“Putin’s allies” in the USA: American politicians crushed the behavior of the West in Ukraine

Even anti-Russian members of Congress do not agree with the actions of the White House

Returning from the Middle East tour, US President Biden found himself under a new wave of criticism, not only because the country continues to rising inflation and gas station prices, but also in connection with flirting with the infamous Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the States. The American president gets it from his opponents and for miscalculations in the Ukrainian direction.

Joe Biden Photo: AP

Donald Trump: “There would be no conflict in Ukraine”

Biden's Ukrainian policy receives the most powerful blows of criticism from the Republican-conservative camp. And number one here, of course, is Donald Trump, who smashes the actions of his main opponent, who defeated him in the 2020 presidential election, to smithereens. No sooner had the Russian special operation begun than the former US president blamed Biden's “weakness, cowardice and incompetence” for everything. According to Trump, if he was in power, the conflict in Ukraine would never have started. Now, the ex-president continues his philippic, the situation threatens to escalate into World War III, and Biden, who is trying to fill the void due to Russian oil import bans, “is now crawling around the world on his knees, begging and begging Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela for mercy.” “”.

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But besides Trump, there are many prominent figures in the conservative camp who criticize Biden's actions on the Ukrainian conflict.

Douglas McGregor: 'NATO horse is in intensive care'

An article just appeared in The American Conservative magazine by retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, who at one time almost became the US ambassador to Germany, where Trump wanted to send him (but Congress blocked this appointment). At the end of the Trump presidency, in November 2020, the colonel was appointed senior adviser to acting. Pentagon chief Christopher Miller, a post he held until Trump left the White House in January 2021.

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In his latest op-ed, McGregor writes: “Determined to fight his proxy war with Russia to the end, Biden is losing the battle in Ukraine and his beloved deified horse, NATO, is on life support. The only thing falling faster than Biden's approval ratings is the US and European economies.”

The retired American colonel continues: “Each NATO member state recognizes that the longer the conflict continues, the more likely it is that the fighting will spill over into the Eastern European NATO member states. Europeans have always been worried about Biden's rush to confront Russia in Ukraine. Now the Europeans see that a clash with Russian military power is quite possible… However, such a possibility does not seem to have crossed President Biden's mind. If so, then he should think about it.

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was long overdue, but the timing and method of withdrawal demonstrated that the US military was not only poorly commanded, but the planning and implementation of the withdrawal from Kabul was disastrous.

Even among the Republicans, McGregor occupies a special position : he not only once supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia, but also said that the same should be done with the Donbass. Such statements gave rise to his fellow party member Liz Cheney to declare that Doug McGregor represents “Putin's wing of the Republican Party.”

Tucker Carlson: “Nobody Knows Where Guns Go”

Tucker Carlson, another well-known conservative commentator, host of one of the most popular cable news programs in the US, Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, has repeatedly lashed out at the Biden administration for the fact that the Democratic government considers the interests of Ukraine more important than the interests of the Americans. At a time when many people in the United States are out of work and those who work are rapidly becoming poorer due to inflation, Congressmen are voting to provide tens of billions of dollars to help Kyiv, according to Tucker Carlson.

Photo: Global Look Press

Carlson, 53, who is considered “perhaps the most famous supporter of Trumpism,” as Politico puts it, recently commented sharply on Biden's statements, which promised to “support Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

“For as long as it takes ! Tucker Carlson was indignant on the air. – Whatever it costs for Ukraine! While the American economy is heading towards complete destruction, Ukrainians are dying, who wins? Well, the Ukrainian oligarchs are getting richer, getting richer.

Since January of this year, the Biden administration has sent about $8 billion to Ukraine for so-called security assistance alone. This includes missile systems, howitzers, ammunition, radar systems, etc., etc. …

You have to ask: once we send these weapons to Ukraine, where will they go? What is happening to him? These are complex and deadly weapon systems. Well, nobody knows where they're going. Nobody is watching. US officials, representatives of the Biden administration admitted this to The Wall Street Journal.

“What will happen to these weapons? Carlson continues. – The Czech Defense Minister knows, he said that some of these weapons will be smuggled out of Ukraine: “It is difficult to avoid trade or smuggling. We did not achieve this in the former Yugoslavia and probably will not avoid it in Ukraine.” This is madness. If you wanted to make Eastern Europe dangerous and unstable for generations, that's exactly what you did.”

Victoria Spartz: “Biden should stop playing” < /strong>

If in the words of Colonel McGregor one can, if desired, see pro-Russian sympathies, then it is difficult to suspect them of 43-year-old Victoria Spartz, the first and only member of the US House of Representatives born in Ukraine (formerly Vika Kulgeiko, a native of Nosovka, in the Chernihiv region, who moved to 2000 to the States). But that doesn't stop congresswomen from accusing President Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Zelenskiy of “playing politics with people's lives” as the conflict rages with no end in sight.

Photo: Global Look Press

Republican Victoria Spartz, representing the state of Indiana, was one of the first members of Congress to visit Ukraine after the conflict began. She – as an ethnic Ukrainian – was even invited to the ceremony of signing the Lend-Lease law by Biden to help Kyiv. She, among other things, advocated the adoption of a bill allowing US citizens to fight on the side of Ukraine, and supported the law on the elimination of bureaucratic delays in the delivery of American aid to Kyiv. But she recently issued a blunt statement: “President Biden needs to stop playing politics, have a clear strategy, and align security assistance with our strategy.”

According to her, Congress should “establish proper oversight of Ukraine's critical infrastructure and arms transfers.” By the way, the concerns expressed by Victoria Spartz about inadequate oversight of US military aid packages to Kyiv have been supported in recent weeks by a number of Democrats who fear that modern weapons and military equipment supplied by the Americans may end up in the wrong hands.

Moreover, Spartz urged Biden to brief Congress on years of allegations against Zelensky's chief of staff, Andriy Yermak. According to her, he sought to “prevent Ukraine from properly preparing” for a conflict with Russia. The activity of congresswomen with a Ukrainian background caused sharp indignation in Kyiv, where, through the mouth of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko, Victoria Spartz was called upon to “stop trying to earn extra political capital on baseless speculations” on the topic of “grief of Ukrainians.”

Rand Paul: “The US pushed the Kremlin into a special operation”

Prominent critics of Biden's Ukraine policy include Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Among 11 members of the Senate from the “good old party” he voted against an increase in the funds allocated to Kyiv.

“We have no money for anyone,” he told HuffPost. “I mean, every year we lose a trillion dollars. Therefore, any money that is allocated to be sent to another country must first be borrowed from the other country.

Photo: Global Look Press

As you know, 59-year-old Senator Paul, who has a reputation as a “financial hawk”, single-handedly delayed the approval of US aid to Kyiv in the amount of $40 billion. The tight-fisted politician objected to the scale of the spending: “Congress just wants to keep spending and spending.” Rand Paul demanded that the legislation be changed so that spending in Ukraine is controlled by the Inspector General.

However, Rand Paul's disagreement with the Biden administration is not only about purely financial issues. He accused the White House of actually pushing the Kremlin into an operation against the country, which, as he recalled in a dispute with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, was a former part of the Soviet Union by advocating the admission of Ukraine to NATO.

But Senator Paul does not even smell of any sympathy towards Russia. He called for the imposition of economic sanctions against Moscow and to take steps to urgently help the United States to European countries so that they get rid of their dependence on Russian energy resources. By the way, about oil: Rand Paul criticized Biden for the fact that the American president “bowed too much” in front of the Saudis in the hope of increasing the supply of “black gold”: “Instead of going to Saudi Arabia, he should have gone to Texas or North Dakota and asked our country to increase supplies rather than begging the Saudis and bowing before them.”

* * *

Despite the fact that American conservatives scold Democratic President Biden for the wrong strategy and tactics in the context of the Ukrainian crisis, this rhetoric should not be taken solely as a nod to Russia (if this happens, it is extremely rare). For the most part, supporters of the Republicans pursue their own interests, especially since the midterm elections to Congress are on the nose – and here every bast is in the line.

As for the very idea of ​​a tough confrontation with Moscow, here, as you know, the two main American parties have reached a consensus that is rare for them. Suffice it to quote the words of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who said: “The victory over the Russians in Ukraine is the most important thing for world peace, which we are dealing with at the moment. The Russians simply need to be defeated.”

The difference between Republican and Democratic politicians in their attitude to the Ukrainian crisis and the need to “defeat the Russians” is only in the nuances. Moreover, the reason for criticism of the democratic administration can be both insufficient rigidity towards Russia and “excesses” – but not because it is a pity for the Russians, but because these very “excesses” (such as sanctions on energy resources) they hit the Americans.

And if Biden and company blame Putin for all the economic troubles of the United States, then the Republicans, looking at the upcoming elections, lay the responsibility for the American turmoil on the current owners of the White House.

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Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana dies

Former US President Donald Trump's first wife dies — Ivana Trump, she was 73 years old. This was announced on Thursday, July 14, by the American television channel ABC, referring to the family.

The causes of death were not specified.

Ivana and Donald Trump were married from 1977 to 1992. The couple have three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump.

It has been previously reported that Donald Trump is considering announcing his 2024 presidential campaign soon.< /p> Rate the material

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“No sex until we get our rights back!” Pro-Abortion in the US

On June 24, the US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion. Now decisions about their legality must be made at the state level. In many of them, abortion will be prohibited. This decision provoked mass protests in the United States. It has gotten to the point where feminists are urging women to give up sex until the decision is reconsidered. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, has already thought about revising the license for same-sex marriages.

Why did the court abolish the right to abortion? ;                          ;            

The decision of the US Supreme Court cannot be called sensational. Almost 2 months ago, Politico published a draft of the judges' decision, which outlined the June 24 decision. The publication of the draft sparked massive protests against Supreme Court judges across the country, which are now ongoing.

The right to abortion — is one of those politically significant discussions in the United States between conservatives and liberals that continues without small for several decades. In 1973, the US Supreme Court during the consideration of the case “Roe v. Wade” recognized abortion as a fundamental right of US citizens.

A new consideration for the right to abortion began after Texas passed the “Heartbeat Law” — Abortion is prohibited from the moment the fetus has a heartbeat (about the sixth week after conception). This law was challenged at the federal level, and the proceedings reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court eventually reversed its own 1973 decision.

Then the judges decided that the right to abortion is guaranteed by the constitutional right to privacy. The new decision states that the constitution does not mention or protect the right to abortion. In many states, abortion will now be banned. In 7 states, legislation from 1973 retains abortion bans that were blocked by a Supreme Court decision. Now these restrictions will not be. Another 13 states passed abortion bans in case Roe v. Wade was overturned. In Louisiana, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Missouri, the bans are already in place.

According to the American Guttmacher Institute, 26 states “surely or probably” prohibit abortion.

How did the US react to the decision?

The decision of the Supreme Court provoked a celebration among conservatives and massive protests among liberals.

Former US President Donald Trump called the event “the great victory of life.” His former Vice President Mike Pencecalled on all states to ban abortion.

In turn, US President Joe Biden opposed the decision. He called it “a tragic mistake that takes the country back 150 years.” He pledged that his administration would do everything possible to protect women's right to travel to states where abortion is legal and to ensure that they have access to abortion pills and contraceptives. Some large American companies have announced that they will pay their employees to travel to other states for abortions if they work in places where abortion is prohibited. These include Starbucks, Tesla, Airbnb, Netflix, JPMorgan Chase and Reddit.

Pro-abortion activists are taking initiatives of varying degrees of madness. For example, they propose to arrange a nationwide sex strike, writes Breitbart. “No sex with sperm donors until we get our rights back!”, — it quotes the slogans of one of the radical feminists.

A 24-year-old woman protesting the New York Supreme Court decision told the New York Post that she would not have sex with men unless they wanted a vasectomy. “If you're a man who doesn't want to have a vasectomy, even if it's reversible, and you don't take to the streets fighting for my rights, you don't deserve to have sex with me,” she said, — .

< p>The police were forced to increase security measures near the homes of Supreme Court judges in early May, when a draft decision leaked into the public space. And, it seems, not in vain. At least one person was detained because of the preparation of an assassination attempt on one of the conservative judges. The 26-year-old California resident said he went for it because he was outraged by the published decision.

What can the Supreme Court's decision lead to?

The issue of the right to abortion threatens to become the most important issue in the forthcoming congressional elections this fall. Bidencalled on Congress to remedy the situation by recognizing the right to abortion as a federal right. He called this topic the key one for the autumn elections.

Experts believe that abortion may become a key card for the Democrats in the upcoming elections. The Biden administration has so far suffered a complete collapse in terms of the economy. If the presidential election took place right now, Biden would have lost to Donald Trump with a score of 44% to 49%, according to federal polls. However, more than 85% of Americans support the right to have an abortion under certain circumstances. 61% of Americans believe abortion rights should remain legal in their current form, Pew Research poll says.

More importantly, Biden, after the congressional elections, may begin to reform the institution of the Supreme Court. He and other Democrats are not satisfied that now the Supreme Court, in which judges hold office for life, is now actually under the control of conservatives — 6 out of 9 members of the court adhere to conservative views. This was made possible by the fact that Trump replaced three — judges during his presidency, two elderly Conservative judges who voluntarily retired, and one liberal judge who passed away.

Biden wants to expand the composition of the court to 13 people, putting on 4 new seats of their candidates. This would once again give the Liberals an advantage in court. However, he can pull off such a truly tectonic reform (the number of members of the Supreme Court has not changed even once in the entire history of its existence) only with the full support of Congress.

