Joe Biden Twists His Ankle While Playing With His Dog & Fans Send Love On Twitter

Joe Biden Twists His Ankle While Playing With His Dog & Fans Send Love On Twitter

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Erin Silvia
News Writer & Reporter

Joe Biden reportedly twisted his ankle this weekend while playing with his German Shepherd, Major, and is getting checked out by an orthopedist ‘out of an abundance of caution’.

Joe Biden, 78, had a little mishap while taking part in a fun activity with his dog and now Twitter is sending him love. The president-elect was playing with his German Shepherd, Major on Saturday, Nov. 28, when he ended up twisting his ankle, his team said, according to TMZ. No further details about the injury were released, but he is apparently set to get checked out by an orthopedist “out of an abundance of caution” on Sunday.

Reporters weren’t allowed to see Joe going in or out of the doctor’s office, per his team’s request, the outlet further reported.

Soon after news of the injury made its way on social media, Joe’s supporters took to Twitter to post their well wishes to him through kind words and light-hearted jokes. “Sending positive thoughts to our President-elect @JoeBiden for a speedy recovery from an ankle injury!” one tweet read. “If one must twist an ankle, this is the way to do it. Heal up quickly, 46! @JoeBiden,” another read.

Sending positive thoughts to our President-elect @JoeBiden for a speedy recovery from an ankle injury!

— ༺🦋༻ᗰᗩƳᖇᗩ༺🦋༻ (@LepapillonBlu) November 29, 2020

If one must twist an ankle, this is the way to do it.💙🐶
Heal up quickly, 46! @JoeBiden

— Reese (@econdevgirl) November 29, 2020


“Prayers to you Mr. President-Elect @JoeBiden for quick healing to your ankle. No fault Major, we love you @First_Dogs_USA,” a third user tweeted while a fourth wrote, “The fact that Joe Biden slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog makes me love him even more than I already did.” Another shared a similar sentiment when they tweeted, “While playing with his dog. Besides his twisted ankle I could not love this more. I hope your ankle heals soon.”

Prayers to you Mr. President-Elect @JoeBiden for quick healing to your ankle. No fault Major, we love you @First_Dogs_USA

— Wear A Mask = Save Lives (@RBG4ever87) November 29, 2020

While playing with his dog 😍😩 Besides his twisted ankle I could not love this more. I hope your ankle heals soon @JoeBiden 💕

— Alison (@ByAllyT) November 29, 2020

Joe’s ankle injury comes after it was announced that his dog, Major, will be the first rescue dog to ever live in the White House when he starts his presidential term in Jan. Major, who can be seen in the video below, is one of two German Shepherds Joe and his wife Jill Biden, 69, own and they adopted him from the Delaware Humane Society in 2018. Their other dog, Champ, has been with them since 2008.

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A post shared by Joe Biden (@joebiden)

Joe has publicly showed his love for his two pooches on social media many times in the past, including on Aug. 26, International Dog Day, in 2019. “Happy #InternationalDogDay from Major and camera-shy Champ!” he tweeted along with a pic of him and Jill smiling with the sweet boys. He also shared a pic of him and one of his dogs in a presidential campaign ad just days before the election with a caption that read, “Let’s put dogs back in the White House.”

Since President Donald Trump has no pets, Joe’s dogs will be the first pets back in the White House since Barack Obama‘s dogs, Bo and Sunny, lived there during his two presidential terms from 2009-2016.

Barack Obama Gives Drake His ‘Stamp Of Approval’ To Play Him In A Biopic: He’s ‘A Talented Brother’

Barack Obama Gives Drake His ‘Stamp Of Approval’ To Play Him In A Biopic: He’s ‘A Talented Brother’

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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

Barack Obama’s ‘thumbs up’ comes a decade after Drake confessed his ‘goal’ was to play the former President in a biopic film!

If a biopic movie about Barack Obama, 59, is ever made, the former President would be thrilled to have Drake, 34, step into the role! “I will say this — Drake seems to to be able to do anything he wants. That’s a talented, talented brother. If the time comes and he’s ready, you know…,” Barack said in a new interview with Complex magazine’s “360 With Speedy Morman” show when asked if the Canadian rapper would have his “stamp of approval.”

Obama says @Drake has his blessings to play him in a biopic. 👀

For more on what President @BarackObama had to say about his rap music comments, Trump moving out, and more, catch our latest #Complex360 EP.


— Complex (@Complex) November 25, 2020

It turns out that Barack isn’t the only Obama who would be happy with the potential casting decision — but daughters Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, would also be thrilled! “He has more importantly my household’s stamp of approval. I suspect Malia and Sasha would be just fine with it,” he added. The A Promised Land author has been a fan of Drake’s music for years, including “Work” with Rihanna on his summer 2020 playlist, as well as tune “Too Good” on a 2019 edition.

Obama’s comments come a decade after the Degrassi alum confessed one of his career goals was to play the 44th President in a film one day. ”I hope somebody makes a movie about President Obama’s life soon because I could play him. That’s the goal,” he said in an interview with Paper magazine. “I watch all the addresses. Any time I see him on TV, I don’t change the channel. I definitely pay attention and listen to the inflections of his voice. If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m pretty good at impressions,” he added.

Barack Obama and Drake. (AP)

Drake showed off his acting chops once again on SNL back in 2016, where he brought the laughs in a hilarious “Bar Mitzvah” sketch. The somewhat autobiographical bit walked viewers through his Toronto upbringing, and what it was like having a Jewish mother and a Black father. “It’s 1999 — I’m 13! As a man I would like to announce that I will now be called Drake…I’m sorry, Dracob,” Drake — née Aubrey Drake Graham — hilariously stage on-stage. In another sketch, he even impersonated ex Rihanna’s verse on their catchy duet “Work.”

