Locksmith – Grime (The Lock Sessions Album) letras

[Intro: Jarren Benton]
K-K-Kato on the track, bitch!

Yo! Everybody want to be a god
Everybody want to be a deity
Everybody want to cling on to the Earth
Nobody want to break free of thee
Mental jail that is meant to jail what the lower side of your potential self
Whatever sent you there will extend and pale
It can perish into your eventual hell
Nothing is special, they press you they stress you
They force you to give up and follow it
Rappers they bicker and beef all for nothing
They fight with eachother like catholics and protestants
Seven extra books, aggression cooks and noone expects to look
Underneath what is known to the streets
Until its blown out of proportion like a portrait that I paint
Trapped in a quaint little hold and the rich
Where the skinny niggas die and you can’t fly
Out of the cage until I stepped on the stage
And I let my emotions comply
[comfy] with a similar sentiment to the spirit that was given to independent mindframe
Niggas claiming that they willing to ride and sacrifice any vice my advice get out my frame
They just keep rapping about money and bottles and models and mottos
And hallows and how they just copped a new yacht and a [grotto]
But what does it worth if you shallow?
How do you swallow and bury the truth
Living out your life, vicarious through
Me but that’s meaningless niggas keep dreaming this
Thinking they can be sharing this too, I
Intur when it’s infered that I’m in first ’till I emerse than they inverse what has been purged on a large scale
Auction and sell another lost soul that they can pimp worst
Worst case is the worst eight
Minutes spent on a couple new songs in the first place
That you never should have listened to
This is what we different do
People talk about it want to limit you
Living with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder
They really want me to slow it but I’m focused on my ingame
If you really think about it every stage I was doubted but the faith in my self, it was ingrained
Every cell, every membrain
Every failure I sustain
I been dealing with a lot of adversity but my lyric diversity got me jugded in a whole another light, let me explain
What another might do they get claps and praise
Do the same get attacked with a match and blaze
Passion plays a part my detach from craze
Niggas tryna drag me into a trap they laid
Give a fuck about your accolades
Acts of rage, spitting to a bastard’s face
Bash his face
Leave him with an aftertaste
A massive case of being pissed off ’cause I’m past his pace