For Democrats, this approach may be the only solution, because the Supreme Court, apparently, has set its sights on overturning its other liberal decisions. As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said in a written opinion, the Court now “should review other similar decisions that protect Americans' rights to contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.”

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Burbulis left, they stayed. Where are the top officials of the Yeltsin team now?

23 June Gennady Burbulis, First Secretary of Russia, was buried at Troekurovskoye Cemetery. The politician, who was called the “gray eminence of the president,” in recent years was fond of philosophy and tried to organize educational work on the basis of the “Yeltsin Center”. The ex-official died in Baku, where he came to participate in the economic forum. And what happened to the rest of the "queens" era of the 90s?

Valentin Yumashev

64 years
From 1997 to 1998 — head of presidential administration
Today — curator of the Yeltsin Center

In 2000, Yumashev and his wife — daughterYeltsina Tatyana — became a member of the founders of the Foundation of the First President of Russia. The main project of the organization is the cultural and educational platform “Yeltsin Center”. in Yekaterinburg. According to the media, Valentin Yumashev is a big businessman. In particular, he was credited with owning half of the Empire tower. in "Moscow City" complex and  shares in  Afisha media project. The former head of & nbsp; AP is also included in & nbsp; the directors of MTS. Since  2000, Yumashev has been continuously working as an adviser to the President of Russia on a voluntary basis, but left this position a month ago — in May 2022  Shortly before on the website of "Yeltsin Center" A call was published to stop the special military operation in Ukraine. Are Valentin and Tatiana Yumashevy — unknown.

Anatoly Chubais

67 years
From 1991 to 1997 — Chairman of the State Property Management Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Minister of Finance, Head of the Presidential Administration
Today — emigrant

Anatoly Chubais — the only one of officials who remained on the ear all these years and occupied government posts. In  2020 he, having left   "Rosnano" But not for long. After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Chubais resigned and left Russia without explaining anything to the public. After that, he and his wife Avdotya Smirnova were seen in Turkey, Israel and Cyprus. Judging by the photo of eyewitnesses, the ex-official settled in the Cypriot city of Limassol, which is considered the most Russian-speaking resort on the island. In Russia Chubais still has a huge house in Peredelkino, estimated at 800 million rubles. As the correspondent of aif.ru found out, construction continues on the site.

Alexander Korzhakov

72 years< br /> From 1991 to 1996 — head of the security service of the President of the Russian Federation
Today — writer

For Alexander Korzhakov, government official Oleg Soskovetsand  General of the FSB Mikhail Barsukov, who were considered leaders of the conservative wing of the Russian government, a great political career ended back in 1996 . They were removed from their positions after the episode with the removal of a cardboard box from the Government House, in which half a million dollars in cash for Yeltsin's election campaign was found. The scandal went down in history under the name "Box from copier».

After that, Korzhakov was a State Duma deputy. Today, Yeltsin's former bodyguard lives in a dacha near Moscow and is engaged in creative work. In 2020, his fifth book was published, dedicated to the memories of working with Yeltsin and criticism of the former curator. Korzhakov also starred in  several films as "security guard" and advised director Viktor Sergeyevwhen working on the film Schizophrenia.

Oleg Soskovets

73 years
From 1993 to 1996 — First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Today — businessman

After the  "box" one of the most famous officials of Russia has gone into the shadows. Since the end of the 2000s, Soskovets has become known as an entrepreneur. Today, the former deputy chairman of the government holds the position of president of the Association of Financial and Industrial Groups and the Union of Domestic Commodity Producers. As aif.ru found out, Soskovets is also among the founders of two commercial — "Bastion"OT", which is engaged in real estate trading, and "Neftegaztrade" fuel company. The last one was registered exactly one year ago — in May 2021 .

Boris Yeltsin meets with First Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Soskovets. Photo: RIA Novosti/Dmitry Donskoy

Mikhail Barsukov

From 1995 to 1996 — director of the FSB of Russia
Today — military pensioner

Last job Mikhail Barsukov, which was known to be associated with the maintenance of bunkers. After 2004, General Barsukov was appointed head of the Interdepartmental Commission on Underground Structures of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. What is doing now — unknown.

From left to right: former director of the Federal Security Service Mikhail Barsukov, chairman of the Russian State Committee for Physical Culture and Tourism Shamil Tarpishchev and former director of the Presidential Security Service Alexander Korzhakov. Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Makarov

Viktor Ilyushin

75 years
From 1992 to 1996 — First Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation
Today — a veteran of Gazprom

A native of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee and Yeltsin old friend was one of heads of the presidential election headquarters in 1996 year. Despite this, after the elections Ilyushindistanced himself from his protégé. In 1997, Yeltsin's ex-first assistant headed Gazprom-Media. A from 1997 to 2011 was a member of the board of Gazprom. At the same time, he headed the department for work with regions in the company. Sometimes you can see him at performances at  "Yeltsin Center".

“height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

First Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Viktor Ilyushin at the constitutional meeting. Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Makarov

Andrey Kozyrev

71 year
From 1990 to 1996 — Minister of Foreign Affairs
Today — political emigrant

The most pro-Western head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, who was called "Mr"Yes" Gromyko) has been living in Miami since 2012 and criticizes the policy of Russia. However, the former minister is not only interested in what is happening in our country. In 2019, Kozyrev called for impeachmentDonald Trump. In an interview with The New York Times he said that he spends time in the USA reading books and thinking about democratic changes in the world.

Ruslan Khasbulatov

79 years
1993 — Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation
Today — head of the university department

Initially, Khasbulatov was a friend and colleague of Yeltsin, but then enmity began between them, which turned into a bloody conflict with the shooting of the Government House in 1993. After that, his career in big politics ended for him forever.

From 1994 and to today Khasbulatov has been head of the Department of World Economy at G. V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Sergey Yastrzhembsky

68 years
From 1996 to 1998 Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation
Today — hunter and evangelist

Yeltsin's most respectable press secretary was remembered for the phrase, thanks to which any feast can be called “work with documents”.

In fact, Sergey Yastrzhembskyserved as press secretary and & nbsp; under Vladimir Putin. In the 2000s, he oversaw media emergency   — tragedies and counter-terrorism operations. In 2008 year, after winning the elections of Dmitry Medvedev, Yastrzhembsky left the state service for the sake of an unusual hobby — extreme hunting in Africa and shooting documentaries about wildlife. more than 20 awards of domestic and international film festivals.

In addition, Yastrzhembsky is the rector of the Moscow Theological Institute — theological educational institution of the Protestant-Evangelical tradition.

Former presidential aide Sergei Yastrzhembsky. Photo: RIA Novosti/Evgeny Odinokov Rate the material

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Headhunters. How the CIA is after our military secrets

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 05/25/2022

Last week, the US Air Force reported on the testing of hypersonic weapons. Experts say that they are 10-15 years behind Russia in this area, and therefore their intelligence is hunting for our developments.

«Dagger» don't catch up

A B-52 bomber launched a hypersonic missile off the coast of Southern California that successfully reached 5 times the speed of sound, the US Air Force said. 6.1 thousand km/h.

For the first time, the fact that the Americans created a hypersonic missile was loudly announced back in May 2020 by the then President Donald Trump. He even called it “super duper” a rocket that flies at a speed of Mach 17 (more than 20 thousand km/h). But the world did not have time to envy: the rocket reached such a speed only for a couple of seconds and exploded. Whereas, according to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, who oversees the defense industry, our hypersonic missile showed a steady speed of Mach 27 (33 thousand km/h) during tests.

In March, Russia first used the Kinzhal hypersonic system. in Ukraine – a large underground warehouse of missiles and aviation ammunition was destroyed in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The Americans began to fuss and also began to prepare the launch. But while they are far behind in this race. No wonder they took Great Britain and Austria as allies in the development of hypersound. Countries have declared that they will create not only weapons, but also protection against them. 

“The most important question – who will have interceptors of hypersonic weapons. Today they do not exist, but in Russia there are experimental options, – says expert of the Center for Military-Political Journalism Vladimir Orlov. He clarified that the S-500 air defense system (it was recently sent to the troops) is potentially capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles flying at high altitudes. With flying at low altitudes, like the “Dagger”, until ­handled.

Hunting for scientists

The main problems that must be solved in the development of hypersonic weapons: the engine, fuel, control system and the fight against ultra-high temperatures, due to which external sensors burn. Our scientists and engineers coped with this task. The overseas ones are still smart. 

“The rocket needs to be controlled. You can launch a hypersonic rocket, but it will be like a log – just fly somewhere and fall somewhere. And we control a rocket like you control a bicycle, – explained military expert, retired colonel Viktor Baranets. – In terms of hypersonics, the United States openly admits that they are 10-15 years behind Russia. That's why Americans are furious. And American intelligence has been on the ears for the past two years. Enormous funds are thrown into finding out hypersonic secrets. 

Baranets claims that the hunt for our scientists is in full swing. Just as our intelligence hunted the US atomic secrets in the middle of the last century, so they are now trying to steal the secret of hypersonic missiles from us. In early 2021, an expert talked about one such attempt by the CIA. According to him, American agents found a conditional “Ivan Ivanovich”, who had access to classified information, and decided to recruit him: “a certain Joe” met a Russian in a restaurant; – he was interested in “the topic of a ramjet engine or the secret of the material with which the rocket is covered.” Both were then detained by counterintelligence of the Russian Federation. “American intelligence officers are almost in the garbage containers near our design bureaus, trying to find out at least some secrets. And, of course, they are trying to bribe our scientists who are engaged in this area. Here we must congratulate them: they managed to seduce three such traitors. Two of them are now on the bunk, and one lay down for a while, fell ill and died, & ndash; says Baranets.

Last year, the general director and chief designer of the Scientific Research Enterprise of Hypersonic Systems OJSC was arrested. ­(NIPGS) Alexander Kuranov. Of course, the case is classified. It is only known that the scientist – specialist in the field of physics and chemistry of plasma – previously focused on hypersonic technologies, including the development of the Ajax hypersonic multipurpose aircraft. The Ajax concept in the late ­1980s, suggested by Vladimir Freishtadtworking in the same NIPGS. The idea is not to protect the device, flying at great speed, from prohibitively high temperatures, but on the contrary – let them in to increase energy. This solved the problem.

The Americans copied the design of the Yak-141 VTOL rotary engine onto their F-35 aircraft. Photo: Collage AiF

In recent years, several criminal cases have been initiated in Russia at once against scientists who worked with hypersound. In 2018, Viktor Kudryavtsev, an employee of TsNIIMash, was arrested on charges of state treason. In 2019 – another employee of TsNIIMash, Deputy Head of the Department of Spacecraft Roman Kovalev. In 2021, professors of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) Valery Golubkin were arrested. He was engaged in hypersonic flow around aircraft. Shortly before this, “sat down” Another employee of TsAGI, Anatoly Gubanov.

The Americans are actively looking for approaches to the secrets and scientists not only of the Russian Federation, but also of China. Although, according to military expert Aleksey Leonkov, the Chinese developments in hypersound are at the level of our 1980 & ndash; 1990s. It is not easy to get such information, so they try to “go into the topic” under the guise of an exchange of experience on the part of civilian hypersound at various international conferences. “This was also the case in Soviet times, when professional intelligence officers under the guise of scientists or idly wandering amateurs visited military-technical exhibitions and asked questions. The main task – identify the carrier of important information, get it, and if it doesn’t work, then eliminate it, – says the expert.

What did you steal?

By the way, contrary to stereotypes about the “advanced West and backward Russia”, hypersound – far from the first of our technology, which is hunted by foreign intelligence agencies. For example, not so long ago it turned out that Britain and the United States stole a hydroacoustic system from the USSR. Operation Barmaid in Secrets of the Conqueror: The Untold Story of Britain's Most Famous Submarine describedStuart Prebble. When it became known in the 1970s that the Soviet Union had a more advanced sonar system in service (it was a separate station that was towed by a reconnaissance ship), Western intelligence began hunting for it. In August 1982, a special operation was carried out in the Barents Sea to steal this system. To do this, a cutting device was attached to the bow of the Conqueror submarine. The submarine sailed up to the Soviet ship at night, cut the cable and towed the sonar station to the base, and from there it was taken by plane to a research center in the USA.

In the early 1990s, when the creation of all sorts of joint ventures on the principle of “our brains” was actively flourishing; their money”, the naive designers of the Yakovlev Design Bureau turned to the “friendly” Americans with a request to financially support the promising development of a military carrier-based vertical takeoff aircraft Yak-141. The Americans did not lose their heads and signed a contract under which they “privatized” most of the technical developments of Soviet engineers. Our scientists managed to complete what they started, but in parallel, a new F-35 military aircraft appeared in the United States, which suspiciously resembled our Yak-141. The appearance of the F-117 stealth aircraft is not even due to intelligence, but to our negligence. The development of the Soviet engineer Pyotr Ufimtsevwas considered unpromising at the time and was not classified. After its publication in a scientific journal, there was a “breakthrough”; over the ocean.

In 1989, the Americans were impressed by the ­K-36DM catapult, which is equipped with military aircraft MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30, Su-24, Su-34, ­Tu-160 . They saw it in action at the Le Bourget air show. Then our MiG-29 fighter crashed, but the pilot survived and escaped with bruises, although he ejected at a low altitude – 80 m. There was nothing like that in the USA then. But in the mid-1990s, they began to produce a modification of the ACES-2 catapult, in which the inventions used in our development were applied. And these are not all examples…

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Foresight hunters. Is the basis of predictions mysticism or experience and knowledge?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 17. The highlight of the program. How import substitution works and what Russia can do on its own 04/27/2022 =”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Many people are still under the impression of the accuracy with which the recently deceased Vladimir Zhirinovsky predicted the special operation in Ukraine.