The 34-year-old has come a long way since his days on Degrassi, and OG Drake fans are eagerly anticipating his return to acting! He has continued to show off his comedic side over the years in various music videos — such a “In My Feelings” and “No Guidance” with Chris Brown — but hasn’t appeared in a feature film or television role in several years. Notably, Drake is also an executive producer on Zendaya‘s HBO series Euphoria.

Barack Obama Jokes That Navy Seals Can Be ‘Sent In’ To Remove Donald Trump From The White House On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Barack Obama Jokes That Navy Seals Can Be ‘Sent In’ To Remove Donald Trump From The White House On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

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Beth Shilliday and Cassie Gill

Barack Obama proved he knows how to use a Navy Seal team when it came to taking out Osama Bin Laden. Now he’s joking that the elite soldiers might be needed to remove Donald Trump from the White House.

Despite the 2020 presidential election being called for Joe Biden on Nov. 7, Donald Trump is still refusing to concede and making false claims of voter fraud. His predecessor President Barack Obama is now joking about what it will take to get Trump to leave the White House if he refuses to go willingly come Jan. 20, 2021, which is Biden’s inauguration date. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Nov. 19, Jimmy Kimmel asked the former POTUS if there was “a place somebody could hide in the White House if they knew they were going to be removed” — and Obama’s response was hysterical. “Well, I think we can send some navy seals in to dig him out,” he replied.

Then-President Obama famously used the Navy’s Seal Team Six to carry out the raid on terrorist Osama bin Laden‘s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011, killing the 9-11 mastermind. While Trump of course isn’t a murderous foreign terrorist, some are beginning to wonder legitimately what will happen if he refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power, as all presidents have done throughout history. So far Trump has done all he can to obstruct and delay any transition to Biden’s team, and continues to make denials that Biden won the election. Even former First Lady Michelle Obama has begged Trump to honor the respectful transition of power.

So that’s why his new book is so long! 🤣🤣🤣 @BarackObama on Kimmel tonight!

— Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) November 19, 2020

Obama appeared on Kimmel to promote his memoir A Promised Land. Jimmy noted that the book is 701 pages long, and asked if the 58-year-old did that on purpose to that the infamously reading-averse Trump wouldn’t pick it up. “You know I don’t think it would have had to be 700 pages,” for that to happen, Obama joked in return.

This marked the first stop on our 44th president’s  video book tour for his memoir, showing us what a dignified, intelligent and humorous POTUS we had for two terms. During his interview with Kimmel, Obama cracked jokes, told stories about his eight years of life in the White House and got asked the question if he and Michelle “made love” on the night the of the successful raid that killed bin Laden. Oh yeah, Jimmy went there!

Barack Obama got in some zingers towards his presidential successor Donald Trump during an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Photo courtesy: AP Images.

Obama’s memoir went on sale on Nov. 17, 2020 and should be heading straight to the top of the non-fiction best-sellers list for some time to come. His wife Michelle’s memoir Becoming was the top selling book of 2018 after only 15 days on the market, moving two million copies in just over two weeks following its release on Nov. 13, 2018. Within five months it had gone on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide, and became one of the best selling memoirs of all time. While that is a hard act to follow, Barack Obama is probably one of the only people alive whose memoir could overtake wife Michelle’s monster numbers. What a power couple!


Barack Obama Confesses That After Having An Absentee Father, He Vowed Malia & Sasha Would ‘Be Put First’

Barack Obama Confesses That After Having An Absentee Father, He Vowed Malia & Sasha Would ‘Be Put First’


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Emily Selleck
Weekend Writer

Former US President Barack Obama has opened up about why he dedicated his new memoir ‘A Promise Land’ to his daughters Malia and Sasha.

Barack Obama has discussed the importance of being a father to his two daughter Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19. The former US President, 59, opened up about why he dedicated his new 768 page memoir A Promised Land, to the girls in a sweet Instagram caption. “The fact that my own father was largely absent from my childhood helped shape my ideas about the kind of father I intended to be,” he captioned a throwback photo of his family when the two girls were just toddlers.

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A post shared by Barack Obama (@barackobama)

“When Malia was born, I made a promise to myself that my kids would know me, that they’d grow up feeling my love keenly and consistently, knowing that I’d always put them first,” he continued. The politician revealed he always made time to eat dinner with wife Michelle, 56, and their daughters despite the daily pressures of the Oval Office. “While serving as President, I made sure to have dinner with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia every evening by 6:30. We’d eat some good meals and catch up on our days … That was one of the best parts of living above the store, as I sometimes called it.”

Barack added, “Seeing them grow up into the intelligent, strong, and compassionate young women they’ve become has been the greatest joy of my life … I’m reminded constantly that there’s no place in the world I’d rather be than with Miche and our girls—and it’s why I’ve dedicated my memoir to them.”

Barack Obama has penned a sweet message to his two daughters. Image: AP

In the book, he also revealed that being the leader of the free world took a toll on his now 28 year marriage to Michelle. She remains one of the most beloved first ladies in United States history, but behind the scenes, Barack wrote that friends and even family treated her as “secondary” in importance to himself. “I continued to sense an undercurrent of tension in her, subtle but constant, like the faint thrum of a hidden machine.”

