The main history of the XX century. How Elizabeth II drank tea with Gagarin

Plot Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain dies

In the history of relations between Queen Elizabeth II and our country, there was one bright episode, which, perhaps, will one day become an occasion for creating a motion picture. In the summer of 1961, the royal met a Russian guy whose world fame overshadowed her own.

Space and politics

April 12, 1961, the Vostok satellite ship For the first time in history, he lifted a man into Earth orbit. A native of Smolensk region, 27-year-old senior lieutenant Yuri Gagarin became a space pioneer. Rather, he was a senior lieutenant at the time of launch, and by the time of landing, cosmonaut-1 had already been promoted to major.

“The whole world carried him in his arms” — a line from a song by Pakhmutova and Dobronravovwas by no means an exaggeration. Gagarin overnight became a hero not only of the Soviet Union, but of the entire planet Earth. The Soviet diplomatic department was stormed with requests from a huge number of countries, pleading for the visit of the first cosmonaut.

Gagarin's amazing smile and his spontaneity instantly drowned the hearts of even those who remained hostile towards Moscow. And relations between the USSR and Great Britain in the early 1960s were far from friendly.

From the moment of Winston Churchill's famous speechin Fulton, our former World War II allies went to great lengths to do the most damage to the Soviets in the Cold War. And if the American approach sometimes rapidly changed from hostile to pragmatic, the British were much more consistent in their hostility.

The authorities did not want to receive Gagarin at a high level. But the people decided in their own way

Here, however, it is worth dividing the aristocracy and ordinary Englishmen, among whom there were many those who always treated the world's first state of workers and peasants with sympathy and warmth.

Hence the nuance associated with the invitation of Yuri Gagarin to the UK — it did not come from the authorities, but from Dave Lambert, General Secretary of the Amalgamated Foundry Workers' Union of Great Britain.

Directive by the Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, representing the Conservative Party, was this: do not arrange official receptions in honor of the Soviet guest and do not draw increased attention to him. To meet Gagarin and those accompanying him, who arrived on July 11, 1961 at Heathrow Airport, the British Deputy Minister of Aviation was sent. Thus the government demonstrated — cosmonaut and cosmonaut, what an incredible thing!

But then everything got out of control. Ordinary British literally surrounded the air harbor, and as soon as Yuri Alekseevich appeared, the crowd began to chant: “Ga-ga-rin! Ga-ga-rin!” Chief of the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts, General Nikolai Kamaninrecalled: “The English people took the initiative of the meeting into their own hands. The streets through which Gagarin passed were covered with scales of umbrellas: in the drizzling rain, people waited for hours for the appearance of the Soviet cosmonaut. Londoners met Yuri Gagarin with such warmth and cordiality, with such temperament that they refuted all our usual ideas about English restraint and calmness.

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to the UK as part of an international tour. Yuri Gagarin during a visit to the Tower of London. The photo was taken in London in July 1961. Photo: RIA Novosti

Red flag over Manchester

Gagarin's smile and simplicity disarmed even British reporters. The blanks, which were supposed to show the Soviet cosmonaut in a negative light, flew into the basket. Newspapers came out with articles where Gagarin was enthusiastically spoken about.

As planned, the Soviet delegation went to Manchester, where the foundry workers' union was headquartered. The local mayor's office, spitting on the instructions of the prime minister, raised a red flag in honor of Gagarin over their building. The Soviet anthem in honor of the guest was performed by a military band, and a whole sea of ​​people gathered to listen to the cosmonaut's speech at the rally.

On July 13, Gagarin was scheduled to tour London, and here it turned out that he charmed not only the workers, but also capitalists with aristocracy. The astronaut was presented with gifts by English bankers, and the Lord Mayor of London Sir Bernard Waley Cohenlightning-fast organized a reception in his honor.

Prime Minister Macmillan realized that a little more, and Gagarin's British fans would stage a revolution, so he outplayed everything on the go, and personally received the hero on the same day.

