Zach Sherwin – Dino Soaps Lyrics

Some people have names with words
That are relevant to ’em embedded in the middle
Encoded bonus information
Hidden in the letters in the center like a riddle
If you don’t understand just yet, don’t fret
I’m gonna demonstrate, and you’ll get it in a little
Bit when I spit these well-known names
With secret words embedded in the middle

[Verse 1]
So who’s precisely my TYPE of lady?
Check it out: it’s kaTY PErry
Who was a RIOT on SNL? She’s very hilarious: cheRI OTeri
BuSTA Rhymes is a rap STAR. missY ELLiott as well
She had a famous song where she said “Holla…”
And you know that’s YELL
RusSELL Simmons SELLS. He’s an entrepreneur
ChRIS Evans causes a RISE in libido
GREen is the color of Shrek the OGRE’S skin
And the last name of cee lO
Who’s the HERO of every film in which we’ve ever seen him?
Dwayne tHE ROck johnson. What a hunk!
Lotta people wanna get up in his NETHER regions

[Verse 2]
ScotT WOlf starred in the ’90s sitcom “Party of Five”
So what’s up with the TWO?
And steVIE Wonder may be blind
But his name has got a perfect VIEW
So some of these are off base
SanDRA Bullock is not DRAB, she’s a beauty
ZAC Efron’s no acting ACE
VIN DIEsel isn’t in INDIE movies
Whose classic car is a Lincoln, not a MODEL T?
GuillerMO DEL Toro
And do I like jOHN Oliver? Oh yes
So forget that OH NO. Animals!

[Verse 3]
WhooPI Goldberg has PIG. rheA PEarlman, APE
There’s an ELK in michaEL Keaton
And a she-sheep, or a EWE
In kanyE WEst, georgE WEndt, and vampirE WEekend
And nEW Edition
Ask former Senator christopHER Dodd: that’s a whole HERD!
And smack in the middle
Of Malcom in the Middle’s frankiE MUniz?
EMU, a big bird

[Verse 4]
ReginA SPektor: ASP!
Like a viper
But also NAS who fired back after
Jay’s dis track “Takeover,”
Produced by Kanye, who put chancE THE Rapper on “Pablo.”
Nas called his song “ETHER.”
Let me BLOW your mind with just a few more
But not before finding NEMO in julianNE MOore

[Verse 5]
ChristOPH WALz has OPH WAL
Spelled in an off-the-wall way
And my buddy loves GANJA
I put him in even though he’s not famous:
And FLO RIDA’s entire name is a perfect FLORIDA overlap
I don’t know what state that dude is from
But someone prob’ly should have told him that!

Dino soaps
Why call this song “Dino Soaps?”
‘Cause when I was a kid I had the kind of soap
That had a little rubber dinosaur at the core inside the soap
Buried down deep like a treasure
Now you can put all the pieces together
I call these dino soaps
They’re normal-seeming names with a secret treat at the center

GareTH Edwards: the director of the next Star Wars film: “Rogue One.”
And you already know about ellEN Degeneres; if you didn’t, I’d be so stunned
No connection between them. Except for this, and it’s real fun:
THE END. (Dino soaps!) And now we’re eD O’NEill: