Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat And Murder Lyrics

Blood, sweat, and murder
Black luck and trouble
Head full of sorrow
I’m in a whole lot of trouble now

[Verse 1]
You know I can’t never hurt you
So I went downtown
Found me a little woman
And I rub her neck


[Verse 2]
I went down to the station
And I got me a ticket
Said I went out on the country
Said I’m down on Big Thicket
Said down on south Texas
Said Southeast Texas
Said the lawman can’t find me
But they know that I did it


[Verse 3]
Every night I lay down in bed
Them voices going through my head
I’m losing my mind every day
I don’t listen what they say
But there’s one thing I can’t get out
It’s that ringing and whining in my ears
In my head every night when I’m laying down in bed
Sounds like this, drives me crazy
Losing my mind

[Verse 4]
You know I love you, baby
Want to be with you, betcha
Drive me crazy
Said you won’t stay with me

[Chorus x3]

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