golovkin's childhood. But the musician honestly admitted: no sadistic inclinations Sergey had at that time. The modest, reserved guy was not very popular, but he could not be called an outcast either. In general, one of many thousands.

Psychologists who worked with Golovkin believed that he had a desire for leadership from childhood, which, however, he could not realize . The desire to become the first at least in something in the future will play a role.

Revenge of the humiliated

After leaving school, Sergei Golovkin entered the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. Once he was severely beaten by a group of hooligans. This event became a kind of catalyst — the humiliated young man began to fantasize about how cruelly he dealt with offenders. These fantasies caused him intense sexual arousal. Golovkin imagined raping and killing his enemies. The  image of a potential victim — a teenager not older than 15 years old, prone to adventures and adventures, thin and not capable of active resistance.

Golovkin began to turn sadistic fantasies into life in 1984 year. But his first victim managed to escape, and for a couple more years the novice maniac hid.

After graduating from the Timiryazev Academy, Golovkin began working at the Moscow Stud Farm as a livestock specialist. Growing up, he changed outwardly, women began to show interest in him. But Golovkin himself showed no interest in them.

Urban legend

In April 1986, he went out hunting again. Leaving at one of the stations of the electric trains of the Savelovsky direction, Golovkin entered the forest and stumbled upon a 15-year-old teenager. Threatening with a knife, he dragged him further into the woodland, strangled him and  abused the corpse.

The livestock specialist committed the next crime three months later — in the  Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, near the pioneer camp “Star”, Golovkin attacked a 12-year-old boy, raped and killed him. Then the maniac dismembered the corpse.

During the same period, another murder of a teenager was committed in the same area. Golovkin subsequently stubbornly denied any involvement in it, and it did not appear in his case. But  two murders of children in the Moscow region in 1986 became a real state of emergency, and great forces were thrown into the investigation. It was then that one of the boys interviewed by the operatives came up with “Uncle Fisher”. Golovkin again took a break, and   it was unable to get on his trail.

Sergei Golovkin, 1959 Photo: Fair Use

The Murder Cellar

At his job he was considered a classy professional. Things were going so well that Golovkin bought himself a Zhiguli in 1988. and got a place for a garage.

B at the time it was fashionable to equip basements        — some used them to store pickles and compotes, others placed workshops there. At first, Golovkin also wanted to make a workshop, but then then he came up with the idea of ​​creating a torture room, where he could quietly torment his victims without hurrying anywhere.

The most striking thing is that Golovkin's garage was located just 500 meters from dacha of Boris Yeltsin.

"Conveyor of Death" maniac now worked like this — he picked up teenagers, offered them a ride, found an excuse to lure them to the garage, after which real hell began.

In 1989, Fisher brought a 15-year-old boy to his basement, raped and killed him. Then he dismembered the body, ate part of the tissues, frying it on a blowtorch, and dissected the head, leaving himself the skull of the victim. With this skull, he intimidated his next victims.

In August 1991 of the year, when passions for GKChP rumbled in the country, Fischer picked up a 10-year-old boy at a bus stop. With he dealt by the already familiar scheme, but this time he removed the skin of corpse and salted                 Why he did it, Golovkin was unable to explain.

“Set the order, telling the children who will die for whom”

By September 1992, he had eight victims. By their “merits” Golovkin shared with the very three teenagers whom he lured to by offering to commit a robbery.

"I told these three that along with them there would be eleven boys on my account, I set the order, telling the children who will die for whom  — Golovkin told during interrogations.

It is impossible to even imagine what these unfortunate people experienced, locked in the basement, deprived of the hope of rescue.

The one who had the turn to be the last, he forced to watch his comrades die. Golovkin dismembered their bodies in front of the eyes of a doomed child, giving, as “Fischer” himself said, “anatomical explanations.” He tortured the last boy for 12 hours, then killed and quietly went to work.

Night in solitary confinement

< p>By the moment when the name of Golovkin became known to the investigators, they had no evidence against him, except for the testimony of the surviving boy.

During the interrogation he denied everything, and the investigators were ready to let go. However, the duty officer, at his own peril and risk, decided to leave the suspect overnight in solitary confinement.

In the morning Golovkin asked to be taken to the investigator and began to testify.

The search in the same basement was forever remembered by the detectives. As one of operatives said, “from there Satan himself would have fled in horror.”

The investigation into the Sergei Golovkin case continued until 1994. It was possible to prove for certain 11 murders of children committed by “Fischer” in the period from 1986 to 1992 . Experts believed that there could be much more crimes, but only 100% confirmed episodes were included in the case.

It's impossible not to shoot

Closed hearing on Golovkin's criminal case (  18/58373-86) chaired by Judge Alexander Dzybana began on August 22, 1994  Two months later, on October 19, 1994, Sergey Golovkin was sentenced to death.

In the 1990s, Russia was rushing into European structures, and one of the conditions for entry was the abolition of the death penalty. “Fischer” could well fall under the introduction of a moratorium, avoiding execution. But the authorities decided that it was impossible to leave Golovkin alive. On 2 August 1996, the sentence was carried out.

Fischer's garage  the basement was demolished. And to the the the place where he stood for many years people bring flowers — — in the memory of the dead children.

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