Post Malone Spends $1.6 Million On New Smile With Diamond Vampire Fangs — Before & After Pics

Post Malone Spends $1.6 Million On New Smile With Diamond Vampire Fangs — Before & After Pics


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Post Malone posed with a big smile that showed off his brand new teeth after getting them reconstructed with porcelain veneers that are framed in diamonds over the weekend.

Post Malone, 25, is proudly showing off new teeth after transforming them with a $1.6 million look that includes a set of diamond fangs. The rapper showed off his full set of choppers while posing with his mouth open and a cigarette between them in a brand new black and white photo posted to the Instagram page of Thomas Connelly, DDS. The post included a caption with the details of the work her had done and it’s certainly impressive. Check out the pic HERE!

“Post Malone completed his $1,600,000 smile reconstruction last weekend !!.  With a smile that shows off natural Porcelain Veneer work framed with 2 Diamond Fangs with a total weight of 12 Carats, Post Malone literally has $1 million smile!!!” the caption read.

Post Malone smiling before he had his latest dental work done. (Shutterstock)

“A collaborative between Dr. Connelly, @_naoki_hayashi_ , along with Isaac Bokhoor and his team of Diamond Cutters @bichachi_diamonds_la and Setters @angelcityjewelers,” the caption continued. “Post Malone’s epic ICE smile has set a new precedent in the music world of who has the most ‘Drip’.”

Post has yet to share pics or videos of his new smile on his own social media but we can guarantee he’ll be doing so in no time. The musician is known for fearlessly being creative with his appearance and has gotten a lot of attention with his large amount of tattoos, including the ones on his face, over the years. Some of the ink includes the words “Stay Away” one his right eyebrow and the words “Always” and “Tired” under his right and left eye, respectively.

Post Malone is known for being creative with his appearance and also proudly has face tattoos. (Shutterstock)

“I tried to do something that’s relatively the same length of letters,” he told Capital Xtra‘s Tim Westwood about his face tattoos in July 2018. “I guess ‘always’ is more letters than ‘tired,’ but I was tired so I didn’t realize.” He also has art of barbed wire across his forehead, a sword on his right cheek, and the Playboy bunny on his face. “Anything to piss my mom off,” he joked about the collection.

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