Serbia reacted to Croatia’s refusal to let Vucic into the Jasenovac camp

Zagreb did not allow the President of Serbia to visit the memorial on the territory of the former concentration camp, where several tens of thousands of Serbs were killed from 1941 to 1945. Belgrade responded by introducing a special regime for Croatian diplomats

Alexander Vucic and Alexander Vulin

Serbia introduces a special regime for Croatian diplomats from July 17 because of the ban on President Alexander Vucic to visit the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia. This was announced by the head of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Vulin.

Diplomats from Croatia upon entry will have to additionally justify their visit or passage through Serbia. “Alexandr Vučić, the grandson of the Jasenovac victim, was not allowed to pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies killed. <…> Today, the Ustaše (the name of the Croatian fascist party that organized the genocide of these peoples in 1941–1945. —RBC), members of the European Union, do not want to be reminded how many children they killed»,— said Vulin.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic called the incident “the biggest scandal in the modern history of relations.” between the two countries. “It's like forbidding the President of Israel to visit Auschwitz,” — she declared.

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovich said that Serbia sent a note to the Croatian embassy, ​​which it refused to accept. The document stated that the ministry was “shocked by the illegal, anti-European and anti-civilizational decision of the Croatian Foreign Ministry”, which “violates the principle of freedom of movement.”

Vučić planned to visit the memorial at the site of the concentration camp on a private visit. The Croatian diplomatic department explained the refusal of Vučić by the fact that Belgrade did not notify him of the visit in advance. In addition, the visit of a high-ranking representative of another country to Croatia cannot be of a private nature, the Croatian government stressed. They assured that they did not want the deterioration of relations with Serbia.

The Jasenovac concentration camp, created by the Ustashe regime collaborating with Nazi Germany, was located on the territory of the Independent State of Croatia, not far from Zagreb. According to various estimates, from several tens of thousands to more than 700 thousand people died there. Yugoslav partisans liberated the territory of the camp in April 1945.

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Croatia vows to veto Finland and Sweden joining NATO

The Croatian President has previously noted that the country will not approve any state joining the alliance until Western countries influence the change in the electoral law in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina in the interests of local Croats

Zoran Milanovic

Croatia will veto accession of Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Alliance, said the country's President Zoran Milanovic.

“As president of the state representing Croatia at the NATO summit, I will veto the invitation, that's what I can do,” — said the Croatian leader. However, he expressed doubt that if a decision is made at a lower level, for example, in the Council of Representatives of Member States, he will be able to force the Ambassador of Croatia to express the same position. “He will have to remain neutral,” — Milanovic believes.

This is not the first time the head of state has spoken out against the membership of the two Scandinavian countries in the bloc. He had previously called the idea of ​​them joining NATO a “dangerous gamble”; and pointed out that the Croatian parliament would not ratify anyone's accession to NATO until the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina was changed to benefit the Bosnian Croats.

“Until the Americans, the British and the Germans force [the Bosnian authorities] to change the electoral law in the next six months and give the Croats basic rights, the Croatian parliament must not ratify anyone's accession to NATO,” Milanovic spoke on 26 April.

In mid-April, it became known that Sweden and Finland intended to apply to join the alliance soon. The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, citing sources in the ruling party, reported that Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson plans to apply in early June. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin indicated that Helsinki would decide the issue of joining NATO within nine weeks. Germany announced on May 3 that it would support both states' decision to join the bloc.

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, noted that the entry of these two countries into NATO would force Russia to seriously strengthen its borders with the alliance: to strengthen the groupings of ground forces and air defense, to deploy “substantial naval forces”; in the Gulf of Finland. “In this case, it will no longer be possible to talk about any non-nuclear status of the Baltic.” the balance must be restored, — warned the politician.

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