It caused him to lay awake at night next to his wife, thinking about their life and their relationship before his presidency, “when everything between us felt lighter, when her smile was more constant and our love less encumbered, and my heart would suddenly tighten at the thought that those days might not return.”

Rudy Giuliani: 5 Things To Know About Ex-NYC Mayor Tricked By Sacha Baron Cohen In ‘Borat’ Sequel

Rudy Giuliani: 5 Things To Know About Ex-NYC Mayor Tricked By Sacha Baron Cohen In ‘Borat’ Sequel


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Samantha Wilson
Political News Editor

Learn more about former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, who fell for an embarrassing prank revealed in Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ sequel.

For once, Rudy Giuliani is in the news for something other than defending Donald Trump. It’s not exactly good news for him, though. The president’s personal lawyer was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen with an elaborate prank for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, and the embarrassing incident is going to take some time to live down. In the meantime, here’s what else you should know about the former New York City mayor, 76:

1. He was caught with his pants (almost) down by Borat. Giuliani fell victim to Baron Cohen’s scheme while unknowingly filming the Borat sequel. During his brief cameo, Giuliani is talking to a woman (Maria Bakalova, 24) who he believes his a reporter for a fictional conservative news program. The “reporter” invites him up to her hotel room for drinks, where he is caught in a compromising position, reclining on a bed with his hand down his pants for several seconds. Borat bursts into the room and reveals that the journalist is actually his “teenage” daughter. Giuliani leaves the hotel, and actually filed a police report after the incident. He didn’t know at the time that it was Baron Cohen.

2. He was the mayor of New York City during 9/11. Giuliani served two terms in office as the Mayor of New York City, from 1994 to 2001. September 11, 2001, was actually the same day of the mayoral primaries; Giuliani would soon be out of office. His handling of 9/11 and the aftermath of the terrorist attack led him to be dubbed “America’s Mayor” and he even received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. Polls taken six weeks after 9/11 showed a 79% approval rating among NYC voters, as opposed to 26% one year prior. He was named TIME Person of the Year in 2001, as well.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani (AP)

3. He’s President Trump’s personal lawyer. Giuliani backed Trump in the 2016 presidential election, and went on to become one of his informal advisors once elected. He joined the president’s legal team in 2018 amidst Robert Mueller‘s Russia probe, and has become an outspoken surrogate for Trump on TV. He’s garnered criticism for some of his controversial statements

4. He ran for president in 2008. Giuliani once had dreams of the White House himself. The former mayor, who ran unsuccessfully for New York Senate in 2000, vied for the presidency in 2008. While at one point the frontrunner for the Republican ticket, he was beaten in the primaries by the late Arizona Senator John McCain. Illinois Senator Barack Obama, of course, would go on to win the election.

Rudy Giuliani speaks to reporters at an event (AP)

5. He claimed his innocence after the Borat sting. Giuliani claimed that nothing untoward was happening during his appearance in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. The ex-mayor said in an October 21 radio interview, “I had to take off the electronic equipment. And when the electronic equipment came off, some of it was in the back and my shirt came a little out, although my clothes were entirely on. I leaned back, and I tucked my shirt in, and at that point, at that point, they have this picture they take which looks doctored, but in any event, I’m tucking my shirt in. I assure you that’s all I was doing.”

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan hits Amazon Prime on October 22.

Jennifer Lawrence Shades Donald Trump: I Can’t Vote For A President ‘Who Supports White Supremacists’

Jennifer Lawrence Shades Donald Trump: I Can’t Vote For A President ‘Who Supports White Supremacists’


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Beth Shilliday
Senior Evening Writer

Actress Jennifer Lawrence says that President Donald Trump drew a ‘line in the sand’ for her as a voter when he refused to condemn White supremacy.

Jennifer Lawrence is team Joe Biden and Kamala Harris when it comes to the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election. Now the Oscar winning actress is explaining why even though she grew up in a Republican household, she could never vote for Donald Trump, 74. The Red Sparrow star appeared on the Oct. 21 Absolutely Not podcast with host, comedian Heather McMahan, and said that when Trump refused to condemn White supremacy in the first presidential debate — instead telling the neo-right White male-only organization The Proud Boys to “Stand back and stand by” — it was a “line drawn in the sand” for her as a voter. You can hear J-Law discuss the subject starting at the 36:29 mark below:

The 30-year-old is a board member of Represent Us, the largest grassroots anti-political corruption campaign, yet for Jennifer she says “it’s extremely hard to talk about politics, you don’t want to. I’m an actor and I want everybody to see my movies,” she explained about the possibility of alienating some fans.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has endorsed Joe Biden for president, saying she could never vote for Donald Trump as a ‘human being.’ Photo credit: AP.

Jennifer revealed that she didn’t even vote for Barack Obama during his successful 2008 presidential run. “I grew up Republican. The first president, my first time voting, I voted for John McCain. I was a little Republican and I’ve changed my politics,” the star admitted.

The Kentucky native continued, “I was fortunate to grow up in a Republican house were I was able see the fiscal benefits of some of the Republican policies. And I could also see the social issues weren’t in line with my views. And then for me, when Donald Trump got elected, that just changed everything. Cause he’s an impeached president who’s broken many laws and has refused to condemn White supremacy, and it’s just….it feels like there’s been a line drawn in the sand.”

When it came to the topic of actors giving their opinion on politics and voting, Jen said that all American voices have a right to their own thoughts. “I have an opinion. I don’t want to support a president who supports White supremacists,” she explained. Jennifer then said she longed for the days when Obama led the nation because it was so much more stress-free.