< p>

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to the UK as part of an international tour. Yuri Gagarin meeting with Mayor of London Bernard Whaley-Cohen (left). The photo was taken in London in July 1961. Photo: RIA Novosti

A call from Her Majesty

Meanwhile, an unexpected call rang out at the USSR Embassy. Elizabeth II's secretary asked if Yuri Alekseevich would accept an invitation to visit Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace.

Of course, the answer was yes. Moreover, the situation turned out to be quite scrupulous: the fact is that in 1956 the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchevthe royal person was very reserved, despite the expensive gifts he brought, honoring him with only a tea party. According to etiquette, after such a reception of the head of state, it was impossible to give great honors to an ordinary officer.

But the thing is that Gagarin was already so unusual that even the English crown was ready to change the rules for him.< /p>

July 14, 1961 they met — A 27-year-old conqueror of starry space and a 35-year-old mistress of an age-old empire. And all the order and etiquette fell down at once. The Soviet guests were met in the lobby by the employees of the palace. It was a violation of the rules, but Elizabeth II went to meet people who dreamed of seeing Gagarin with their own eyes.

The lady with a dog and children

But the queen also managed to surprise the Soviet guests. General Kamanin recalled: “First, a small dog on short legs ran into the room, and then the queen entered, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the ten-year-old Princess Anna. We were surprised how simple and without pathos the queen looked — she was wearing an ordinary dress, no jewelry or cosmetics.

Small dog on short legs — it was one of the queen's favorite corgis. As for the simplicity of Elizabeth, we should not forget that she saw life in different manifestations. During the war years, the then princess worked in a military garage, having mastered the professions of a driver and a mechanic. And, by the way, until her most advanced years, the queen herself famously drove a car, being the only person in the UK who legally did not have a driver's license.

The life path of Elizabeth II

Gorbachev ends Cold War with China

What Deng Xiaoping recalled during the visit of the Soviet General Secretary to Beijing

Among the good deeds of the newly deceased Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, one must certainly mention the restoration of official relations between the CPSU and the Communist Party of China. Normal ties between the two ruling parties made it possible to build up cooperation between the USSR and the PRC in all areas. Mikhail Gorbachev viewed the end of the Cold War with Beijing as part of the global strategy of “new thinking”. In preparation for this overdue result, several years before his trip to Beijing, he ordered the end of anti-Chinese propaganda.

On Tiananmen Square in 1989 welcomed the Soviet General Secretary. Photo: Yury Tavrovsky

The author of these lines had a chance to put this decision into practice while working in the Department of International Information of the Central Committee of the CPSU. I also participated in the preparation of the visit and in the work of the Soviet delegation on May 15–18, 1989.

The Soviet leader was enthusiastically greeted in Beijing by young people who had already captured Tiananmen Square. There were even slogans in Russian. A reserved position was taken by some of Gorbachev's interlocutors. Thus, during the meeting, Deng Xiaoping recalled “one and a half million square kilometers of Chinese land received by Russia.” At the same time, however, he called for closing this chapter in history and starting it from scratch.

The visit of the head of the CPSU and the USSR opened up wide opportunities for the normalization and positive development of relations. However, the aggravation of internal instability (the events in Tiananmen Square) crossed them out of Beijing's priority list.

The slow agony of perestroika also reduced Soviet interest in ties with the PRC. Only in May 1991 was the “Agreement between the USSR and the PRC on the Soviet-Chinese state border in its eastern part” signed in Moscow. Almost throughout the entire length, the borders east of Mongolia were clarified and marked on maps on the basis of previous documents on the border and taking into account modern international law.

By his activity in the Chinese direction, Mikhail Gorbachev cleared some of the rubble on the way to new relations after the collapse of the USSR and the formation of the Russian Federation. There is also his contribution to the current strategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing. Eternal memory.


