Gemini Club – Dealer Lyrics

I seize your call
Though even when you come at night
I saw your minions behind
The seas they come
The way when I hold out
To see your minions behind
The screams will never side
With my hands bound on the floor
Too hard to see
I’m too hard to say
When I was young
I can’t be right, I said it reflexive and
I fall down too hard on the pavement
If my sight strung down to stop me
Wandering, waiting, stride on the pavement
All I see is electricity now
Breaking through the winter cold
And I was on the doorstep
Waiting for the lights to break that storm out of your eyes
Before I leave you behind
Wipe the shame off of your face
And drive and leave this behind my door
I’m waiting for the car to pull
Up and I could hardly wait
I’ve washed these hands of all I’ve done
I watched these crumbling walls just stung
I wish that you would be my gun
I walked out firing, let it

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