"At 4 4 am 22 February     — it will be a non-peaceful year, — he predicted in in December from the rostrum of the State Duma. On on                               madmen»

Someone considers Zhirinovsky a prophet. However, experts in such cases prefer to talk more about “professional intuition”. It is thanks to her, as it is believed, that the American financierGeorge Soroson the eve of August 1998 & nbsp; predicted a default in                   predicted that in                             ;— explains writer, practicing philosopher Anna Kiryanova. — Visioner — this is not a hallucinating patient, not a shaggy madman with wildly rolling eyes, who is overcome by visions. In his forecasts, he relies not on the mystical gift of clairvoyance, but on experience and knowledge. Visionaries are able to read subtle, and sometimes completely indistinguishable impulses from environment — „currents“ time, space and maybe even collective thinking of society — and process that information very quickly. These include  the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, who, back in the 1980s, foresaw the advent of smartphones and tablets, which he called “little friends inside the box”, the computer mouse, the ubiquity of the Internet, cloud services and online commerce.

And  However, more often, revelations about the future come to people in some other, almost mystical way. They can even meet in cartoons. So, in 2000 in the 17th episode of the 11th season of the series "The Simpsons" its creators predicted the presidency of Donald Trump, and in 1999 in in the Cowboy Bebop” episodes appeared with "ancient" the space shuttle Columbia, which crashes when the heat-resistant tiles on its hull begin to peel off. In 2003  for approximately the same reason, the real ship “Columbia” exploded…

Writers' foresights have also become the talk of the town. For example, in 1968 g. British fiction John Brunnerin  the novel "All stand on Zanzibar" predicted the presidency of Barack Obama (2009-2017). In  the work, which takes place in  2010 g., appears a black president named Obomi (although not  American, but African). He really wants to bring his country closer to the West. According to the story, LGBT becomes the mainstream in the United States, and terrorism — main problem.

See the invisible

A strong impression on  contemporaries was also made by the story of the novel “Futility, or the Crash of the Titanic”, published in England 14 years before the death of the Titanic”. The events that occurred before and during the crash of the liner are described in the book to trifles. Author — retired captain, Americanwriter Morgan Robertson — talks about the “Titan” ship, which was considered unsinkable, but sank in the Atlantic Ocean after a collision with an iceberg. According to Robertson, the idea of ​​the novel came to him during a severe illness: a giant ship suddenly appeared to him in his thoughts as if in reality, while he  saw and the very death of the ship, which was accompanied by desperate cries of drowning people.

In 1944 g. American clairvoyant Edgar Caycepredicted the fall of the USSR, saying: “The 20th century will not have time to end before the collapse of communism.” The Communists will lose their power there.” And and                                   classic of Russian medicine Sergey Botkin. Even before an unfamiliar patient entered his office, Botkin already often knew his diagnosis.

An unsurpassed visionary was artist and hypnotist Wolf Messing: during during the war, he predicted the date of its end for he received an award from Stalin himself. According to Messing, he  "saw" red tanks driving through the German streets. According to                   foresaw the crash of the plane, on which                           , at that time the commander of the Air Force of the Moscow Military District. Messing advised to cancel the trip. The Generalissimo asked his son to take the train, and he survived. Messing later said that the death of Stalin himself would coincide with the Jewish holiday. On 5 March 1953 when the leader died, Purim fell.

The Inner Eye

“Intuition tells a person a trend” & mdash; where a certain set of events is moving. „Sixth Sense“ knows how to summarize information, sort it and show the most likely opportunity in the current situation, — convinced psychiatrist, director of the Institute of Analytical Psychology Valery Trofimov. — The incomprehensibility of intuition that it contradicts ordinary linear logic».

“There are several mechanisms for foresight, one of which — spontaneous, spontaneous. Often the power of such a predictor is enhanced in the absence of a visual analyzer: it is not for nothing that blind people become seers, like the Bulgarian Vanga, — Anna Kiryanova continues. — They say that higher powers sometimes give a person instead of two sighted eyes „an inner eye“capable of foreseeing the future”. Vanga's predictions became known to the whole world. One of the Ukraine and Crimea, made in 1979 g.: "Crimea will break away from one shore and attach to another". In 1989  she foresaw the famous 2001 terrorist attack in the USA: “Fear, fear! The American brothers will fall, pecked by iron birds. (two skyscrapers in  New York, which collapsed after the attack of planes with  terrorists, were indeed called "twins" or "brothers"). Vanga predicted Kennedy's death 4 months before his assassination, in 1952. predicted Stalin's death no later than a year later, and in 1943 she said that Hitlerwill be defeated in April 1945. And Philip Kirkorov, by the way, promised fame and wife, whose name will begin with the letter "A". He was to marry this woman     — and that's how it all turned out.

"Intuition can also manifest itself in sleep, — says Valery Trofimov. — On the eve of large-scale upheavals — natural disasters & war — many people have disturbing dreams. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jungtold that on the eve of World War I he dreamed of a monstrous stream that covered all the lands from England to Russia and carried fragments of some objects and countless corpses. Then this sea became blood. And  after 2 weeks, the vision recurred… It happens that an ordinary person not in dream, but in reality suddenly„on an empty place“ there is a certain neurotic anxiety — and and as a result he delays some undertaking of his own. Such „failures“ familiar to many.

Do you follow your inner voice? Everyone decides this for themselves. However, even experienced visionaries sometimes find it difficult to decipher visions and intuitions, because the subconscious usually speaks to us in the language of symbols. And only after some time these symbols and dreams become clear both to the seers themselves and to those around.

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Jussie Smollett Yells ‘I Am Not Suicidal’ In Court Amid Fears Of Being Killed In Prison — Watch

Jussie Smollett Yells ‘I Am Not Suicidal’ In Court Amid Fears Of Being Killed In Prison — Watch


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View Gallery

18 Photos.

Senior Weekend Editor

After being sentenced to 150 days in prison, 30 months of felony probation, and over $100K in fines, Jussie Smollett maintained that he was innocent before being escorted out of the court room.

Jussie Smollett, 39, insisted that he’s innocent after being sentenced to 150 days in prison, 30 months of felony probation, and ordered to pay $120,106 in restitution and a $25,000 fine by Chicago’s Judge James Linn on Thursday, March 10. Immediately after the sentencing, Smollett addressed the court room where he yelled he’s not “suicidal.”

“I am not suicidal,” Jussie said in a dramatic fashion. “I am not suicidal. I am innocent and I am not suicidal. If I did this then it means I stuck my fist in the fears of Black Americans in this country for over 400 years, and the fears of the LGBT community,” he said in the shocking moment.

Jussie Smollett after the sentencing: “I am not suicidal. If anything happens to me when I go in there, you must all know that.” pic.twitter.com/xe2wYpQJ4O

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) March 11, 2022

“Your honor I respect you and I respect the jury, but I did not do this and I am not suicidal. And if anything happens to me when I go in there, I did not do it to myself and you must all know that. I respect you, your honor. I respect your decision. … I am not suicidal,” he added.

Per Judge Linn, his prison sentence is set to begin immediately. Jussie only received part of what could have been three years in prison for the scandal. It was also made clear that the former Empire star could appeal the decision. Notably, he was found guilty in Dec. 2021.

🚨BREAKING: Jussie Smollett SCREAMS in rage at sentencing Judge as he's handcuffed and sent to JAIL for FAKING a hate crime pic.twitter.com/BkQjtuyf5l

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) March 11, 2022

Smollett has been subject to controversy surrounding the case, which started after he staged a hate crime against himself by paying brothers Abimbola “Bola” and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo $3500 to attack him in 2019. During the alleged attack, Jussie claimed the two men put a noose around his neck, poured bleach on him and were wearing “MAGA” hats to show their support for former President Donald Trump. In Dec. 2021, Jussie admitted he had taken drugs and engaged in mutual masturbation with Abimbola after meeting at a club during the fourth season of Empire.

Prior to delivering the sentencing, Judge Linn gave a lengthy statement detailing Jussie’s history and crimes, as well as touching on his past advocacy work against racial injustice. “You wanted to make yourself more famous. Why would you betray social justice issues which you care so much about? I believe that you did real damage to hate crime victims,” the judge said. “I find that your extreme premeditation is an aggravating factor in this case…you’ve turned yourself to riches to rags…your very name has become an adverb for lying,” he also said in front of Jussie, his family and his legal team.

Kate McKinnon’s Laura Ingraham Returns & Welcomes Trump Singing ‘My Little Valentine’ on SNL

Kate McKinnon’s Laura Ingraham Returns & Welcomes Trump Singing ‘My Little Valentine’ on SNL


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View Gallery

27 Photos.

SNL didn’t shy away from the political this episode, putting their signature skewer on the political moment with Kate Mckinnon returning as Laura Ingraham.

When Saturday Night Live finally returned from hiatus on Feb. 26, it returned to a world in turmoil. Faced with a shocking and swiftly escalating invasion of Ukraine by Russia, SNL chose a somber and moving cold open highlighting the Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York. But this week, with Joe Biden‘s State Of The Union address behind us and new updates overseas, SNL brought their signature satire to the political moment…..and met the mark with a hilarious cold open.

The Fox News Ukrainian Invasion Celebration Spectacular pic.twitter.com/OTWES5RMil

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) March 6, 2022

SNL came in hot from the beginning, starting the night off with a cold open featuring Kate McKinnon‘s infamous Laura Ingraham impression, which previously caused the right-wing pundit to call her out. and Alex Moffat as Tucker Carlson, where the pair skewer the right-wing commentators’ support of Russia during the Ukraine invasion. The hilarious opening sketch was even complete with Cecily Strong as Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle singing a rendition of “Shallow” that reveals her real desires to take over Ukraine.

Kate Mckinnon’s Laura Ingraham impression returned in the Mar. 5 cold open of SNL. (NBC)

But SNL wasn’t done yet, especially when it came to musical comedy. James Austin Johnson was back with his Donald Trump impression, and this time he had an emotional song dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin: “My Funny Valentine.” Hitting home Trump’s close relationship with the controversial president, the strong cold open found a way to skewer the political moment without minimizing the pain and turmoil Ukrainians are facing.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 46 — Photos

It’s been a hectic political moment for SNL to meet, as the whole world watches a troubling situation unfold between Ukraine and Russia. At the orders of President Putin, Russian forces first began performing “special military operations” in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Feb. 24. Since then, Russia has begun a full-on invasion leading the United States to perform various sanctions on the nation, Ukrainian civilians to begin taking up arms, and stars across the entertainment world to speak out in support of Ukraine.

Last week, although SNL stayed away from any overt spoofs on the fresh and frightening situation, Colin Jost spoke out about Putin’s actions on Weekend Update, calling them a “colossal mistake.” He further got in shots against former president Donald Trump‘s support of Putin, joking: “Donald Trump praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine saying, ‘this is genius’ — he also said ‘this is genius’ about his son Eric.”

Joe Biden Calls For Congress To Fight Crime: ‘The Answer Is To Fund The Police’ Not Defund

Joe Biden Calls For Congress To Fight Crime: ‘The Answer Is To Fund The Police’ Not Defund

Julie Nikhinson/UPI/Shutterstock

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17 Photos.

News Writer

In a moment of bipartisan unity, President Joe Biden called on Congress to further fund the police with necessary resources to fight crime.

President Joe Biden79, addressed the nation on the pressing issue of defunding the police during his State of the Union on Tuesday March 1. The president received a standing ovation from both Republicans and Democrats, as he called for providing police with further funding necessary to fight crime in their communities.

Police funding has been a hot button issue since Black Lives Matter protests throughout the summer of 2020. Biden highlighted police reforms that have been made, including banning chokeholds and requiring body cameras. “Let’s not abandon our streets or choose between safety and equal justice. Let’s come together and protect our communities, restore trust and hold law enforcement accountable,” he said. “We should all agree the answer is not to defund the police. It’s to fund the police. Fund them!”

As the applause settled down Biden continued, “Fund them with resources and training. Resources and training that they need to protect our communities.” He then moved on to more calls for stricter gun control laws, including stronger background checks.

Joe Biden called for further funding for police during his State of the Union. (Julie Nikhinson/UPI/Shutterstock)

Related Gallery

Joe Biden — Photos Of The 46th President

The State of the Union came after a tumultuous week for the president. Biden imposed further sanctions on Russia in wake of President Vladimir Putin‘s attack on Ukraine on Thursday February 24. The president denounced the attack, and showed support for the Ukrainian people in an impassioned speech on Thursday. “Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war, and now he and his country will bare the consequences,” he said, as he laid out the plan for sanctions. “The entire world sees clearly what [Putin] and his Kremlin allies are really all about. This was never about a genuine security concern on their part. It was always about naked aggression, about Putin’s desire for empire by any means necessary.”

In the midst of the continued crisis in Ukraine, Biden also announced his nominee to fill Justice Stephen Breyer’s empty Supreme Court seat on Friday. The president named Ketanji Brown Jackson as his pick for the job, making her the first Black woman to be nominated for the nation’s highest court.

Joe Biden gave his first State of the Union address on Tuesday. (Shutterstock)

As Biden’s first State of the Union, he has much to reflect on from throughout his first year as president. After being inaugurated, one of the chief issues has been addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and getting a steady vaccine rollout. Biden’s speech came as many states loosened COVID restrictions. Prior to the speech, Biden spoke about loosening restrictions in a February 11 interview with NBC News. “There is a relationship between the number of cases you have in your community, and the need to wear masks,” he said. “I’ve tried to make sure we have all the vaccines needed, all the boosters needed, all the masks needed, all the protection that’s needed.”