Jennifer Lawrence slammed Donald Trump’s staunch refusal to condemn White supremacy. Photo credit: AP.

“Don’t you remember…Like, it’s so hard to remember the days when Obama was president, where you woke up and you, you would go days, maybe weeks without thinking about the president. Because like everything, in general would be okay. I mean the amount of anxiety…” she frustratingly sighed about how much nerve racking drama Trump brings every day to the job of president.

Jennifer already endorsed Biden and Harris earlier in October when she appeared on the cover of V magazine‘s special election issue. The Hunger Games star told the publication, “Voting is the foundation of our democracy and our freedom. And I would consider this upcoming election the most consequential of our lifetime. I’m voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this year because Donald Trump has and will continue to put himself before the safety and well-being of America. He does not represent my values as an American, and most importantly as a human being.

Why Katie Holmes Likely ‘Came Out Of Her Shell’ With Emilio Vitolo: People Are ‘Drawn’ To Him

Why Katie Holmes Likely ‘Came Out Of Her Shell’ With Emilio Vitolo: People Are ‘Drawn’ To Him


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Allison Swan and Sarah Jones

Katie Holmes has been enjoying plenty of PDA with her new man Emilio Vitolo Jr. Here’s why she’s not shy about showing off her new romance.

Katie Holmes, 41, appears to be falling head over heels for handsome 33-year-old chef and restaurateur Emilio Vitolo Jr. and she isn’t trying to hide it from anyone. After having such a private relationship with Jamie Foxx, 52, for six years it’s a big change to see Katie engaging in so much PDA. But, a source close to her new boyfriend told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY why Katie’s “flirty” behavior with the NYC chef isn’t really surprising.

Katie Holmes attends the Chloe Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show in Paris, France.

“He has a huge personality,” shared our source. “He’s one of those men that when he walks into a room, everybody knows it. He’s very well known in the restaurant scene and has such a magnetic, positive energy about him that he just draws people towards him.

“Without knowing what Katie’s past relationships were like with her exes, Emilio isn’t like most men. He’s confident and isn’t afraid of going for what he wants. He has a magnetic personality and has a way about him that just makes people smile. That’s probably what drew her in and it’s no wonder she feels comfortable and safe with him to show affection in public.”

Katie Holmes attends the ZIMMERMAN Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Show during New York Fashion Week.

Katie and Emilio were first photographed having a romantic lunch on Sept. 2 at SoHo’s Antique Garage. She was smiling and laughing flirtatiously through the whole date. Then on Sept. 8 she stopped by his family’s New York City restaurant Emilio’s Ballato and they were all over each other at the eatery’s front door.

Katie and Emilio have been spending time together at other NYC establishments too. On Sept. 6 they had a dinner date at Peasant Restaurant in NYC where she sat on his lap. They kissed at the table for everyone to see — and they couldn’t have looked better doing it. They were perfectly coordinated in white t-shirts. Katie kept her date look super casual and wore her hair up in a messy bun.

Although Emilio is nowhere near as famous as the Batman Begins star he does have plenty of famous friends. His Instagram page is full of pics of him posing with superstar pals like Danny Devito, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lenny Kravitz and David Schwimmer. He even has a photo with President Barack Obama, who dined at the popular NYC eatery with his daughter Malia.

Katie Holmes & Emilio Vitolo Pull Down Their Masks For Another Hot Make Out Session In NYC — Pics

Katie Holmes & Emilio Vitolo Pull Down Their Masks For Another Hot Make Out Session In NYC — Pics

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Beth Shilliday
Senior Evening Writer

Katie Holmes and her new man Emilio Vitolo Jr. put on quite a PDA show at his NYC restaurant. They passionately kissed in front of fellow diners and his own dad.

After having a secret, ultra private relationship with actor Jamie Foxx for six years, Katie Holmes seems determined to live her new romance out in the open. The 41-year-old actress looks head over heels for chef and restaurateur Emilio Vitolo Jr. and is happy with the entire world knowing about it. She visited him on Sept. 8 at his family’s New York City restaurant Emilio’s Ballato and the two passionately put on quite a PDA display outside of the eatery’s front door. You can see the photos here. It is their third high profile romantic love-fest in a week!

The couple openly made out with their arms locked around each other and their face masks pulled down. Katie was smiling from ear to ear when her lips weren’t touching Emilio. The hunky 33-year-old could be seen in another photo looking deep into the Batman Begins star’s eyes so lovingly, while she put one arm around his neck and had another resting on his chest, returning his feelings.

Katie Holmes seen at a celebration in her honor at The Butterfly at Sixty Soho in NYC on Feb. 2, 2020. Photo credit: SplashNews

Emilio’s dad was even seen near the entryway to the restaurant, but seemed to try to turn away to give his son and Katie some privacy, at least from his eyes. But all other diners got to see how absolutely crazy these two are for each other. Some patrons even walked past the couple while they were wrapped in each other’s arms, and Katie and Emilio didn’t even notice. Their eyes were locked on each other, in their own love bubble.

Katie was wearing the identical outfit that she was photographed in the same day she took daughter Suri Cruise, 14, on a frozen yogurt run. She was wearing the same boyfriend jeans, green mules and pink gingham face mask that she wore while walking Suri home with her sweet treat. The only thing missing was the white cable knit sweater that Katie had on over her grey t-shirt, as Katie was wearing just the tee only while visiting Emilio.

