Mir Fontane – Stoop Kids Lyrics (feat. Fetty Wap)

Yeah [x6]
Aye! Ooh! Aye! Aye!

[Chorus x2]
I need a big ole’ Bentley coupe
Cup to hold my juice
I need a ratchet lil’ boo
To keep the Nina in her boot
Where I’m from, all the stoop kids
Afraid to leave the stoop
Where I’m from, all the stoop kids
Afraid to leave the stoop

[Verse 1: Fetty Wap]
Where I’m from, off the 12, nigga ((ugh))
Buncha real niggas ((ugh))
If you trap, make it stack
Break a scale, nigga ((ugh))
Grab yo strap, double back
Grab the shells, nigga ((ugh))
Never tell, nigga ((ugh))
f**k the jail, nigga ((ugh))
Praying for my homies, did the race
Did the race, yeah
Praying that my homies beat they case
Beat they case, yeah
Make me put this .40 in his face
In his face, yeah
.40 put a nigga in his place
In his place, yeah


[Verse 2: Mir Fontane]
I got money in the bank
Shawty what you drink
All this gold all on my body
Like I’m sha-Shabba Ranks
I been ballin’ for a minute
I go hard up in the paint
Throw my jewelry in the rain
And watch it dance for Lil Saint
Niggas sing like Eddie Kane
Need mo’ money, Damon Wayans
I’m a child of Lil Wayne
That’s why the flow be so insane
Where I’m from, they be drillin’ shit
Freddy Krueger, killin’ shit
Only left the hood was in them cuffs
Or on permission slips
Chillin’ like a villain, bitch
Trap house had no ceilings, bitch
Yo bitch gimme brain
Gimme brain like arithmetics
Big ole’ Bentley coupe
For all my niggas on the stoop
Shooting right up at ya boots
And make you chicken noodle soup


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