Throughout his first year in office, Biden has also addressed other pressing issues in the nation, including calling on the Senate to end the filibuster and pass bills to protect voting rights. He’s also spoken out against former President Donald Trumpand his continued pushing of the Big Lie that the election was stolen. Biden called out his predecessor during a special speech given to commemorate the first anniversary of the January 6 insurrection.


Chuck Schumer Awkwardly Met With Boos As He Stands Up During The State Of The Union

Chuck Schumer Awkwardly Met With Boos As He Stands Up During The State Of The Union

J Scott Applewhite/AP/Shutterstock

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17 Photos.

News Writer

Senator Chuck Schumer got up a bit too early during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union, and was greeted with boos, as he tried to give a standing ovation.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer had a pretty awkward moment during the State of the Union on Tuesday March 1. The Democratic politician was excited to praise President Joe Biden for his American Rescue Plan, but he didn’t expect for a series of boos to follow. The camera hilariously cut to Schumer standing up and getting ready to applaud, before he heard the booing and sat back down.

Chuck Schumer getting up to a chorus of boo's is the night's first fantastic moment. pic.twitter.com/4SswT5sjBa

— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) March 2, 2022

It’s not clear what exactly was receiving the jeers from the crowd, but Biden was speaking about the American Rescue Plan that started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Biden highlighted it, he made a point to differ his response to that of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. “Unlike the $2 trillion tax cut passed in the previous administration that benefitted the top one percent of Americans, the American Rescue Plan—,” he said, before being cut off by boos. Despite the negative response, after Biden mentioned how successful the plan was, it received a roaring round of applause. “The American Rescue Plan helped working people and left no one behind,” he said.

The clip of the New York Senator standing and then timidly sitting back down was an instant hit online, with a number of people sharing the clip finding the awkwardness of it funny. One viewer even created her own parody of the moment by re-enacting it herself. After Biden’s speech concluded, Schumer shared a gif of himself, joyously clapping and celebrating and thanking Biden.

lol Chuck Schumer pic.twitter.com/NfwmofE36R

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) March 2, 2022

chuck schumer at the state of the union pic.twitter.com/sJdZNfHEVm

— Alex Friedman (@kosherhotdogz) March 2, 2022

Soooo close, Chuck Schumer. #SOTU pic.twitter.com/499b7TwfAz

— The Recount (@therecount) March 2, 2022

Thank you, President Biden! 👏#SOTU pic.twitter.com/ZReIYv5FSy

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) March 2, 2022

This was Biden’s first State of the Union address since he was sworn in as president in January 2021. His speech came on the heels of an eventful first year in office. After being elected in November 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden was immediately challenged by former President Donald Trump, who continually spread the false accusations that the election had been stolen from him. Trump’s Big Lie eventually led to the January 6 Insurrection, where his supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the election. Biden spoke out against the rioters and Trump during a speech on the one-year-anniversary of the riot.  “For the first time in our history, the president had not just lost an election, he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob stormed the capitol but they failed,” he’s said in the January 6 address.

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Joe Biden's Inauguration Day 2021 — Photos

Like many members of Congress, Schumer wore a yellow tie to show his support for Ukraine. (J Scott Applewhite/AP/Shutterstock)


Leading up to the State of the Union, Biden had also addressed the nation the week prior, after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on Ukraine. During his speech, Biden announced further sanctions against Russia and called out Putin for the invasion. He also showed solidarity with Ukraine. “The Ukrainian people have known 30 years of independence, and they’ve repeatedly shown that they will not tolerate anyone who tries to take their country backwards,” he said.

Biden gave his first State of the Union from the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday. (Mariam Zuhaib/AP/Shutterstock)

There have been positive moments during Biden’s first year in office along with the difficult ones. The president also announced his nomination for a new Supreme Court justice to fill the seat that will be vacated by Justice Stephen Breyer once he retires. The president revealed that he’d nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to be chosen for the position ever, on Friday. “I have admired these traits: pragmatism, historical perspective, wisdom, and character in jurists nominated by Republican presidents as well as Democratic presidents,” he said in a tweet. “I am pleased to nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson — a candidate who continues in this tradition.”

Howard Stern Rips Into Trump For Supporting ‘Animal Putin’: ‘He’s An Enemy of Humanity’

Howard Stern Rips Into Trump For Supporting ‘Animal Putin’: ‘He’s An Enemy of Humanity’


View Gallery
View Gallery

6 Photos.

News Writer & Reporter

Howard Stern spoke out against Donald Trump on the Monday episode of his SiriusXM show after the former president called Russian president Vladimir Putin’s moves in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ‘genius.’

Howard Stern, 68, is letting the world know he doesn’t agree with Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin when it comes to Russia’s tragic invasion of Ukraine. The radio host revealed that he strongly disagrees with the former U.S. president after he publicly called Putin’s moves “genius” last week.

“The man [Putin] is a human stain. I don’t care how much power he has. Don’t praise him,” Howard said on Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show when talking about Trump’s praise of Putin. “Don’t say what a genius he is. He’s not a genius. He’s a thug. He’s a bully.”

Howard Stern is speaking out against Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. (Andrew H Walker/Shutterstock)

“I voted for many Republicans. I don’t see how I’ll ever get back to that,” Howard continued. “They’ve just totally disappointed me and their support of Vladimir Putin, the praise they heap on him. Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin. This guy’s a f*cking animal. I wish he was dead like I wish Hitler was dead.”

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Howard Stern — PICS

Howard also expressed his concern for the Ukrainian people and what they’re going through since Russia’s invasion last week.

“I can’t imagine the horror of the life of the Ukrainian people. They’re living in a country – they decided to have free elections … and this scumbag who has more money than anybody, who has more power than anybody, who enslaves an entire country, who will kill you if you’re a journalist, will kill you if you speak out against him, who’s got everything a man could want if you’re truly a megalomaniac, and he didn’t have enough,” he said.

Donald Trump called Putin’s latest moves ‘genius.’ (: Joe Marino/UPI/Shutterstock)

Howard went on to say he thinks Putin “is an enemy of humanity” and called him “a worthless human being” before adding that he wishes “Republicans and Democrats would get together with that message.”

“It’s time for this country to at least have a unified message about democracy and freedom,” he continued. “I’m sick and tired of the f*cking nightmare that’s going on with people defending Vladimir Putin. I never thought I’d live long enough to see it.”

Howard’s comments come after Trump spoke out about the Russia and Ukraine conflict in an interview with two conservative interviewers. He claimed President Joe Biden had no response to the invasion and went on to make his “genius” comment about Putin.

“I went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine – of Ukraine. Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Trump said on Feb. 2,  referring to Moscow’s recognition of two separatist nations in occupied Ukrainian Donbas.

When We All Vote’s Stephanie Young: It Is ‘Imperative’ To ‘Fight For Democracy’ & Vote In The Midterms

When We All Vote’s Stephanie Young: It Is ‘Imperative’ To ‘Fight For Democracy’ & Vote In The Midterms

When We All Vote

View Gallery
View Gallery

17 Photos.

On-Air Reporter & Writer

When We All Vote’s Executive Director Stephanie Young revealed on the HollywoodLife Podcast how voters can stop voter suppression & more by taking action in the midterm elections.

Believe it or not, this November, it will be time for hit the voting booths once again! Americans will have the opportunity for their voices to be heard on the first Tuesday of Nov. 2022, when we vote to fill 34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats, as well as several high-profile gubernatorial races in key battleground states. “There really is nothing more important than this,” Stephanie Young, Executive Director of When We Will Vote, said on the HollywoodLife Podcast. “These are people who represent you every day. We have folks, like your Secretaries of State — the people who determine what voting looks like in your state — we have over 20 of those seats up for grabs.”

She continued, “I’ve heard firsthand, some of the folks that are running for these offices that we tend to not pay attention to, saying that if they had to do it all over again, they would not have certified the 2020 election. What that tells me, and what that should tell us, is that we are really in the fight for our democracy. We have the choice to elect people that believe in democracy and to participate and ensure that we’re making our voices heard, so that we don’t miss out on roles, like Secretary of State, because they are going to determine what voting looks like in your in your state– who can vote, who can’t, all of the things that really make us a true democracy.”

Stephanie Young, Executive Director of When We All Vote.

Stephanie, whose goal is to help Michelle Obama‘s organization “infiltrate culture” and “increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the age gap,” added that “it’s so incredibly important that we’re paying attention” because the upcoming midterm elections will “impact you way down the line.” “It’s going to impact what happens in 2024,” she warned, “I know it feels like we just voted, but that’s the thing about voting. You have to consistently be a part of this process, so that the issues that you care about are at the forefront of those who are supposed to represent you.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by When We All Vote (@whenweallvote)

Stephanie also detailed the ongoing “assault on voting rights” that has plagued the US. “There’s over 500 voter suppression bills, either introduced or passed. Places like Texas, Georgia, Florida, those bills have all passed. It’s making it harder for young people, people with disabilities, people of color, and just working class Americans, to vote. Why? Because they reduced the time that you can go vote early. They have stricter voter ID laws that don’t make any sense. In addition to that, for groups like ours, who helped to support people in long lines, which is another form of voter suppression, with water or food, they have banned that now, too,” she explained. “This is a clear and concerted effort to to really attack voting in this country.”

The former Obama Administration Associate Communications Director believes that these laws are a response to the incredible turnout in the 2020 election, which ultimately unseated former president Donald Trump. “Around 67% of Americans actually voted, and they voted in a global pandemic, nothing stopped them. After, there were some people who saw that and said, ‘Wow, there’s more young people voting, there’s more people of color voting. I don’t like the fact that this person is representing my state,’” she recalled. “I think that we saw the biggest piece of information that should help to inform how we think about this, which was the insurrection that happened on January 6, when we saw people stormed the Capitol to say the election was rigged. So now, we’re consistently fighting this Big Lie on social platforms, saying that the election was rigged, because it did not go in your favor.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by When We All Vote (@whenweallvote)

Stephanie continued, “Voter suppression is happening in a multitude of different ways, and we have to make sure that we’re sending the right people to Congress who believe in voting right to believe in democracy.” Readers and listeners can visited WhenWeAllVote.org to get involved, learn more about the upcoming midterm elections and ensure they are registered to vote so their voices can be heard.

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki Claps Back At Ted Cruz’s ‘Peppermint Patty’ Dig

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki Claps Back At Ted Cruz’s ‘Peppermint Patty’ Dig


View Gallery
View Gallery

29 Photos.

News Writer

Jen Psaki shared that she likes Peppermint Patty and didn’t find Ted Cruz’s comments comparing her to the ‘Charlie Brown’ character as an insult.

Jen Psaki proved she’s unphased by Ted Cruz’s attempt to rouse her as she clapped back at his “Peppermint Patty” diss. During a White House briefing, a reporter asked Joe Biden’s press secretary how she feels about referring to as the Charlie Brown character. “Don’t tell him I like Peppermint Patty. So I’m not gonna take it too offensively,” she said, then turned directly to the cameras. “Senator Cruz, I like Peppermint Patty. I’m a little tougher than that. But there you go.”

Jen Psaki speaking at a White House press conference. (Shuttershock)

Ted Cruz took a moment to diss the press secretary during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida. “You know Peppermint Patty deserves some love,” he prodded. However, he didn’t get the chuckles he expected as the jab was met with silence. It seems Ted will have to try better if he wants to get a rise out of her.

This isn’t the first time Psaki has been compared to a fictional character. Many Scandal fans have compared her to the character Abby Whelan, a White House press secretary who becomes chief of staff to the fictional President Fitzgerald Grant. It seems many think that Darby Stanchfield is her celebrity look-alike.

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Joe Biden Supporters Celebrating — PICS

President Joe Biden supported changing Senate rules to pass voting rights acts. (ERIK S LESSER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Jen also has been known to clap back when needed at a press conference. When asked if President Biden planned on keeping the Space Force instated by Donald Trumpshe had a quip lined up “Wow. Space Force. It’s the plane of today,” Psaki responded, seemingly comparing the question to an earlier one about the color scheme of Air Force One. “It is an interesting question. I am happy to check with our Space Force point of contact. I’m not sure who that is. I will find out and see if we have any update on that.”

After receiving some negative feedback about her response to the Space Force question, she issued a statement that could also be interpreted as equally shady.  “We look forward to the continuing work of Space Force and invite the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime to share an update on their important work,” she wrote.

Kodak Black Leaves Hospital Using A Walker After Reportedly Getting Shot In The Leg

Kodak Black Leaves Hospital Using A Walker After Reportedly Getting Shot In The Leg

London Entertainment/Shutterstock

View Gallery
View Gallery

8 Photos.

News Writer

Kodak Black is out of the hospital after being reportedly shot in the leg, and he’s needing some assistance getting around.

Kodak Black has left Cedars-Sinai hospital after being reportedly shot in the leg. In a video you can see here, the rapper can be seen getting into a black SUV while using a walker and moving slowly on Monday afternoon. The “Patty Cake” rapper was surrounded by numerous bodyguards as he climbed into the SUV which was a smart move, considering the danger he faced early Saturday morning after Justin Beiber‘s concert after party.

The rapper was identified as one of the three victims shot outside the after-party at the Nice Guy, according to NBC News. A police report previously stated that the victims of the incident were a 19-year-old male, a 24-year-old male, and a 60-year-old male. Kodak was transferred to the hospital while the other victims were treated on sight. All of the victims, including Kodak, as we can see from the aforementioned video, are reportedly in stable condition. HollywoodLife reached out to Kodak Black’s reps for comment but received no response.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Kodak can be seen leaving the party surrounded by an entourage of friends and associates including rapper Gunna. As the group stops to take photos with fans outside the event, a fistfight breaks out and the chaos escalates when ten gunshots send the crowd screaming and scrambling.

