Cities Aviv – Speak On It Lyrics

Let me take a second to speak
Pause when I roll up
Gang gang at the forefront
In the car locked where we hold up
Niggas wrappin’ some big weapons
Yeah, they know they never ever shot none
Green faces and blue stripes
And it’s Trump talk if I heard some
Hindsight we was dead broke, it was all smoke on the sofa
Until I came with the CTN
[?] out the folders
New York to London spread up [?]
Hit a pretty girl [?]
Even though I never knew her
Had to curve her, then I roll her
But life is kinda crazy now
I’m feelin’ important, but I’m invisible now
I feel like Invisible Child specials
Walk the street, a season freak
Dummy niggas question what they see in me
Pussy nigga beat you me
Thought that they was offin’ me
Nowadays they’d offer me
Water, that’s the aqua teen
Circle round my neck and hit my chest
It’s like a rosary
Stress stress stress
You white people ain’t pressin’ me

(speak on it) (speak) (speak) (speak on it)
Speak on it (speak)
(speak on it)
(speak on it)
(speak on it)
(speak on it)
(speak on it) (speak on it)
Speak on it
(speak on it) speak on it
(speak on it)