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise for frozen yogurt the same day she visited new love Emilio Vitolo at his NYC restaurant. She even wore the same outfit.
Photo credit: SplashNews

Katie even carried the same over the shoulder knit bag and had her hair up in the same loose bun. Emilio was holding a to-go cup of coffee in his loved up photos with Katie. It appeared that the thoughtful Miss Meadows star might have stopped by his restaurant to bring Emilio a jolt of caffeine to help him through his work day.

View this post on Instagram

Know this man since I was basically in diapers 👶🏼 Mahhhhhh dude @lennykravitz ,one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing . Love you brotha

A post shared by Emilio Vitolo (@emiliovitolo) on Mar 20, 2017 at 8:35pm PDT

View this post on Instagram

Pleasure having our former President pay us a visit with his beautiful daughter Malia

A post shared by Emilio Vitolo (@emiliovitolo) on Feb 23, 2017 at 6:55pm PST

Katie and Emilio were first photographed having a romantic lunch on Sept. 2 at SoHo’s Antique Garage. She smiled and laughed so hard during their conversation, and even reached over to hold his hand. At that point he was a “mystery man,” until his identity was revealed as a chef who is pals with a number of celebrities. On Emilio’s Instagram page, he’s shown posing with famous diner friends including Danny Devito, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lenny Kravitz and David Schwimmer. In the above photo, he’s seen on the right of Lenny, while his dad Emilio Sr. is on the other side of the rocker. And in the photo below it, Emilio has his arm around proud patron, President Barack Obama, who dined with his daughter Malia. Emilio keeps seriously A-list company.

Katie and Emilio were then officially going hot and heavy during a Sept. 6 dinner date at Peasant Restaurant in NYC. She sat on his lap as the two openly made out at an outdoor table. Both were dressed down in white t-shirts and Katie again had her hair up in a messy bun, along with light makeup. It’s so great to see Katie happy and so crazy about a guy that she’s not afraid to hide it at all. After six years of dating in secret with Jamie, it must come as a relief for Katie to show her feelings out in the open for someone.

Shakira Then & Now: See Latina Superstar’s Transformation Through The Years

Shakira Then & Now: See Latina Superstar’s Transformation Through The Years

AP Images

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Beth Shilliday
Senior Evening Writer

Shakira has been a global superstar since the 1990s. We’ve got her most iconic looks through the years, from breakout Latina singing sensation to Super Bowl 54 halftime entertainer.

Shakira has been around for over two decades as a singing icon, and the 43-year-old has served up some incredible outfits over the years. By 2000, she was already receiving accolades for her work, taking home a Latin Grammy. She looked so sexy in a red wrap around dress, and wore her hair in long blonde curls to accept the trophy. She was on her way to breaking into the U.S. market after becoming a singing sensation across Latin America, as the beauty was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Shakira played with her style in the early 2000’s. She wore her hair in a short asymmetrical blonde bob and rocked a fishnet and denim outfit when she was invited to take part in VH1’s “Divas Las Vegas” in 2002. By that point she had learned English and released her first crossover album, 2001’s Laundry Service and broke big in the U.S. with her debut single “Whenever, Wherever.”

Shakira smiles after filming the music video for her iconic ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006. (Photo credit: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

When it came to Shakira’s clothes, she was settling in to her sexy look of wavy curls and belly-baring outfits with the 2005 release of her smash song “Hips Don’t Lie” featuring Wyclef Jean. She donned a tiered orange satin skirt and matching orange t-shirt tied above her waist for the tune’s music video. Her amazing hip shaking skills made many people go mad for the gorgeous singer.

While Shakira would still go flashy for music videos, she proved to be a style icon on the red carpet. For the 2008 ALMA Awards, she wore a strapless black gown with a zip-up front and large statement belt. She still kept her signature flowing blonde curly locks for most events, but she changed things up for meeting soon to be sworn-in President Barack Obama in 2009!

For that occasion, Shakira straightened her hair into long, soft waves as she attended the “We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial” in Washington D.C., on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009. She must have liked the change-up in her tresses, as in August of 2009, she wore her hair in a similar style while attending the MTV Video Music Awards. Shakira wowed on the red carpet in a black and silver sleeveless mini dress and knee high boots for that event.

Shakira performs with Jennifer Lopez during halftime of Super Bowl 54 football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Shakira started dating the love of her life, Barcelona Football Club star Gerard Pique, in 2011. She eventually settled with him in Spain and the pair went on to have two sons, Milan in 2013 and Sasha in 2015. Shakira of course had incredible body snap backs, wowing on red carpets and during performances in outfits that made her amazing figure shine. Shaki donned a colorful red costume as she took part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup closing ceremony at Maracana Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in July 2014.

It was her Super Bowl 54 halftime performance with Jennifer Lopez, 51, that caught the eyes of over a hundred million viewers. They saw Shakira kick off the show in a red belly-baring outfit with a fringe miniskirt. After a mind-blowing six-minute set of her biggest hits, JLo took over and then the two Latina powerhouses closed out the performance in metallic outfits. While Jen donned a silver embellished catsuit, Shakira wowed in a gold bodysuit with fringe at the hips, a keyhole opening to show her abs, and an elaborate jacket to highlight what a golden girl she really was. We’ve got all of Shakira’s best looks from the last 20 years in our gallery here.


Michelle Obama Cuddles With Husband Barack During Cute Throwback Photo From Their Wedding Night

Michelle Obama Cuddles With Husband Barack During Cute Throwback Photo From Their Wedding Night


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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

Michelle Obama reflected on her 22-year marriage to Barack in this throwback past, noting that relationships take ‘a lot of work’ & ‘honesty.’