Rapper Kodak Black has been identified as one of the three people injured after gunfire broke out at Justin Bieber’s concert after-party in LA on Friday. (ExclusiveAccess/Shutterstock)

The motives behind the violence are not currently confirmed, as it could have been an escalation of the physical brawl. Authorities had previously shared the incident was not gang-related. The LAPD also shared in a press release that they are currently seeking a black male suspect. HollywoodLife reached out to the LAPD for a comment but received no response.

Kodak has made headlines in the past for erratic behavior and was even pardoned by former President Donald Trump, also survived an April 2021 incident where Kodak’s bodyguard was shot. The alleged attack, which occurred outside a Florida McDonald’s after Kodak’s performance at the Cultur3 Fest music festival, left the bodyguard hospitalized. He ultimately survived.

Kodak Black Reportedly 1 Of 3 Victims Shot Outside Justin Bieber’s Concert After Party

Kodak Black Reportedly 1 Of 3 Victims Shot Outside Justin Bieber’s Concert After Party


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Kodak Black was among the three victims reportedly shot when gunfire erupted during a fight after Justin Bieber’s concert after party in West Hollywood

Rapper Kodak Black, 24, has been identified as one of the three victims shot outside the after-party on Friday night, according to NBC News. A police report previously stated that the victims of the incident were a 19-year-old male, a 24-year-old male, and a 60-year-old male. Kodak was reportedly transported to the hospital while other victims were treated on scene. All victims, including Kodak, are reportedly in stable condition. HollywoodLife reached out to Kodak Black’s reps for comment but received no response.

Rapper Kodak Black has been identified as one of the three people injured after gunfire broke out at Justin Bieber’s concert after-party in LA on Friday. (ExclusiveAccess/Shutterstock)

In footage obtained by TMZ, Kodak can be seen leaving the party flanked by an entourage of friends and associates including rapper Gunna. As the group stops to take photos with fans outside the event, a fistfight breaks out among a group standing by a red Ferrari on the street. Chaos continues until ten gunshots send the crowd scrambling in fear.

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin arrive at the after-party at Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood, where chaos would later erupt. (NGRE / BACKGRID)

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Justin Bieber — Pics Of The 'Peaches' Singer And His Different Looks

Though the motives behind the skirmish are still unconfirmed, authorities had previously shared the incident was not gang-related. The LAPD also shared in a press release that they are currently seeking a black male suspect. HollywoodLife reached out to the LAPD for a comment but received no response.

Kodak’s involvement in the alleged shooting is not the rapper’s first brush with danger. Kodak, who has made headlines in the past for erratic behavior and was even pardoned by former President Donald Trump, also survived an April 2021 incident where Kodak’s bodyguard was shot. The alleged attack, which occurred outside a Florida McDonald’s after Kodak’s performance at the Cultur3 Fest music festival, left the bodyguard hospitalized, although he ultimately survived.

Kim Kardashian Had An ‘Easy Rapport’ With Hillary & Chelsea Clinton At Coffee Shop, Witness Says

Kim Kardashian Had An ‘Easy Rapport’ With Hillary & Chelsea Clinton At Coffee Shop, Witness Says

Matt Baron/Shutterstock / Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock

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The former first lady and her daughter got along great with Kim Kardashian during a short coffee date in California

Kim Kardashian, 41, met with former presidential candidate and First Lady Hillary Clinton, 74, and her daughter Chelsea, 41, for coffee on Monday January 24. The three women chatted over a cup-of-joe at Canoga Park’s Hot And Cool Cafe as part of Hillary’s upcoming AppleTV+ show Gutsy Women. An eyewitness revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the inspiring trio had a “nice visit” together.

The eyewitness said that the women were all super professional, but clicked easily as they chatted. “They seemed to be really getting along and had an easy rapport with each other,” they said, while revealing that Kim had an easy back-and-forth with the former first lady. “Hillary seemed a little more at ease with the situation and Chelsea was admiring the situation and was really looking at her mom and Kim interact.” Another person said that three spent “Lots of time walking around, smiling, and laughing.”

Kim, Chelsea, and Hillary all met at a coffee shop as part of the former first lady’s new show. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock / Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock)

When all was said and done, the three ladies seemed completely prepared to get down to business for their show.  “It was a nice visit and they seemed to have got everything they needed to get filming wise. All things considered it was very simple,” they said. The other eyewitness said that the visit seemed to end just as quickly as it began. “They were all nice but all business. In and out, got what they needed done and were out almost as fast as they came in. It felt like a campaign stop,” they said.

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Hillary Clinton — PICS

Fans will probably have to wait and see what the Clintons talked to Kim about when Gutsy Women hits streaming services. The coffee date was far from the first time that Kim has met with a major political figure. She notably went to the White House in March 2020 to discuss criminal justice reform with Hillary’s opponent from the 2016 election, former President Donald Trump. Even Tiger King star Joe Exotic petitioned Kim to use her platform to ask the then-president to grant him a pardon. Perhaps fans can get more of Kim’s perspective in the new series.


Barbara Walters’ Spouses: Everything To Know About Her 3 Marriages & The One Man She Married Twice

Barbara Walters’ Spouses: Everything To Know About Her 3 Marriages & The One Man She Married Twice

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

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News Writer

Yes, Barbara Walters had three husbands but was married four times. Here’s how that came to be and everything else you need to know about her ex-husbands.

Barbara Walters is a renowned journalist. She has interviewed an immeasurable number of celebrities including Donald Trump, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey, and hosted shows like 20/20 and The Today Show. However, she is best known for creating and starring on The View. She launched the popular all-female daytime talk show in 1997. She lead firey debates on the series until she announced her retirement from television in 2014.

As far as her personal life goes, the journalist and TV personality was married four times. However, she only had four husbands. While this may seem like on of those brain-teasing riddles, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. Here’s how Barbara Walters got married four times and everything you need to know about her three husbands.

Robert Henry Katz
Barbara Walters was married to Robert Henry Katz from 1955 to 1957. (Dave Pickoff/AP/Shutterstock)

Robert Henry Katz was Barbara’s first husband. He has had a fulfilling life as a former Navy lieutenant and business executive. He and Barbara got married on June 20, 1955, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. She was just 26 years old at the time and her career in journalism hadn’t taken off yet. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long. They filed for divorce in 1957 and had their marriage annulled in 1958.

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Lee Guber
Barbara Walters was married to Lee Guber from 1963 to 1976. (AP/Shutterstock)

Lee Guber was Barbara’s second husband. Lee was also involved in the entertainment industry as a theatrical producer and theater owner. They wed on December 8, 1963, as Barbara was in the early stages of her journey at NBC’s The Today Show. A few years into their marriage, they explored the option of having children. Unfortunately, they struggled to have a child on their own biologically which lead them down the path of adoption. When their friends who were looking to adopt a boy were offered a girl, Barbara and Lee jumped at the opportunity. They adopted Jacqueline Dena Guber when she was an infant in 1968. Barbara and Lee got divorced after 13 years of marriage in 1976 when their daughter was just eight years old.

Merv Adelson
Barbara Walters and Merv Adelson were married from 1981 to 1984 and then 1986 to 1992. (Mark Terrill/AP/Shutterstock)

Merv Adelson is the lucky husband that got to marry Barbara not once but twice. The two met on a blind date that one could say went exceedingly well. Barbara got married to the CEO of Lorimar Television in 1981 as her career was booming and she was getting started on 20/20. The pair ended up divorcing in 1984, the year she landed the co-host spot on 20/20 alongside Hugh Downs.

They attempted to rekindle their relationship and even got married again in 1986. Unfortunately, the second time wasn’t a charm for them and they ended up splitting again in 1992. Barbara, however, didn’t hold their marriages not working out against him. “Merv was a kind and gentle man with a great sense of humor,” Barbara told The New York Times. “We stayed friends long after our marriage.”

Merv was a big name in the entertainment industry aside from dating Barbara. He was known as the mogul behind hit shows like The Waltons and Dallas. However, his ventures weren’t limited to the entertainment industry. He branched out and invested in the idea of a “24-hour market” opening Market Town off the Vegas strip in 1953. He paired up with a man named Molasky to open the Las Vegas Country Club which was funded by mob boss Moe Dalitz. Merv and the rest of them were exposed in 1963’s “The Green Felt Jungle.” Merv insisted to Vanity Fair in 2013.

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Reportedly Engaged As She Flashes 8-Carat Diamond Ring — Photo

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Reportedly Engaged As She Flashes 8-Carat Diamond Ring — Photo

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

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Deputy Editor of Los Angeles

Donald Trump Jr. and longtime girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle have reportedly been engaged since NYE 2020 — they’ve just kept it under wraps for a YEAR.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are engaged, according to Daily Mail. The news outlet claims Donald Trump‘s oldest son popped the question the former Fox News personality on New Year’s Eve 2020 — over a year ago — and they’ve been keeping it a secret ever since.

“Don and Kim got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2020 – which is Don’s birthday. They’ve been together for almost four years now and have been friends for 15 years,” a source revealed to Daily Mail. “They’ve kept it private for the past year as they settled into life in Florida after moving from New York. Both are focused on their children – they have six between them – and their work.”

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A post shared by Kimberly Guilfoyle (@kimberlyguilfoyle)

Don and Kimberly, who’s been showing off her alleged engagement ring since last year, reportedly plan on living in Jupiter, Florida in a new home after reportedly selling her apartment in New York City for $4.4 million and their $8.1 million Hamptons home.

Donald Jr. celebrated his 44th birthday and the new year at his dad’s New Year’s Eve gala celebration at Mar-a-Lago in Florida with Kimberly by his side. They both wore all black, and as you can see in the Instagram photo above, the 52-year-old flashed her diamond ring on her wedding band finger.

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Donald Trump Jr. — Pics Of Donald Trump's Oldest Son

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

“It’s been an open secret for the past 12 months with everyone Kim runs into admiring her almost 8 carat diamond engagement ring,” the source added. “The chatter about the engagement has increased since the engagement ring was seen on Don and Kim’s Instagram accounts on New Year’s Eve.”

At this time, it’s not yet known whether an extravagant wedding is being planned, but the couple first linked up in 2018, and Daily Mail confirmed their romance.

HollywoodLife reached out to Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly’s reps for comment on this report, but we did not receive immediate responses.


Kimberly Guilfoyle: 5 Things To Know About Donald Trump Jr.’s Fiancee

Kimberly Guilfoyle: 5 Things To Know About Donald Trump Jr.’s Fiancee


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Kimberly Guilfoyle raised eyebrows for her long and LOUD speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention. Here’s what you should know about the Fox News veteran dating Donald Trump Jr.

Can it be? That’s the scoop: Kimberly Guilfoyle is about to become a permanent member of the Trump family, if the reports — and the massive rock on her finger — are to be believed. We’re hearing that Kim and Donald Trump Jr. are officially engaged, according to a report from the DailyMail. In fact, they’ve been engaged for an entire year!

The former president’s son reportedly popped the question last New Year’s Eve and despite being very much in the public eye, they’ve been keeping their engagement under wraps for a year. “They’ve kept it private for the past year as they settled into life in Florida after moving from New York,” a friend of the couple told DailyMail. The couple, who have been together nearly four years now, apparently plan on making their life together in Juniper, FL, and while no date has been set for the wedding, Kimberly is gushing to all of her friends about the massive rock Don got for her. “It’s been an open secret for the past 12 months with everyone Kim runs into admiring her almost 8 carat diamond engagement ring,” the friend added to DailyMail.

So, just who is this woman that Don Jr. is asking to join the family? Well, here’s everything we know about Kimberly Guilfoyle, from how she became famous to her famous former relationships.

She’s Best Know For Viral 2020 Republican National Convention Speech

She was mocked on social media after her bizarre speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention. In the most memorable address of the night, Guilfoyle shouted for six straight minutes about how President Donald Trump, her boyfriend’s father, has “saved” the United States. “Biden, Harris, and the rest of the Socialists will fundamentally change this nation,” Guilfoyle yelled before spouting off lies — like the Democrats want to “send jobs back to China” and implement Socialist policies that “destroyed places like Cuba and Venezuela.”

Guilfoyle strangely stated that she was a first generation American, when her mother was born in Puerto Rico, and therefore an American citizen. She also criticized Democrats for turning California into “a land of discarded heroin needles and parks.” Guilfoyle’s ex-husband, Gavin Newsom, is the governor of California. At the end, you can hear her screams echoing, as the pre-recorded speech took place in an empty auditorium.

Trump campaign fundraiser Kimberly Guilfoyle: “The same socialist policies which destroyed places like Cuba and Venezuela must not take root in our cities and our schools.” https://t.co/Fhn5rLFB2b #RNC2020 pic.twitter.com/SFJXygAsel

— ABC News (@ABC) August 25, 2020

She Dated Anthony Scaramucci

Kimberly Guilfoyle dated former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci, 56. The Long Island native’s wife Deidre Ball filed for divorce in July 2017, just days before she gave birth to their second child James, who is soon to be 3. By the beginning of August 2017, rumors surfaced that Anthony was secretly seeing Kimberly, although sources close to the political figure were quick to shoot down the reports at the time. The short-lived romance later fizzled.

