Vic Sadot – Broadside Balladeer lyrics

I remember the year that Broadside Balladeer
Took his own life away, so they say…
Now I still long to hear him singing true and clear
How I miss that Broadside Balladeer!

So I’m gonna say it now!
I can’t say it when I’m gone
Let us not speak falsely now
For we must be movin’ on
Is there anybody home?
Is there anybody here?
To be true to a Broadside Balladeer!

In the dark of the night, he would stay awake and write
At the rallies he would raise us with a song!
He would roam through the land, and like Woody he would stand
Cause he wanted people’s struggles to be strong! [Chorus]

Just a boy in Ohio grew up so he had to go
Steppin’ outside of a small circle of friends
Surely as the Changes came he would shame the Chords of Fame
When he called on us to try and make amends [Chorus]

Seems like just the other day, he went down to see Chile
Victor Jara and he sang side by side!
Itt, the cia, and the Junta had their way
But the dream they tried to kill still hasn’t died! [Chorus]