Kolton Moore & The Clever Few – Ain’t So Well Lyrics

I got holes in my shoes, don’t got a lotta cash
Got a quarter in my pocket, ain’t afraid to whip your ass
For somethin’ you got, that ain’t even mine

They say I’ve been lookin’ skinny, I say it’s the drugs
They thing I’m a only kidding’, when I do this for love
But they don’t know is I spent the last week with her
They think the stop on the road is easy for this world

I’ll tell you a story about my life
I chose this road, I chose this life
Of stayin’ out al night, and raisin’ hell

My mother told me, “son I’ll never pay your bail”
She said, “this ain’t no way to live your life boy, you’ll burn in hell”

An iced in city never seemed so cold
I think I’ll just die here, I’ll never grow old
‘Cause I’ve seen my fair share, of drugs in the night
I hope to God that know one asks me ’cause I don’t think I could fight

There are a whole lot of people who got it made
You may not know me but that ain’t my case
‘Cause I spent most of my life living’ out on my own
And I don’t ever care for no one I can fight for my own

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