She Went To College In California

After growing up in San Francisco, Kimberly attended the University of California, Davis, where she graduated magna cum laude. In 1994, she received her Juris Doctor from the Law School at University of San Francisco. Kimberly also spent time studying and doing research at Trinity College in Dublin. While in law school, she interned for the D.A’s office in San Francisco.

Kimberly Guilfoyle strikes a pose outside the Chiara Boni La Petite Robe fashion show at NYFW (SplashNews)


She’s a Lawyer

Kimberly briefly worked as a prosecutor in San Francisco, but was part of a mass firing by District Attorney Terence Hallinan in 1996. She went on to be come a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, then went back to the San Francisco D.A’s office as an Assistant District Attorney from 2000-2004. She was also briefly a member of the La Raza Lawyers Association.

She’s Worked In TV For Years

Kimberly began a TV career in 2004, when she moved to New York to work for a show on Court TV and served as an analyst on Anderson Cooper’s show. In 2006 she got a job as a host of Fox News’ weekend show The Lineup. Even after the show was canceled, Kimberly stayed on with the network, and was eventually named a host of The Five in 2011, where she’s appeared ever since. The show received a primetime slot in April 2017. Because of her contract with Fox News, where Kimberly has also made appearances on several other news shows, she turned down a job as the White House press secretary in May 2017.

Kimberly Guilfoyle and boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. arrive at Joint Base Andrews on Marine One (AP Images)
She’s Had Many High-Profile Relationships

Kimberly married Gavin Newsom, who became the mayor of San Francisco in 2001, and is now the current California Governor. She filed for divorce in Jan. 2005, and the split was finalized the following February. She remarried in May 2006, tying the knot with Eric Villency. Their son, Ronan, now 13, was born in October 2006. Kimberly and Eric ended their relationship in 2009, and have since divorced. Rumors began swirling that she was dating Donald Trump Jr., following his split from Vanessa Trump, 42, after they were seen at an event together in 2018 — and they’ve been together ever since!

Tiger Woods’ Kids: Meet His 2, Look-Alike Children — Son Charlie, 12, & Daughter Sam, 14

Tiger Woods’ Kids: Meet His 2, Look-Alike Children — Son Charlie, 12, & Daughter Sam, 14

Andrew Gombert/EPA/Shutterstock

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News Writer

Find out more about both of the legendary golfer’s kids from his marriage to his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Few golfers have achieved the level of respect that Tiger Woods45, has. The four-time PGA Tour champion has been in the spotlight since he was just a little kid, and he went pro when he was just 20-years-old. Tiger got married in 2004 to model Elin Nordegren, 41, and the pair had two beautiful children together. Unfortunately, the marriage wasn’t meant to be, as the pair split up in 2010, following a highly publicized cheating scandal, where it was revealed that the golfer had had an affair with New York club hostess Rachel Uchitel. Despite the very public separation from Elin, Tiger seems like he has a great relationship with both of his kids. Find out more about his son and daughter here!

Tiger hitting the golf course with both kids in 2015. (Andrew Gombert/EPA/Shutterstock)
Sam Alexis
Tiger posed with his kids, mom, and girlfriend Erica Herman after receiving the Medal of Freedom. (Shutterstock)

Elin gave birth to the couple’s first child Sam Alexis, 14, in 2007. Shortly after she was born, Tiger explained that her name was important to both him and Elin. “We wanted to have a name that would be meaningful to either side of the family, my side or Elin‘s side, because she was born (the day after) Father’s Day. It just happened to fit. My father had always called me Sam since the day I was born. He rarely ever called me Tiger. I would ask him, ‘Why don’t you ever call me Tiger?’ He says,’Well, you look more like a Sam,” he said at the time, via USA Today. Both of Tiger’s kids have been mostly kept out of the public eye, but when the golfer was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Donald Trump in 2019, the whole family attended the ceremony.

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After Tiger had his terrifying car crash on February 23 in Los Angeles, both Sam and Charlie stayed with their mom while the golfer recovered. Despite Tiger and Elin’s high-profile divorce, the mom wanted to make sure that both kids spent time with their dad, while he got better.

Charlie Axel

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tiger Woods (@tigerwoods)

Elin and Tiger welcomed their son Charlie Axel, 12, to the world in 2009. Charlie has definitely taken after his dad a bit, and the little one has started to golf also. The pro’s son made his debut in the PNC Tournament alongside his dad in the father-son competition, in December 2020. Just like Tiger’s late-father Earl Woods, it seems like the golfer has bonded with his boy over the game, and he’s encouraged him to do his best. Tiger’s spoken about how important it is to not discourage his son from the game that he’s made a career out of. I just don’t want him to hate the game,” he said in a July episode of the Golf Digest series A Round With Tiger. “I don’t want him to fall into that trap. I get emotional about it. Some of my best memories are being out there with my dad.

It seems like Tiger bonds with both his son and daughter regularly. Back in April 2020, he shared a photo with the children and his girlfriend Erica Herman, when the Masters Tournament had been scheduled. While the tournament had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiger still dined like he’d won the green jacket. “Masters Champions Dinner quarantine style. Nothing better than being with family,” he wrote in the photo’s caption.

In Dec. 2021, Tiger and Charlie made headlines when they matched in red shirts at the PNC Championship. It was the first competitive round of golf for Tiger since his car accident almost a year before and it was the second straight year that he played with his son. The younger Woods hit a number of good tee shots during the first round as his dad proudly looked on and focused on walking at some points due to his post-accident injuries that he’s still recovering from.

Stacey Abrams: 5 Things To Know About Politician Running For Governor In Georgia In 2022

Stacey Abrams: 5 Things To Know About Politician Running For Governor In Georgia In 2022


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She didn’t run, but Stacey Abrams can be credited for helping Georgia Dems. win big in the 2021 Senate runoff. Here’s what you need to know about one of the most influential politicians right now.

Update (12/1/21 4:19 p.m. ET): Former Georgia House of Representatives Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, 47, announced her campaign for governor of Georgia on Wednesday December 1. Abrams announced her run with a short video and provided a link for supporters to donate to her campaign. In the video, she spoke about what causes she’s been dedicated to since her last gubernatorial run. “If our Georgia is going to move to its next and greatest chapter, we’re going to need leadership,” she said in a voiceover. “Leadership that knows how to do the job. Leadership that doesn’t take credit without also taking responsibility. Leadership that understands the true pain folks are feeling and has real plans. That’s the job of governor to fight for one Georgia. Our Georgia, and now, it’s time to get the job done.”

I’m running for Governor because opportunity in our state shouldn’t be determined by zip code, background or access to power. #gapol

Be a founding donor to my campaign:https://t.co/gk2lmBINfW pic.twitter.com/z14wUlo8ls

— Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) December 1, 2021

The activist previously ran in 2018, losing to the Republican nominee and current Governor Brian Kemp. After her loss, she was a chair for the voting organization Fair Fight 2020, and she campaigned for Democratic candidates, like President Joe Biden and now-Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Original: She narrowly lost the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia, but Stacey Abrams still came out on top. The Georgia politician, lawyer, author and activist helped mobilize voters in unprecedented numbers during the 2020 election, and many believe her efforts helped turn Georgia blue. Here’s what you need to know about Abrams, one of the most significant voices in United States politics right now:

1. She mobilized voters across the country in 2020, particularly in Georgia

Abrams has worked tirelessly, especially over the last year, to elect Democrats in the United States — including President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Now, the 2020 Senate runoff race in Georgia looks like it will go to Democrats, with Rev. Raphael Warnock already elected, and Jon Ossoff in the lead. But Abrams work as an organizer spans a decade. A former Georgia House of Representatives minority leader, Abrams began strengthening the Democratic party’s base in the state.

She’s the leader of two voting rights groups. New Georgia Project, founded in 2014, focuses on people of color, 18 to 29 year olds, and unmarried women as a key voting base. She describes them as the “New American Majority.” Fair Fight, founded in 2018, “promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourage voter participation in elections, and educate voters about elections and their voting rights.”

Stacey Abrams speaks to constituents during her 2018 run for Georgia Governor (AP)
2. She ran for Governor in Georgia and lost by less than 55,000 votes

Abrams’ loss to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brian Kemp, was one of the biggest upsets of the 2018 midterm elections. Abrams refused to concede victory after rampant allegations throughout the state of voter suppression; voters reported widespread discrepancies with their polling places, missing ballots, broken machine, and being told that they weren’t registered to vote at all. She later acknowledged that Kemp won, but challenged the results in court.

3. She delivered the 2019 State of the Union

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer explained to press that Democrats selected Abrams because,”She is just a great spokesperson. She’s an incredible leader. She has led the charge for voting rights, which is at the root of just about everything else.” President Donald Trump‘s State of the Union address was supposed to happen on January 29, but was postponed at House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi‘s request due to the 35-day government shutdown. The shutdown, which Trump spearheaded because he wanted $5.7 billion for his border wall, officially ended on January 25, 2019. He delivered the address on February 5 with Abrams responding afterward.

4. She would have been the first Black female governor in United States history

It was about more than being Georgia’s first Democratic governor in 15 years. Yes, a Black woman has never been a United States governor. Twenty-two states have never had a female governor at all. “I’m very aware that as an African-American woman, I will be doing something no one else has done,” Abrams told CNN at the time.

Stacey Abrams campaigns for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020 (AP)
5. A distressing incident in 1991 inspired her to enter politics

In 1991, a young Abrams excitedly traveled to the Georgia Governor’s Mansion by bus with her parents so the high school valedictorian could be honored as one of the top students in the state. But a security guard refused to let them inside. “I distinctly remember him looking at the MARTA bus, looking at my parents and making a decision. The security guard refused to allow us inside. He said it was a private event,” Abrams recalled during an October 2017 forum.

While they were ultimately let inside after pointing out that her name was first on the guest list, the incident still disturbed the teenager. While she doesn’t know if it was because of her race, she said that the way she felt about it fueled her drive.“In front of the most powerful place in Georgia, telling me I don’t belong there, that’s resonated for me for the last 20 years. The reality is having a right to be places does not always mean that you’ll gain admission,” she said.

Donald Trump Jr. Torched For Insulting LeBron James After Star Ejects Rude Fans

Donald Trump Jr. Torched For Insulting LeBron James After Star Ejects Rude Fans

Chris Manning/Rob Latour/Shutterstock

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News Writer & Reporter

Donald Trump Jr. labeled LeBron James a ‘b*tch’ and ‘LaKaren’ after the basketball player had two people ejected from a recent NBA game when they allegedly shouted nasty comments about his kids.

Donald Trump Jr., 43, is getting a strong reaction from LeBron James fans after his latest bold post about the NBA star. The son of Donald Trump took to his Instagram on Nov. 27 to share a video of 36-year-old LeBron asking security to remove two people sitting in front of the basketball court at a recent Los Angeles Lakers game after they allegedly dissed his kids. His caption for the post called him a “b*tch” and contained other insults.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Donald Trump Jr. (@donaldjtrumpjr)

“Is there a bigger bitch in pro sports than LaSnitch?” Donald Jr. asked alongside the video clip. “LaKaren wants to speak to the manager,” he continued in another comment before adding, “LaFlop James.”

Once the post went public, LeBron fans quickly took to both Instagram and Twitter to call out Donald Jr. Some even brought up his and his dad’s own past events to try and prove points. “Someone should tell Don Jr. that not being able to concede after losing an election by more than 7 million votes means you’re the biggest b*tch in politics,” one Twitter user wrote, referring to Donald Sr.’s big lie about the 2020 presidential election results. “LeBron James accomplished more by the time he graduated high school than Don Jr. has in his entire life,” another wrote.

Someone should tell Don Jr. that not being able to concede after losing an election by more than 7 million votes means you're the biggest bitch in politics.

— Devin Duke (@sirDukeDevin) November 28, 2021

“I wonder if Don Jr wants to call LeBron a b*tch to his face,” a third Twitter user shared while a fourth wrote, “@DonaldJTrumpJr is worried & He’s jealous of @KingJames b/c he worked hard & built his own brand & wealth.”

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LeBron James: Photos Of The NBA Star

LeBron James accomplished more by the time he graduated high school than Don Jr. has in his entire life.

— Rex Zane (@rexzane1) November 28, 2021

Although what was said by the two people who were ejected from the NBA game hasn’t been confirmed, some social media users are claiming it was negative and had to do with LeBron’s kids, which includes sons Bronny, 17, and Bryce, 14, as well as daughter Zhuri, 7, all of whom he shares with wife Savannah, 35.

Donald Trump Jr. recently insulted LeBron James on Instagram. (Chris Manning/Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

A week before Donald Jr. insulted LeBron on Instagram, the athlete made headlines after getting suspended from one game after getting into a physical altercation with Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart, who was suspended for two games. The two men’s beef on the court started during a free throw, when LeBron swung his arm and hit Isaiah in the face while waiting for a rebound. The punch drew blood and led to Isaiah walking and running up to LeBron to try and retaliate. They started screaming at each other and were held back by coaches until they were both ejected.

How Kim Kardashian Feels About Kanye West Trying To Win Her Back After Skid Row Rant & Kiss Photo

How Kim Kardashian Feels About Kanye West Trying To Win Her Back After Skid Row Rant & Kiss Photo

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, and

As Kim Kardashian’s romance with Pete Davidson heats up, ex Kanye West has been campaigning to get her back — and sources spilled to HL how she feels about it!

Kim Kardashian, 41, filed for divorce from Kanye West, 44, back in February. Although the split isn’t finalized, the Yeezy designer has been making public moves to try and win his wife back — but sources tell HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Kim has made up her mind. “Make no mistake about it, Kim is not getting back together with Kanye. Kim has not given Kanye any indication whatsoever that she wants to work it out,” they revealed. “Kim already told Kanye that their marriage was done months ago when she filed for divorce.”