Michelle Obama, 56, delighted her followers with a sweet throwback post of her and husband Barack Obama, 59, on their wedding day! The then 28 and 31-year-olds — who married on Oct. 3, 1992 — shared a candid moment in front of their delicious looking wedding cake, hilariously posing with icing on their noses. “Last week on The #MichelleObamaPodcast, Conan [O’Brien] and I reflected on our marriages. This relationship can be one of the most foundational pieces of our identities—bringing us so much joy, meaning, and support every single day,” she wrote on the Sept. 6 post.

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Last week on The #MichelleObamaPodcast, Conan and I reflected on our marriages. This relationship can be one of the most foundational pieces of our identities—bringing us so much joy, meaning, and support every single day. But one thing is for sure: It also takes a lot of work; a lot of honesty with ourselves and our partners. That’s one thing I’ve learned. I’d love to hear some of the things you’ve learned about marriage and about yourself. Let me know in the comments. ❤

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“But one thing is for sure: It also takes a lot of work; a lot of honesty with ourselves and our partners. That’s one thing I’ve learned,” she wrote, sharing advice with her followers. “I’d love to hear some of the things you’ve learned about marriage and about yourself. Let me know in the comments,” she added, including a black heart. Barack and Michelle have hardly aged a day from the 1992 photo, and looked just as in love back then as they do now!

Earlier this week, Michelle opened up about when she and Barack first met in 1989 while working at Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. “Once [Barack and I] started talking and became friends, he was very clear — just like, ‘I want to date you. At least in my experience up until then, men would be coy. They would, you know, sort of look around the room. It was all so complicated, and it felt, a little immature,” she revealed to Conan, 57, on her podcast. At the firm, Barack was a summer employee who had finished one year of law school, and Michelle had been assigned to be his advisor.

Barack and Michelle Obama married on Oct. 3, 1992. (AP)

“What struck me about Barack was his, lack of pretense. I mean, he was somebody who knew what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid to say it,” she also said. Notably, Michelle declined Barack’s offer to take her on a date several times before finally saying yes (after quit his job). “And, I thought, ‘well, if he’s that in tune with his emotions that he can that say out loud to somebody that doesn’t know.’ He didn’t know whether I liked him back! He was like, ‘look, let me tell you, this is what I think about you: I think you’re special, I think you’re different, and I would like to take you out.’ And that was rare. And it was attractive,” she revealed. After marrying in 1992, the pair went on to welcome 22-year-old daughter Malia in 1998, and 19-year-old Sasha in 2001.

Laverne Cox Drags Trump Administration For Its ‘Obsession With Discriminating Against Trans People’

Laverne Cox Drags Trump Administration For Its ‘Obsession With Discriminating Against Trans People’

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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

Laverne Cox opened up about trans visibility in the last 6 years, admitting that voices have been amplified, but ‘conditions’ of poor, working trans people ‘have not changed.’

Laverne Cox, 48, is blasting Donald Trump‘s administration for continuing to discriminate against the trans community. “There have been so many legislative attacks on trans folks and state legislatures all over the country,” Laverne said in an interview with Time Magazine for their annual Time 100 list. “And of course this administration has had this obsession with discriminating against trans people on a federal level…perhaps, we became even more targeted as marriage equality became the law of the land,” she added, referencing the current government and the Supreme Court’s historic 2015 ruling during Barack Obama‘s presidency.

The Orange Is The New Black star went on to reflect on the “tipping point” for the trans community, including her own Time magazine cover from 2014 — making her the first openly trans person to ever make the front of the publication. “I believe that I was the first openly trans person to be on the cover of Time Magazine and the first openly trans person to be on the cover of a lot of magazines and do a lot of things,” she said. “Theories [of] whether that point was about just about elevating me or elevating the entire community. Was that tipping point in a space of just representation and not in the real experiences lived by trans people?” she pondered.

Laverne Cox & Donald Trump. (Shutterstock)

“I think it may be that last one,” noting that shows including Transparent, OITNB and Sense 8 helped propel conversation. “We had an unprecedented level of visibility but the real lived experiences of a lot of trans folks and our day to day lives were not necessarily changed,” the Daytime Emmy Winner — who explored the topic in her Netflix documentary Disclosure — explained. “The tipping point has been with visibility and with our voices being amplified but I would argue that the material conditions particularly of poor working trans people have not significantly changed in the 6 years,” she also said.

Laverne Cox. (Shutterstock)

Many stars — including Laverne — have been vocal on social media in recent weeks about protecting the rights of LGBTQ workers against discrimination. The Supreme Court ruled in favor on June 15, which Laverne applauded. “It’s a really beautiful thing that in the United States of America, we can affirm once more that it should be illegal to fire someone from their job simply for being who they are,” she said on The View the following day.

Barack Obama Celebrates SCOTUS Ruling On LGBTQ Rights With Throwback Pic Of Rainbow-Colored White House

Barack Obama Celebrates SCOTUS Ruling On LGBTQ Rights With Throwback Pic Of Rainbow-Colored White House


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Jade Boren
Evening Writer

Barack Obama reacted with joy to the Supreme Court’s ban of discrimination towards transgender and gay workers. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been silent.

Barack Obama, 58, wished America a Happy Pride Month with a throwback photo of his former home, The White House, lit up in the LGBTQ flag’s rainbow colors on June 15. Just hours earlier, the Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for employers to discriminate American workers based on their sexual orientation and gender identity — thus protecting gay and transgender people. It was a historical move, especially considering that two Conservative justices supported the 6-3 ruling. Of course, Obama had to react to this milestone!

