Shootergang Kony – Everything Gucci Lyrics

I like it

Everything Gucci, gouda
I don’t get benched, I’m a real life shooter, huh?
Want it all, need the chips and the mula
We could take it way back to SS with the Ruger, huh?
Knock it off, bitch tryna get the cock involved
I’m hard-bodied but your mans swore I’m kind of soft
I stumbled in but this chopper on me caught my fall
She got dick, fell in love, now she want my drawers
Am I worried ’bout a sucker? Not at all
Take a seat, watch these real niggas ball
Figured you was soft, seen them niggas, didn’t draw
Now you want me to believe that you gon’ kill ’em in the mall?
Oh Lord, oh my God, you drilled a nigga, put it on your moms, killer
How come they all run like I’m Godzilla?
Run it in, I don’t do no facades
When I get the jumpball, they all round of applause, nigga
Free the Jumpman, f**k two three
Sold my soul to the streets and they gave me a receipt
f**k a rap beef, we gon’ leave it in the streets
Get the drop where he sleep, leave him covered in them sheets
S Gang’s tricks leave your homeboy deceased
Have White Strap come back and put you on your cheeks
You don’t want smoke ’cause we chief like Keef
You don’t got a yeek, when it’s beef, I’ma eat, nigga
Who you finna call when your back against the wall?
Asked him where he from, then I hit him in the jaw
Nigga hoop with us, bet a hundred on my dawg
He don’t even get a chance with the ball
Niggas ain’t ten, you’ll be sidin’ with the law
Niggas yellin’ foul but like half of you soft
I was 15 sellin’ weed in the stores
I’ma leave you on the stove just for thinkin’ that you raw
Hotboy, if you want a problem, you can call, we set it off
And that’s word to my dawg
I’m a real P, if she run, I’ma jog
I’m a big dawg, I will step on y’all paws
Every damn day, my neck ice skate
Yeah, I ended up in jail
Every nigga need a quick lil’ life break
Slaps got his right ate
And where I’m from
If you slap the wrong song you get cleaned up on Aisle 8, nigga