In the last few days, Kanye shared a sweet black-and-white throwback photo of him kissing Kim back in 2019. The image was posted alongside a headline detailing his speech at Skid Row in Los Angeles where he announced he had “made mistakes” but believed God would reunite him with the SKIMS founder, who he shares kids North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2, with. Amongst the split, the pair have been co-parenting their children as they have actively spit their assets, with Kim buying Kanye out of the Hidden Hills home they shared.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West married in 2014. (Featureflash Photo Agency)

“Her and Kanye even amicably divided most of their assets, including their house. Kanye was even satisfied with the co-parenting situation that they had worked out,” the insider explained, noting that Kim’s new relationship with Pete Davidson, 28, has played a role. The KKW Beauty founder and SNL actor struck up a friendship after her hosting gig on Oct. 9, which included them acting in a sketch together. Kim and Pete went viral after sharing an on-screen kiss, and it was only two weeks later that the pair were seen holding hands at Knott’s Berry Farm. 

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West — Photos Of Their Relationship

Last week alone, the duo went on back-to-back dates where they were photographed in both Palm Springs and Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi. Kanye, too, has been dating: the rapper enjoyed a birthday getaway with model Irina Shayk in June, and was spotted sitting court side at his Donda Academy basketball game with model Vinetria, 22, in Minneapolis.

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“On top of that, he was dating a model. It wasn’t until Kanye saw that Kim was moving on too that he decided that he and Kim were going to work things out, but it is too late for that and it is not how this works,” the source went on. “Kanye is extra bothered because she is hanging out with Pete because he had some beef with Pete from when he went on SNL wearing his MAGA hat and this is known. So, the fact that Kim started to hang out with Pete bothered Kanye in general and now that he sees she is really enjoying being around him, her family thinks it is just making him that much more upset,” they added.

Notably, Kanye appeared on SNL back in Oct. 2018 where he gave a speech in support of Donald Trump. A week later, Pete went on Weekend Update where he called Kanye out for wearing a “MAGA” hat backstage, calling the move “stupid.” The Staten Island native went on to say that that  what Kanye said “off the air” was “one of the worst, like, most awful things I have ever seen here [at SNL].”

While ‘Ye is committed to his goal of reuniting, his actions are confusing to Kim’s sisters, per the insider. “Her sisters do not understand why no one in Kanye’s circle, or none of his friends, have pulled him aside and said, ‘Hey Kanye I don’t think your wife is coming back to you.’ It’s almost embarrassing for him at this point,” the source tells us. “Kanye is not saying these things to Kim directly about wanting to work it out — even if he did, the outcome would be no different. Regardless of what happens with her and Pete, Kim is not interested in working things out and staying married to Kanye. It is over.”

A second source says that Kanye’s goals of reuniting with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star are “lofty” at best. “As far as Kim is concerned, she has shed to many tears for Kanye and getting back together with him — even after him showing his love for her, his desire to reconcile and PDA pics,” they said, referencing his Skid Row speech and re-posting of an old kissing photo.

Ahead of Kim filing for divorce, the couple’s marriage appeared strained following his Twitter outbursts and controversial presidential run. While Kim spoke out in support of Kanye’s struggles with being bipolar, many fans saw the writing on the wall for months. “It is just not in her plans to even consider getting back with him. The emotional romantic bond that Kim had for Kanye is gone,” our second insider spilled.

“Too much time has passed to even think about giving Kanye another chance. She has made him know and will continue to make him know since they will forever be bonded by their children. She obviously doesn’t want to see him hurting but it’s over, she can’t see herself getting back to him,” they said. “Kim is someone that is always moving forward, and, in this situation, she is not going to start moving backwards. She knows the right thing to do for all involved is to not get back involved romantically with Kanye, it is just not the right thing to do and pursue.”

Hailey Baldwin’s Parents: What She’s Said About Her Relationship With Stephen & Kennya

Hailey Baldwin’s Parents: What She’s Said About Her Relationship With Stephen & Kennya


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News Writer & Reporter

Hailey Baldwin is one of two daughters born to Stephen and Kennya Baldwin. Find out about the model’s parents and take a look back at some of the most memorable things she’s said about them over the years.

Hailey Baldwin, 24, comes from the legendary Baldwin family known for its many actors, including her dad Stephen Baldwin, 55. Stephen and his wife Kennya Baldwin, 53, whom he married in 1990, welcomed the model in 1996, three years after welcoming her older sister Alaia Baldwin, and have been an important part of her life ever since. Although she tends to keep her personal life with her parents private most of the time, Hailey has occasionally opened up about them and their impact throughout her time in being in the spotlight, and we’re looking back on those moments here.

Hailey Baldwin poses with her parents and her sister Alaia at an event. (Henry Lamb/BEI/Shutterstock)

From getting introduced to her future husband Justin Bieber by her dad when she was a kid, to admitting she feels “lucky” that her folks are still married, there’s a lot of interesting tidbits Hailey’s confirmed about Stephen and Kennya and how they’ve changed her life for the better. Find out more below!

Stephen Introduced Hailey To Justin Backstage At The ‘Today’ Show In 2009.

The future husband and wife could be seen awkwardly greeting each other and quickly shaking hands in a now viral video after Stephen introduces his “daughter Hailey” to the pop star and tells him they’ve been “enjoying” his “music. Although Hailey later admitted she didn’t know much about Justin at the time of their first exchange, he later joined her and her parents for a family dinner and bowling outing after her dad “connected” with him and his mom as friends.

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Hailey Baldwin In Daisy Dukes — Pics

“To be honest, this is the truth. He was so new that I didn’t really know a lot about him yet,” she said during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “It was really kinda before anything. I met him and his mom and my dad kind of just connected as friends and we invited them over to our house the next day. So him and his mom just came over for family dinner with me and my family and we went bowling.”

Hailey Admitted She Turned To Her Parents First After Justin Proposed In 2018.

Hailey talked about how she asked for Stephen and Kennya’s advice after the “Baby” singer surprised her with a proposal shortly after they began dating. “In my heart I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” she said about saying “yes” to marrying Justin on his YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons, but wanted to see if her parents would “stop” her “from doing something crazy.”

After seeking them out, Hailey thought they would tell her to “relax and take a breath and think about this and see how you feel in like 24 hours or a week” but instead, they were fully supportive. She explained that they said, “Honestly, we think that this is meant to be for you and we know that this is what you want, so we trust you.” The rest is history.

Hailey Once Said Politics Caused A Negative Situation With Her Dad.
Hailey Baldwin and her dad Stephen Baldwin. (MEGA)

In an interview with The Times, Hailey opened up about her and Stephen’s clashing opinions when it came to the presidential election in 2020. Since she’s reportedly a Democrat and and he was a Donald Trump supporter, it affected her in a not so great way. “That was a very hurtful situation for me,” she told the outlet. “I love my father, he’s an amazing dad, but we so strongly disagreed on [the election]. He and my sister strongly disagreed on it. My sister’s husband, like everyone on our side, just doesn’t agree with him. We don’t talk about it now. It’s not worth the argument.”

“It was a very big issue for me, but my dad’s still my dad,” she continued. “I would never let politics get in the way of family.”

Kennya Talked Hailey Back From A Breaking Point In Her Marriage.

“I remember I called her a few different times, one particular time when we were in Brooklyn and I was calling her, I was crying, and I was like, ‘I just can’t do it. There’s no way that I’m going to be able to do this if it’s going to be like this forever,’” Hailey said on the In Good Faith with Chelsea & Judah Smith podcast about calling Kennya during a tough moment in her marriage to Justin.

“And I just remember she was so calm on the phone and she was like, ‘It’s going to pass, and you’re going to be fine and he’s going to be healthy and we’re here for you,’” she continued. “And I do feel like we just had a lot of support. I feel like if I didn’t have support, it would’ve been 10 times harder, and it was already the hardest thing in my life at the time.”

Hailey’s Mom Taught Her About ‘Clean Beauty.’
Hailey Baldwin and her mom Kennya Baldwin during an outing. (MEGA)

“My mother is Brazilian and I grew up in a house where she and my grandmother only used organic products, from hair dyes to cleaning products,” the blonde beauty said about Kennya, who is the daughter of legendary Brazilian composer Eumir Deodato, in an interview with Vogue. “I’ve been surrounded by natural and clean beauty my whole life.”

Hailey’s Expressed Her Gratitude For Her Parents On Social Media.

Once in a while, Hailey will dote on Stephen and Kennya in posts that honor holidays like Father’s or Mother’s Day and/or their birthdays. “Happy Birthday Daddio. You are my most favorite person forever and ever. I love you 💕,” she wrote alongside photos of some tender moments with her dad in May 2018. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to the earth angel that is my Mama. So grateful to have a Mom like you… and Happy Mother’s Day to the other strong amazing ladies who are walking with me through life, my beautiful Nana, My Mother in Law and my big sister 🖤 love you guys to the moon and back!” she also wrote alongside pics of her and her mom in May 2021.

James Austin Johnson As Donald Trump Invades Glenn Youngkin’s Judge Jeanine Interview On ‘SNL’ — Watch

James Austin Johnson As Donald Trump Invades Glenn Youngkin’s Judge Jeanine Interview On ‘SNL’ — Watch


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Evening Writer

James Austin Johnson impressed fans with his Donald Trump impersonation on ‘SNL’ as he took over Glenn Youngkin’s Judge Jeanine FOX news interview.

Saturday Night Live newcomer James Austin Johnson made an impression on Saturday as he impersonated Donald Trump in a hilarious sketch. The featured player, who joined the cast this season, did a dead-on impression of the 45th president invading an interview with “Judge Janine,” aka Janine Pirro played by Cecily Strong to bulldoze Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin played by Alex Moffat.

In the sketch, Glenn’s interview with the FOX News host went south when it was overtaken by the former president, who went on various hilarious tangents in a “Rundown.” Johnson’s Trump took on similar vocal inflections and idiosyncrasies from the 75-year-old, getting lost on random points about things like the “PC police,” the movie Dune, the actor Jason Mamoa, and more, to finally circle back around to the topic of “Virginia,” aka Glenn’s state of office.

“I was never there-there for Glenn, but I told lots of people they should vote for Glenn, okay?” Johnson as Trump stated. “And you know what, most people don’t like Glenn — but he’s a wonderful guy, okay?” the actor hilariously quipped.

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Fans really couldn’t get enough of new player James’ Trump impression, with numerous people lauding the performance across social media. “On #SNL, James Austin Johnson’s debut portrayal of Donald Trump tonight is SCARY good… He has the voice absolutely DOWN,” wrote one user. “James Austin Johnson’s Trump voice is terrifyingly spot-on,” another person stated. “Wow, James Austin Johnson is CRUSHING the Trump impression,” another follower exclaimed. “Most accurate political impression ever on SNL, hands down!” 

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 45 — Photos

Alex Moffat as Glenn Youngkin and James Austin Johnson as Donald Trump on ‘SNL.’ (NBC)

James joined the cast for its 47th season. After getting his comedy start in Nashville, TN, James appeared in various shows, including Tuca and Bertie, as well as several movies, like the Coen Brothers movie, Hail, Caesar! The comedian started gaining traction across the internet for his impressions when videos of him impersonating Trump during the 2020 election went viral. The clips, which featured him going on about random things such as Scooby-Doo and Weird Al Yankovic‘s feud with Coolio. Those videos definitely contributed to James’ rise as well as the content of ‘SNL’ sketches!

Katie Couric & Meghan McCain: A Timeline Of Their Feud

Katie Couric & Meghan McCain: A Timeline Of Their Feud

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock

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10 Photos.

News Writer & Reporter

Meghan McCain called Katie Couric a ‘hypocritical’ journalist in a shocking column she wrote on Oct. 15. Find out how the entire feud unfolded and get details on their rocky history here.

Meghan McCain, 37, didn’t hold back about her feelings on Katie Couric, 64, in a column for Daily Mail, which was published on Oct. 15, and it’s bringing their headline-making feud to the forefront of everyone’s minds. The former co-host of The View fearlessly called the broadcast legend “a hypocrite” and criticized her journalism when Katie admitted to leaving out certain comments from the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg after a 2016 interview she had with her. Although she claimed she took out some of her words as a way to “protect” her, Meghan wasn’t having it and even seemingly called Katie’s behavior “toxic.”

Katie Couric and Meghan McCain are in the headlines after the latter criticized the former’s book. (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

Find out the details of the feud, how it unfolded, and past issues they’ve had below.

Before Their Latest Feud, Meghan Called Out Katie In Jan. 2021.

The Republican called Katie’s comments “out of bounds” after she spoke to Bill Maher over how she feels people should view former President Donald Trump‘s supporters. “I also think some of them are believing the garbage that they are being fed 24/7 on the internet, by their constituents, and they bought into this big lie,” Katie said. “And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

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Meghan McCain — Photos

Meghan, who has been known to also criticize Trump, responded to Katie’s words by saying she thought that after Joe Biden‘s presidential win in Nov. 2020, Democrats would be calling for unity. “Instead we’re hearing a lot of language from people like Katie Couric talking about Republicans like me need to be deprogramed, that we’re brainwashed — that 74 million Americans are basically irredeemable people, that we don’t need to communicate with or in any way have anything to do with,” she said shortly after Katie’s interview. “I think it’s horribly dangerous for the country and I also think it’s horribly dangerous for Democrats. … Honestly, they can go to hell because I don’t need to be deprogrammed.”