Daily Shincho: US may lose in new Cold War with Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

Against the backdrop of a special military operation in Ukraine, relations between the United States and Russia have heated up even more, acquiring the appearance of a proxy war . However, due to the emerging domestic politics in America, the United States will not be able to emerge victorious from the fight. This was reported in the Daily Shincho publication.

Over the past few months, after the start of the special operation, energy prices have increased markedly, which caused inflation to rise in all Western countries. Thus, the cost of gas in Europe per cubic meter has increased eight times, and shale gas prices in the United States have reached a maximum in more than 10 years.

The most important factor that will determine the outcome of the “new cold war” is the internal stability. Russian President Vladimir Putin successfully controls the processes in his administration, but the head of the American state, Joe Biden, is not so smooth. Recently, the level of trust in him has fallen to the level of 30%. There is a possibility that distrust of the US government in the future may reach a critical level.


UN Secretary General warns of a new Cold War “with a nuclear tinge”

In addition, Guterres warned of the threat of climate change, the rise of extreme nationalism and terrorism, as well as the spread of disease and hunger

António Guterres

The world is facing the threat of a new Cold War “with a nuclear tinge” and the explosive growth of extreme nationalism. This was stated by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, speaking to graduates of Seton Hall University (New Jersey).

“From the Middle East to the threat of a new Cold War with a serious nuclear tinge, from terrorism and internal strife over ancient grievances to the explosive growth of extreme nationalism that ignores the basic truth that international solutions are always best for the national interest,” each of these challenges has become yet another sign of the split in our world,»,— he said.

Among other threats to the world, Guterres named the conflict in Ukraine, climate change, growing social inequality, the spread of hunger and disease. “As Secretary General of the United Nations, I must tell you that you are entering a world full of dangers. We are facing conflict and division on a scale that has not been seen in decades,” — he noted.

Relations between the world's largest nuclear powers— Russia and the USA (6255 versus 5550 warheads respectively)— aggravated against the background of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin called its goals the need for “demilitarization and denazification”; neighboring state. He also pointed out that the special operation in Ukraine was the only way for Russia to forestall Western aggression against its own territory.

In response to the special operation, Ukraine declared martial law, and Western countries, including the United States, began imposing sanctions against Moscow and supplying weapons to Kyiv. In mid-April, US Chargé d'Affaires a.i. in Estonia, Brian Roraff, said that the US did not rule out the deployment of troops in Europe on a permanent basis. He said that the number of American troops on the continent has grown from 80,000 to 120,000 people, and the country does not exclude additional deployment to strengthen security.

The Kremlin pointed out that the West had created a “powerful fist” on the eastern flank; and a strong defense military infrastructure. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that as a response, Vladimir Putin instructed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to prepare and submit proposals to strengthen the western flank.

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Don Henley – A Month Of Sundays (Live) letras

I used to work for Harvester
I used to use my hands
I used to make the tractors and the combines that plowed and harvested
This great land
Now I see my handiwork on the block everywhere I turn
And I see the clouds ‘cross the weathered faces and I watch the harvest burn

I quit the plant in ’57
Had some time for farmin’ then
Banks back then was lendin’ money
The banker was the farmer’s friend
And I’ve seen dog days and dusty days;
Late spring snow and early fall sleet;
I’ve held the leather reins in my hands and felt the soft ground under my feet
Between the hot dry weather and the taxes, and the Cold War it’s been hard
To make ends meet
But I always kept the clothes on our backs;
I always put the shoes on our feet

My grandson, he comes home from college
He says, “We get the government we deserve.”
My son-in-law just shakes his head and says, “That little punk, he never
Had to serve.”
And I sit here in the shadow of the suburbs and look out across these
Empty fields
I sit here in earshot of the bypass and all night I listen to the rushin’
Of the wheels

The big boys, they all got computers; got incorporated, too
Me, I just know how to raise things
That was all I ever knew
Now, it all comes down to numbers
Now I’m glad that I have quit
Folks these days just don’t do nothin’ simply for the love of it