Obama shared a photo of a rainbow-lit White House after the SCOTUS protected gay and transgender people from discrimination in the workforce, which you can see below. (Twitter/@BarackObama)
During Barack Obama’s second term in June of 2015, The White House was memorably lit up in rainbow colors — AKA, the colors of the LGBTQ community — in honor of same-sex marriages being legalized in the U.S. (Shutterstock)

“Today reminds us that progress might be slow. It might take decades. But no matter what things might look like today, it’s always possible. Happy Pride month, everybody,” Obama wrote on Twitter, alongside the photo of the rainbow-colored White House. The photo was taken amid Obama’s presidential term in 2015, on the same day that the SCOTUS made another ruling that the LGTBQ community celebrated: the legality of same-sex marriages nationwide.

Donald Trump has remained noticeably mum on this most recent victory for LGTBQ people — a silence that was reflected outside his home on Monday, which remained white. So, fans have instead thanked who they acknowledge as their real “president”: Obama! “Thank you, President Obama. LGBTQ people like me have hope because of the way you paved,” one person tweeted in response to the former POTUS’ Pride post, and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Shangela Laquifa Wadley wrote, “Come baaaaaack. We love and miss you Mr. President.”


RuPaul’s Drag Race star Shangela Laquifa Wadley wants Barack Obama back in office! (Twitter/@itsSHANGELA)

A third person compared side-by-side photos of Obama’s colorful White House, versus the White House going dark amid the Black Lives Matter protests on May 31. “When love is in The White House vs when hate is. Thank President Obama for lighting the way. We miss you,” the citizen tweeted.

Obama hasn’t been the only big name to react to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday. Stars like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift shared their overjoyed thoughts on Twitter! It was a much-needed day of celebration across social media, since just three days prior, people were devastated to learn that the Trump administration finalized a ruling that based sex discrimination on “the plain meaning of the word ‘sex’ as male or female and as determined by biology” in health care, according to The Department of Health and Human Services’s statement from June 12. This stripped gay and transgender patients of protections that an Obama-era rule previously granted, thanks to its inclusion of gender identity discrimination in Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

This isn’t the first time Americans have chosen to honor Obama instead of the current commander-in-chief! Instead of sending birthday wishes to Trump when he turned 74 years old on June 14, many people instead filled Twitter with posts about Obama’s time in office. This day was no different.

Joe Biden Wears Mask On ‘Stephen Colbert’ & Vows To ‘Beat’ Donald Trump — See Pic

Joe Biden Wears Mask On ‘Stephen Colbert’ & Vows To ‘Beat’ Donald Trump — See Pic


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Jade Boren
Evening Writer

Joe Biden debuted his protective gear on late night TV, just hours after Trump finally wore a face mask — very briefly. The POTUS didn’t want to ‘give the press the pleasure of seeing it.’

Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden has no problem with protecting others by wearing a face mask. The presumptive Democratic nominee for the upcoming 2020 presidential election briefly strapped his face mask on during the May 21 episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, his first time doing so on late night television (but certainly not his first time wearing a mask in general). It was a symbolic move, since just hours before the show aired, Biden’s election rival took off his mask after touring a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., simply to spite reporters.

“I wear the mask all the time,” Biden revealed to Stephen Colbert during Thursday night’s interview. The former U.S. vice president clarified, “Well, not all the time. When anybody’s around, other than Jill [his wife]. Although sometimes she wants me to put the mask on so she can’t hear me speak.”

Colbert didn’t beat around the question viewers really wanted to hear, though: “Are you gonna beat this guy?” Of course, “this guy” meant Trump, to which Biden responded with a resolute “Yes” multiple times. “Look, I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ll tell you why. The American people fully understand what’s at stake here. This is the most important election in anybody’s life, not because I’m running, but because of the circumstances,” Biden explained.

.@JoeBiden is on with @StephenAtHome RIGHT NOW! And this future president knows how to wear his face mask. 😷#TeamJoe #Biden2020

— Robert Lyons (@RobertLyonsIA) May 22, 2020

It was a full circle moment to see Biden so confident. Five years ago, Barack Obama’s former second-in-command guest starred on Stephen’s show and couldn’t promise his “whole heart” if he were to run against Trump in the 2016 election. Biden had been grieving the recent death of his son Beau Biden, who had recently succumbed to a battle to brain cancer at just 46 years old.

This isn’t the first time Biden has advocated for masks. He directly called out Trump’s resistance towards the protective gear (which is recommended by the CDC itself, FYI), during a virtual town hall for Yahoo News on May 19. “I got my mask,” Biden said, who brought it out as proof. “I can’t walk outside my house [without wearing one] because the Secret Service is there. They’re all wearing their masks. They’re all getting tested. Come on.” While Trump has insisted he gets tested for the novel coronavirus every couple of days, more than one of his staff members at The White House have come down with the lethal COVID-19 disease.

OMG! He actually wore one. See, it didn’t hurt that much. Does it have the Presidential seal on it?

— Jackie Speier (@RepSpeier) May 21, 2020

It was quite the surprise to see Trump wear a mask for the first time ever while speaking with Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. amid his tour at the car plant in Michigan on May 21. Amid a worldwide pandemic, Trump has opted out of covering his face to tour a mask factory in Arizona on May 5 (which required workers to suit up with face masks) and for a White House event with Girl Scouts (who all had face masks on) on May 15. However, Trump refused to give reporters the “pleasure” of seeing him wear a face mask after the Ford plant tour, which led Michigan’s State Attorney General Dana Nessel to blast the POTUS as “a petulant child.”

