Key Glock – No Cap Lyrics

The f**k?
Lame, the f**k is wrong with you cap ass niggas?
Old rappin’ ass nigga
Ain’t no cap in my rap, you dig
On God

Ain’t no cap in my rap, hottest youngin in my city
I got racks just like tennis, tennis chains on my pendant, oh
Ever since a lil one I’ve been gettin’ it, no pretending
Just a bad boy like Diddy, yeah you know a nigga with it
I ran up them commas and bought a Benz for my mama
I trapped them grams out my gram’s, you can go and ask my cousin
Came from playin’ in the sand, now I’m playin’ with them hundreds
I’m just saying I was thuggin’, now I’m hotter than the oven
Had a .38 snub nose, Scottie Pippen
And I took that bitch to school, never got caught with it
I gave it to my nigga, then I went and bought a semi
Yeah I’m damn near up a milli and I just turned 20
I’m just ridin’ with these hundreds, yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout guns and money
Shootin’ like I’m Tony, show me my opponent
I keep that forty on me, yeah you know that I ain’t lonely
I keep that forty on me, yeah you know that I ain’t goin’
And I hope God with you nigga, if you run up on me
Just a young nigga trigger happy, I can’t wait to blow it
Better slow your roll, you know I let it go
Choppers with me, tote, Aaliyah, Rock the Boat
And my pockets swole, stuff my pants with dough, yeah
I’m rockin’ all this gold, yeah, it came from rockin’ shows
Goddamn Glock, why you drip like that?
‘Cause I ain’t never have shit so I flex with these racks
Bitch I came from pushin’ packs, now all my shows is packed
Yeah I still got them sacks, might go f**k off in Saks, yeah
Young nigga hard, bitch, all I spit is crack
Watch me hit a home run bitch, ’cause I’m next at bat
And I tell your baby mom suck it just like DX
‘Cause I’m a nigga with a lot, you see this shit on my neck

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
No cap in my rap (no cap)
No cap in my rap (no cap)

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