Their Latest Feud All Started With Katie’s Memoir.
Katie Couric’s memoir reveals intimate details about her life. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Katie’s new book, Going There, which has a release date of Oct. 26, 2021, reveals intimate details about her life and the struggles she went through, such as a battle with bulimia as a teen, but it also includes her opinions and actions as a journalist, which is what Meghan had a problem with. She admitted to leaving a portion of her interview with Ruth out because she criticized NFL players like Colin Kaepernick for kneeling in protest during the national anthem during football games.

Katie explained that the former Supreme Court Justice described the players kneeling as having “contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life.” She went on to claim that a public affairs official for the Supreme Court asked her to remove the comments about the NFL players the next day because they said she had “misspoken.”

Katie Admitted Removing Ruth’s Comments Wasn’t An Easy Decision.

In the book, Katie also says she “lost a lot of sleep” while thinking about how to proceed with the request to remove the comments. She was also receiving conflicting opinions about whether or not to go along with it, but she ultimately decided to make the cut.

After Advanced Copies Of Katie’s Book Were Sent Out, Meghan Wrote The Column That Called Her Out.
Meghan McCain said she doesn’t ‘like’ Katie Couric. (Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Meghan quit The View and teamed up with the Daily Mail to work as a columnist in Sept. 2021. She released a statement that said she was excited about the job because it would allow her to share her opinions without the fear of censorship and in her column about Katie, that’s exactly what she did. It was released on Oct. 15, 2021 and talked about Katie’s practices as a journalist as well as toxicity in the workplace.

“How can there be any expectation of trust between anyone with an opinion to the right of Ruth Bader Ginsburg if interviewers and their networks believe editing out commentary they believe would hurt a progressive icon is an ethical thing to do?” Meghan questioned in the column, before adding, “…Katie Couric would have afforded no conservative woman any such mercy.”

She went on to say that “the generations before mine have created, fostered and enabled a long line of toxic behavior towards the generations of women coming up behind them,” before calling Katie’s memoir, “nothing short of a kamikaze mission to destroy what is left of the carcass of her career.”

Meghan also said she “hated” Katie’s book during her Oct. 20, 2021 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which can be seen above.

Meghan Admitted She Hasn’t Liked Katie Since Her 2008 Interview With Sarah Palin.

Katie’s infamous interview with former Alaska Governor and then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008, received a lot of criticism, and Meghan admitted it was that moment that caused her not to like the former Today anchor. “I don’t like Katie Couric, I haven’t liked Katie Couric since she interviewed Sarah Palin,” Meghan wrote before describing the interview as “a trainwreck” in which Sarah performed poorly.

“But she was being interviewed by an infamous mean girl who has now admitted to leaving out a ‘damaging’ part of an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg where the former Supreme Court justice and left-wing icon admits to not liking those who kneel before rather than salute our American flag,” she continued.

Meghan brought up both interviews, with Sarah and Ruth, to point out that she didn’t trust Katie for not tweaking her final interviews to make liberals look good and conservatives look bad. “If we now know for a fact that if Katie Couric edited her interviews to make famous liberals look good, one can only imagine and speculate about what she might possibly have done to make conservatives look bad,” she explained before using that as an example of why people shouldn’t trust media. “How many other interviews did she rig or manipulate during her long, storied career? And why did her network allow it to air in such a fashion?”

Katie Hasn’t Responded To Meghan.

As of Oct. 24, 2021, Katie hadn’t responded to Meghan’s comments about her memoir, but since she’s often in the spotlight and dishing details during her book tour and other appearances, we’d suspect the topic could come up sometime in the future.

Jason Sudeikis Reprises His ‘Joe Biden’ Alongside James Austin Johnson & Alex Moffat’s On ‘SNL’

Jason Sudeikis Reprises His ‘Joe Biden’ Alongside James Austin Johnson & Alex Moffat’s On ‘SNL’


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14 Photos.

Senior Weekend Editor

Jason Sudeikis made his first ‘SNL’ appearance in years! The actor was a long-running cast member on the series before departing in 2013.

Jason Sudeikis, 45, is back! The actor appeared on  Saturday Night Live for his first-ever hosting gig on Saturday, Oct. 23 — and reprised his role as Joe Biden! New comer James Austin Johnson opened with his new take on the current president in an Oval Office set. Seemingly exhausted, he pondered — what happened to his old self?

In come Jason’s Biden, who he hasn’t portrayed since 2013! “I’m you! I’m you from 8 years ago. The ghost from Biden’s past — boo!” Jason hilariously quipped, visibly casual in a bomber jacket and baseball hat (Johnson’s Biden, however, was in a full suit and tie).

Jason Sudeikis reprises his Joe Biden, left, alongside James Austin Johnson’s Joe, right. (NBC)

“Yeah, partner, where I’m from — we’re still VP. Easiest job in the world. We’re like America’s wacky neighbor…we pop in with ice cream, shake a few hands, rub a few shoulders,” Jason’s Biden explained to his future self, played by James’ version, who tried to fill his past self in on the last eight years (including Donald Trump).

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 46 — Photos

“The last president ruined everything! Ordering McDonald’s to the White House, hanging out with strippers,” he began, as Jason’s Biden quipped the “only mansion I care about is the Playboy Mansion — that’s classic 2K-13 Biden!”

SNL cast member Alex Moffatt — who played Biden once in 2013 — also joined the fun. “Who the hell are you?” Jason’s Biden asked. “I’m Joe Biden?” Alex’s Biden replied to a confused Jason and James were clearly confused. “From When?” Jason’s Biden then inquired. “March 2021?” Alex replied, as the two dismissed him.

“I should just mosey back on 2013, I just got tickets to a concert,” Jason suggested, before giving James some advice. “We may be from different eras — at the end of the day, we’re both Joe-freaking-Biden.”

Watch live on @NBC and @PeacockTV! pic.twitter.com/a6hdHDgypN

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 23, 2021

Jason’s career has exploded since his long-running tenure at SNL, which began as a writer before becoming a cast member in 2005 (he left in 2013 after a decade). Most recently, the actor has starred in arguably the biggest hit on Apple TV+, Ted Lasso. The Fairfax, Virginia native plays the title character in the series, which follows the story an American college football coach who led the Wichita State Shockers to a Division II NCAA championship.

The popular show even led to Jason’s first-ever Emmy in Sept. 2021, where SNL showrunner Lorne Michaels teased the former cast member’s return. “Jason Sudeikis will be coming back soon,” the Canadian-born producer said to press, declining to offer more details. Jason was later confirmed alongside Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian and Rami Malek as one of the first four hosts to kick off season 47.

Meghan McCain Lists Jeanine Pirro & Donald Trump Jr. As Worst ‘View’ Guests She Interviewed

Meghan McCain Lists Jeanine Pirro & Donald Trump Jr. As Worst ‘View’ Guests She Interviewed


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17 Photos.

News Writer

In her new audio memoir, Meghan McCain reportedly names Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro as among the worst guests that she interviewed on ‘The View.’

Meghan McCain did not hold back in her upcoming audio memoir, Bad Republican. The 36-year-old outspoken conservative delved into much about the 3 and a half years she spent as a co-host on The View, and according to excerpts of the memoir obtained by the Daily Mail, she even named the people who she did not enjoy interviewing on the show. Those names include former FBI Director James Comey, political commentator Rachel Maddow, and actor Nathan Lane.

“James Comey was so slick and rehearsed that he was a terrible guest,” Meghan reportedly said in the memoir. “Rachel Maddow same thing. Nathan Lane was a d**k. It made me so mad because I loved him before I met him.”

Meghan McCain (Photo: Shutterstock)

But of all the guests, Meghan reportedly said that Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News personality and Donald Trump loyalist, left the worst taste in her mouth. In case you don’t recall, Jeanine appeared on the ABC daytime show on July 19, 2018, and she got into a major fight with Whoopi Goldberg. “She came on the show and told us we all had Trump Derangement Syndrome, and when we pushed back, she became instantly enraged,” Meghan recalled of the turbulent interview in her memoir. “I heard Whoopi yelling at her to get the hell out of the building.”

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'The View' — Photos Of The Show

Donald Trump Jr. also made quite the splash when he spoke to Meghan and the rest of her co-hosts on The View. “It was a disaster,” Meghan recalled of the former president’s son’s explosive interview on November 7, 2019. “He packed the audience with Trump supporters and brought his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle who I used to work with at Fox News, before she was fired for allegedly sending around penis pictures.” Meghan added of the incident, “It felt a lot like an episode of the Jerry Springer Show or an MMA cage.”

Meghan McCain on ‘The View’ (Photo: ABC)

Meghan left The View in July 2021 for a job as an opinion columnist at Daily Mail, as well as to focus on her family. In excerpts from Bad Republican that were obtained by Variety, Meghan claimed that she experienced “toxic, direct and purposeful hostility” while being the lone conservative. She also said that Whoopi “turned on her” after the two started off on good terms, and that Joy Behar‘s diss to Meghan after she returned from maternity leave was her last straw before she quit the show.

Bad Republican will be available via Audible on October 21.

George Clooney Disses Donald Trump: He’s A ‘Knucklehead’ Who Only Cares About ‘Chasing Girls’

George Clooney Disses Donald Trump: He’s A ‘Knucklehead’ Who Only Cares About ‘Chasing Girls’


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8 Photos.

News Writer & Reporter

George Clooney blasted the former president in an interview with the BBC network and fervently hopes that Trump won’t ever be elected to the highest office in the land again.

George Clooney, 60, is calling out Donald Trump for not having the character to have been president. The actor took aim at the former U.S. president, 75, during a new sit-down interview on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show and called him “a knucklehead.” He also made it clear that he thought it was unfortunate that Trump “is going to be a factor for a while” even though he was voted out of office.

Kentuckian George Clooney discussing Trump on BBC.

A “knucklehead” who “chased girls”.

Says the former guy can’t stand the people who worship him…pic.twitter.com/K8X3KmlHzu

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) October 10, 2021

“He’s going to be a factor for a while. It’s so funny because he was just this knucklehead. I knew him before he was a president. He was just a guy who was chasing girls,” George said in the interview. “Every time you went out he’d come over and be like, ‘What’s the name of that girl?’.”

“He’s going to play this out for a while and we will see where we go with it as a country,” he continued after explaining that he thinks “a lot of things that have to be repaired” in America following Trump’s presidency. “There’s a lot of healing that has to happen and it’s going to take time.”

George Clooney talked about Donald Trump and politics in his latest BBC interview. (Shutterstock)

“My hope is we have a little better sense than to do that again,” the two-time Academy Award winner added.

In addition to Trump, George, who is the father of two, addressed the elephant in the room – whether he’d ever dive into politics himself. “No, because I actually would like to have a nice life,” he replied. “I turned 60 this year and I had a conversation with my wife [lawyer Amal Clooney] and we were working a lot, as we both do, and I said we have to think of these as the halcyon years. If we have our health, which we do… and I’m 60 and I can still play basketball and do the things I love.”

“But in 20 years I will be 80 and that’s a real number,” he added. “Doesn’t matter how much you work out, what you eat, you’re 80 and so I said we have to make sure we enjoy and live these years in the best possible way.”

George further expressed that he wanted to not only spend the time with his wife but also with their four-year-old twins Alexander and Ella as he continues to lead a successful career in acting and directing.

Kanye West Spotted Having Coffee With Michael Cohen In NYC Before Kim Kardashian’s ‘SNL’ Debut

Kanye West Spotted Having Coffee With Michael Cohen In NYC Before Kim Kardashian’s ‘SNL’ Debut


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32 Photos.

Senior Weekend Editor

Kanye West was spotted out and about in the Big Apple just a day ahead of estranged wife Kim Kardashian’s ‘SNL’ gig.

Kanye West, 44, is in New York City. The Yeezy rapper was spotted having coffee with Donald Trump‘s former lawyer Michael Cohen just a day before Kim Kardashian‘s Saturday Night Live debut — see the photos via Page Six here.

The Disloyal: A Memoir author, 55, has been under house arrest after being convicted for tax evasion and finance fraud. Cohen was disbarred by the New York Supreme Court Feb. 26, 2019, and later reported to Otisville, New York in May 2019. He was released in May 2020, which is when he began serving his house arrest.

Kanye West has been spotted in NYC with Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. (Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock)

The odd pairing were seen sitting at an outdoor table surrounded by trees at Sant Ambroeus. Two red to-go coffee cups could be seen on the table as they appeared to be in conversation. Kanye was casually dressed in a black hoodie and pants, while Cohen sported a long sleeved black t-shirt. After Cohen was also spotted out in May, his lawyer explained that his client had received “special permission from the BOP [Bureau of Prisons} and RRM [Residential Reentry Management] to eat out.”

Related Gallery

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Hottest Couple Moments — Photos

The Chicago native actively supported Donald Trump throughout his presidency, even wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap on several occasions. In 2020, Kanye said he was “taking the hat off” as he surprisingly announced his own political ambitions, subsequently running against Trump and current President Joe Biden.

Kanye’s ex Kim has been actively rehearsing for SNL‘s Oct. 9 episode in New York City, which she’s set to host. While it was initially rumored that Kanye could appear as musical guest on the same date, it was later confirmed that Halsey, 27, would be taking the reigns for the fifth time.

Although the rapper isn’t scheduled to appear on the episode, it’s been reported that Kanye has been “quietly advising her on her performance, her opening monologue, even her costumes for the show,” per Page Six. In recent months, Kim has been wearing head-to-toe Balenciaga — a luxury label that Kanye is also closely related with due to his relationship with Demna Gvasalia.