Grandpa Jones – Daylight Savings Time Lyrics

For years and years folks got along with an old grandfather’s clock
Or just a common old sun dial sittin’ out on a block
Then the dollar watch it had its day and wrist watch it was fine
Then along came a man who ruined us all with Daylight Savin’ Time

I a huntin’ that man who first thought up Daylight Savin’ Time
Until he moved the clocks around everything was a goin’ fine
But I guess he’s hid and won’t come out, he knows he was out of line
I get up late, have to wait, can’t keep it straight
Who did he hate, I man that first thought up Daylight Savin’ Time

His followers always argue that they’ve gained an hour of light
By moving all the clocks around but I can’t see they’re right
The sun still rises just the same and sets just as before
If they’d rise 60 minutes early, maybe they’d have an hour more

So why not leave the clocks alone so folks won’t be confused
Let ’em hit the floor an hour before if it’s daylight that they choose
I’m huntin’ that man who first thought up Daylight Savin’ Time
If he will prove why the clocks are moved then I’ll admit it’s fine
I’ve twisted my old clock around ’til it ain’t worth a dime
I’m countin’ sheep, losing sleep, get up late, miss my date
Couldn’t get there in a Cadillac 8
Try as they will they’ll never gain with Daylight Savin’ Time

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