Ice Cube – Friday Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You know it ain’t no stoppin’ all the dogs I’m droppin’
It’s Friday night so everything is poppin’
I gots ten to spend on the Hen
So let the games begin
Yakety yak don’t talk back or it’s on
Callin’ up Earl on the car phone
Mack 10 just got out of court
Rollin’ through the hood in his super sport bumping Too $hort
Eighteens got the rear view mirrors vibratin’
And deep-dish Daytons
You know how we do it
Ain’t nothing to it but the floss
Overcrowding Harrison-Ross
‘Cause if you fuck with ours
We leave scars
Out of G-ride cars
Livin’ like stars
Might hit the highway
On the Vegas run fool ’cause it’s Friday

Oh yeah
Throw your neighborhood in the air
If you don’t care
Oh yeah
Throw your neighborhood in the air
If you don’t care

[Verse 2]
Standing outside on a Friday living on the edge
‘Cause we all got them hard heads
It’s seems like we all are waitin’
For a drive-by playing tag with Satan
But we chillin’, yeah, we ready and willin’
Ya hear about the latest westside killing?
Forty sippin’, set trippin’, fo’ dippin’
Pistol grippin’, neva slippin’
BGs trying to hang out
But OGs sayin’ “Take your little ass in the house”
My big homie just got out
Used to be down, now he’s just cracked out
He’s bout hard as Darth Vader
In his sweatshirt, khakis and Chuck Taylor’s
Just seen him in the driveway
Getting beat like a smoker a fool, ’cause it’s Friday

Oh yeah
Throw your neighborhood in the air
If you don’t care
Oh yeah
Throw your neighborhood in the air
If you don’t care

[Verse 3]
Why must I be like that and chase the cat?
Or settle for a hoodrat
Dookie braids no dreadlocks
Flyin’ in and out of town with half a chicken in her cock
And I love her, ’cause she down
To fuck around with the underground pussy hound
And her ass is big round and wide
Jacked up, make a nigga down to ride
Smoking indo, playing that Super Nintendo
Hear a rat-a-Tat-Tat on my window
Gave her ass that pelvic thrust
Don’t trust the rubber ’cause its bound to bust
In the oven, in the nappy
I had on two so I was happy
‘Cause that HIV’ll make your dick hang sideways
And that ain’t cool, fool, ’cause it’s Friday

Oh yeah
Throw your neighborhood in the air
If you don’t care
Oh yeah
Throw your neighborhood in the air
If you don’t care

Throw the West side in the air
Throw the East side in the air
Throw the South side in the air
Throw the North side in the air
Oh yeah!

The Game – Whatchu Drinkin’ On? lyrics

(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Verse 1 – The Game]
It’s me Chuck Taylor muthafucka/
I’m back for the first time no more nursury rhymes/
I’m the west coast version of B I G
East coast version of Easy E
Mix it with a bottle of hypnotic that 6-4 on hydrolics
If it wasn’t for Dre I’d be in the garden like are. Wallace
Movin’ rocks like the Grand Canyon man
The forty-five throw bullets like Randal’s hands
I’m from Los Angelos man
You got the D, we break down zones like Kansas man
I’m in the hood giving out free samples man
Them fiends wanna see me scramble like Atlanta fans
Move rock by day, Lambo by night
Same color as Brett Farvre’s Jersey with dual exhaust pipes
She mad ’cause she can’t ride, she just wanna fight
Frustrated at The Game, throwing chairs like Bob Knight

[Hook – The Game]
Whatchu Drinkin’ On
Belvadere or grey goose
Alinzey or orange juice
Is it Henny and coke? Remy and coke?
V S O P or bottle of O-E
Whatchu Drinkin’ On
Hypnotic or Armendel, Psyclone or crystal
My nigga’s is in this bitch we packin’ the pistols
Nigga’s get out of line we airin’ this bitch out


[Verse 2:]
G A M E that’s my main man
Holdin’ on some mothafuckin’ moet champaigne
Pop it on ’em, drop it on ’em, quick like
And kick that shit to get a bitch like
Ready to fuck with me,
And bring another bitch with you, now we doing three company
Her choice of drink was V S O P
It made the bitch feel queasy
And easy does it, I’m with my cousin, Chuck Taylor
My relative of a little gangbang flavor
You save a bullet flavor of a mothafuckin gangsta
In some powder blue Marvin Gay’das
I’m buying the bar tonight
And I’m fucking with these riders, known eastsidaz
Playin’, pimpin’ while I’m rappin’ while you yappin’
Slippin’ my clippin’ now I’m clickin’ and I’m clackin’
Sippin’ Yak n’,


[Verse 3 – The Game]
Hey Ma the dj’s playin’ your song
You know how them bitches act when Snoop Dogg is on
You ever seen a bitch bust through doors in high heels
In Dolce Gerbanna jeans with a Henny on the rocks
Ass like Jenny from the block,
All the gangsta’s stare, Aftermath all the gangsta’s here
You seen the line outside it’s going down in here,
G-Unit, Shady Records and a pound in here
I’m Jessie Owens on a track, so Dark Child in here
I got an ounce in here, we all got four pounds in here
So don’t step on them All Star’s and Air Forces
Got a full magazine that’s hotter than their Source
And I’m the rap era, parents of Michael Air Jordan
With Chicago in cursive and Chorinc and coach persons
X-O or X Pills, King Lewis or malt liquor
Drunk or tipsy I keep the heart nigga
I’m gangsta