David Archuleta: 5 Things About The ‘American Idol’ Alum That Came Out As LGBTQIA+

David Archuleta: 5 Things About The ‘American Idol’ Alum That Came Out As LGBTQIA+


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American Idol season seven runner up David Archuleta has opened up about his sexuality, and relationship with the Mormon faith.

David Archuleta, who was one of the most infamous American Idol runner-ups in the show’s history, has come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. In an emotional Instagram post, the “Crush” singer opened up about his relationship with sexuality and faith, urging the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons) to be more “understanding”. Here’s 5 more things to know about him.

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1. David opened up about his relationship with religion.

“I like to keep to myself but also thought this was important to share because I know so many other people from religious upbringings feel the same way,” David captioned his June 12 Instagram snap. “I’ve been open to myself and my close family for some years now that I am not sure about my own sexuality. I came out in 2014 as gay to my family. But then I had similar feelings for both genders so maybe a spectrum of bisexual. Then I also have learned I don’t have too much sexual desires and urges as most people which works I guess because I have a commitment to save myself until marriage. Which people call asexual when they don’t experience sexual urges.” Like many Christian denominations, the Mormon church has long stated that same-sex marriages were forbidden by God. “Even if you’re left with so many more questions with faith and sexuality like me I believe being open to both questions and to faith is how we receive answers,” he concluded. “God blesses those who ask. So let’s keep asking and seeking, and having compassion and patience.”

2. He competed on ‘American Idol’ in 2008.

The former reality star was the runner up on season seven of American Idol, losing out to David Cook. He was 16 at the time, and received his ticket to the Hollywood auditions after trying out in San Diego with a performance of John Mayer‘s “Waiting On The World To Change.”

3. David urged the LDS church to be more ‘understanding’.

David also wrote in his caption, “Please consider making room to be more understanding and compassionate to those who are LGBTQIA+, and those who are a part of that community and trying to find that balance with their faith which also is a huge part of their identity like myself. I think we can do better as people of faith and Christians, including Latter-day Saints, to listen more to the wrestle between being LGBTQIA+ and a person of faith.”

“I don’t think it should come down to feeling you have to accept one or the other. For me to find peace the reality has been to accept both are real things I experience and make who I am…. You can be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and still believe in God and His gospel plan.”

David Archuleta. Image: Shutterstock
4. His hit song ‘Crush’ reached number two on the charts. 

Although David’s first songs to chart included some of his American Idol hits, his first track to make it big was “Crush”. The song, which dropped after his 2008 run on the reality show, peaked at number two on the Billboard charts.

5. David went on a mission trip.

David spent two years as a missionary in Chile. “When I went on my mission, it kind of gave me a step away from everything, and I was able to grow up a little bit, on my own, without everyone watching me,” he told The Salt Lake Tribune in 2017. “Maybe there are other people out there who are having a hard time finding their worth, feeling like they’re good enough, and I can tell them a little bit about my challenge with those insecurities, and finding a purpose in spirituality,” he added. “I dared to not be afraid to be a Mormon in the entertainment industry.”

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