Shotta – La Verdad Lyrics

La verdad es subjetiva, la verdad nadie la tiene, todo el mundo la quiere, todo el mundo la busca. ¿Quién quiere la verdad? ¿Quién quiere la verdad?

[Verso 1]
¿Barack Obama premio Nobel de la paz?
Ya se cargaron a Osama, dime quien es el criminal
Además, están haciendo fiesta por un daño
Celebrando la muerte como si fuera un cumpleaños
La verdad te la traigo
Yo soy de los que se tiran de un puente
Pa pillar la baja en el trabajo
Sigo siendo un revolucionario, sigo en pie
Para miembros del PP soy un paria
En el rap soy un “Warrior”
Cultivan odio y economía
Yo cultivo flow vivo en cada frase tía
Tengo amigos que cultivan maría
Por Chipiona y huele a fruta del bosque, ¡vaya alegría!
Si la verdad nadie la quiere, pobrecita
No sé mucho de política, la clase obrera está solita
Y nadie representa al pobre sopas de sobre
Con un logo y un nombre, ¿por un futuro mejor, dónde?
Mira esos raperos nuevos que malotes son
Insultando a los roperos poetas, frustración
Cuando tengan una frase interesante a lo mejor
Pero hoy por hoy le faltan el respeto al hip-hop
¿Y yo? Solo quiero tu chochito pequeñito
Déjame vivir con él en un piso de alquiler
¿Qué importa la política en la sombra?
Soy la voz del pueblo en forma de bomba y ¿cómo va?
O me ahorco o llamo a los Ovnis pa me recojan

Shotta – Nada Igual Lyrics

Nada igual, no hay ná igual!
Nada igual, ¡No! Nada igual
Aquí no hay nada, nada igual
¡Nada como esto!
Por más que busques, por más que busques
No hay nada igual, ¡No lo vas a encontrar!

[Verso 1]
Me acuerdo cuando me insultaban parecía un zombi
Y ahora soy mejor que ellos y todos sus compis
Y no les debo na, nunca apostaron por mí
Nunca me dieron buenas bases y ahora yo soy el MC
¡Sí! Si me quejo del trato de aquellos tiempos
Aquellos tiempos con la cintas de cassete, buenos tiempos
Y sigo más fresco que una natilla
Nunca nada a nadie, solo confió en mí, ya
Vamos en un Delorean, Griffi y yo
Al lado mía los MCs son frikis bro
Momento de acción, puños de campeón
Hablamos más idiomas que C3PO
Yo me acuerdo que en Sevilla éramos todos una familia
Pero siempre hay un tonto que quiere quedarse con todo
Solo ofrezco diversión (diversión) para un público listo
Si tengo estilo es porque hablamos con Dios
Yo pongo la voz, tú pones el ron
Dijeron que cayó del cielo un perro en celo y una misión
Descubrí la verdad de Barack Obama
La vida me llama, la vida está pa disfrutarla, descifrarla
La Carretera Maldita de Stephen King
Mi boca sigue sucia como Cartman en South Park
Las 4:20, sexo de sobremesa, ¡Sí!
Yo soy feliz con poco, aunque la vida esté muy cara

Nada igual (No hay ná igual!)
Nada igual, ¡No! Nada igual
Aquí no hay nada, nada igual
(¡Nada como esto!)
Por más que busques, (por más que busques)
No hay nada igual, (¡No lo vas a encontrar!)

[Verso 2]
Yo conozco la pasión, musicadicción, sé cuál es mi religión
Me acuerdo viendo el Príncipe de Bel Air en mi salón
Éramos críos, esta música nos hizo libres
Mucho más que ninguna droga, eso es lo que mola, ¡sígueme!
En este suelo es necesario asesinar el miedo
Yo tuve prejuicios en mi educación pero
Ya creció el genio, tenemos dentro fuego
Vivimos con ello, nosotros somos bomberos
Mis compis y yo atracamos licorerías
Pagamos con tarjeta, mezclamos noches y días
En la avenida muchos quieren fama, na más
A mí no me importo jamás, solo me importó el rap
En España llega todo tarde siempre
Y la Belén Esteban manda más que el presidente
A quien le importa ese juego, no es nada nuevo
El amor es la única religión capaz de vencer al miedo
Enhorabuena a mis fans, agradecer el apoyarme
Escribo letras pa no suicidarme
Yo represento los Donettes de antes
Los que venían de tres de tres con pegatinas con clase
El arte nunca muere, se anestesia
El internet no cede, mira el Alex de la iglesia
En Cinetube viendo pelis en mi casa
Yo sería millonario con céntimos por descarga

Nada igual, no hay ná igual!
Nada igual, ¡No! Nada igual
Aquí no hay nada, nada igual
¡Nada como esto!
Por más que busques, por más que busques
No hay nada igual, ¡No lo vas a encontrar!

[Verso 3]
Yo he vivido los ’90 de cerca, con las Timberland puestas
Cuando no existían crestas, con los canis y las Vestax
Y los raperos de All Star
Que se vestían con pantalones más anchos que una presa
¿Quién quiere pasta sino puede disfrutar de su gente?
Estoy tranquilo, ya me he puesto caliente
Mucho amor pa los que hay los que disfrutan del B-boy
Desde “Tu Madre Es Una Foca” hasta el día hoy