Geri D’ Fyniz – Buck 50 lyrics

Now If you ain’t about that shit
Just shut ya trap
Because it’s bitch made
To say it then take it back
It’s seems a lot
Of muthafuckas scared of facts
So I’mma keep it a Buck 50
On they ass

I’mma keep it a Buck 50
I’mma keep it a Buck 50
I’mma keep it a Buck 50
On they ass

[Verse 1]
The cost of being real is priceless
But it’s expensive to these goofy fuck niggas
Cuz They keep popping up
All on internet
With several different types
Of cornball nigga shit

They be begging for (For Attention)

Not to mention
This tweeting & delete shit
If it’s a problem
I’ll say it to ya face bitch
I’m so direct that
It may come off reckless
To niggas afraid
To put actions to statements

No chill cause my enemies waiting
& if I give dem an inch
They’ll put me under the pavement
So I keep my defense Mayweather
Blocking attempts so clever
Won’t catch me slipping
I thought you niggas knew better

This Fuck shit
Is getting hella pathetic
Cause we den sit back and let it
It’s turning to epidemics
I’m calling on 50 Negus
That’s ready to be relentless
Cause when we get up in motion
You muthafuckas is finish


[Verse 1]
Y’all den got so used to scams
That the truth
Got you shittin in ya pants
Muthafuckas better
Get packs of depends
Cause I’m coming with
Them X-Lax bars
Making assholes raw


My competition’s
The man In the mirror
So that means
All you other rap niggas

If you ain’t proppin up yourself
As the best
You settling for less
That’s Probably why you dusty niggas
Will not ever see a check

Niggas wanna see the blessings
But don’t wanna break a sweat
Niggas wanna be rewarded for just
Sitting on the ass

But I don’t care if we related
Or like the way I rap

If you ain’t help secure the shit
Don’t ask for nothing from my bag.
Not a dime
I don’t owe a Nigga shit
Unless you mama, wife, or kids
Everybody else can
Eat a dick

Got on my own grind
With 10 toes down
All them doubters thought
I lost my mind
But its paying off
And they coming round
Tryna ride the wave
Like I forgot

But it’s cool tho
Cause I’m bout my dough
If you wanna chill
Help me get some mo

But if you wanna leech
Better Keep that shit moving
You on that fuck shit
Don’t want nothing to do with you