Tombstone Da Deadman – Dark Matter Issue 2 Lyrics

What the f**k? What’s happening? How the f**k did I end up here?
“Dark Matter Issue 2”
When we left off last issue our mystery man woke up buried in a grave
After digging himself out he realized that he had been transformed
No memory of how he got there or who he was
Only knowing that whatever he was before he would never be again

[Verse 1]
I’m running from the trailer’s explosion the temperatures frozen
Surprisingly I don’t even notice
And disappear inside the shadows of the city back streets
My memory in fragments but I hold on to one piece
To recollect my last step just before I caught my death
Climbing the sides of buildings and never breaking a sweat
I hit the rooftop my view stops… lightning strikes
And my mind floods with these memories… familiar names familiar sights
All of a sudden out of nowhere a barrage of energy blasts
The impact knocks me down and I fall to the streets fast
Hit the ground but land on my feet with no sound
Who’s my attacker? My anger swells. I turn around
I see these cyborgs with spider-like appendages
All advancing on me closing in so they can finish it
Gripping the scythe and look around to face the rest of them
The leader speaks into his headset, “we found the specimen.”

All these images clouding up my brain
Feeling like my blood’s on fire and it’s burning through my veins
No soul to shatter
Only bones get battered
Blood will get splattered
All because of dark matter
Came back from the grave and that thought is so insane
So confused and full of anger as I’m running in the rain
No soul to shatter
Only bones get battered
Blood will get splattered
All because of dark matter

[Verse 2]
Now I’m surrounded in the middle of monstrosities
Converging on me all at once to bring some harm to me
I lash out and leave a couple with a smashed mouth
Threw a few down on the ground and bashed them till they passed out
One managed to rip me with his weaponized extremity
The wound closed in seconds like it was nothing he did to me
I didn’t even feel the pain from the attack
But I was staggered and fell back by the sudden impact
Guess they thought they had a clear advantage until they saw my weapon brandished
I swung it savagely and watched a couple heads vanish
One started blasting with his energy weapon
But I spun the scythe in front of me and easily deflect them
And killed them all except the one who must have been in charge
Watched him flee and leave the scene but suddenly I thought naw
If I followed in the shadows and don’t let him get too far
It’s possible I’ll get some answers and find out just who they are

[Chorus x 1]

[Verse 3]
I followed through the alleyways abandon buildings back streets
Blending in with shadows making sure he’d never catch me
Must be really injured cause he started moving reckless
Ran across an intersection hit a car and wrecked it
Car started smoking I ran up to go inspect it
Pulled the driver out in time avoid exploding wreckage
Got back on my hunt again and caught up like a block behind
Just in time to see him hit the sewers then I jump in blind
At least I thought but damn I’m seeing in the dark
Just like it was day time this thing is getting more bizarre
Leads me to a hidden lab then turns around and attacks
But he’s no match for me I pick him up then down on his back
But all he does is laugh and somehow hits a self destruct
A sixty second timer guess this place is blowing up
I snatch a laptop from a desk before it get’s too late
Head back through the tunnel fast as shit to make my big escape

Gotta get the hell out of here. How much time left?