GSK/Kellogg/USAID Global Health Case Competition ($USD 10,000 & Fully Funded to London)

Application Deadline: February 22nd 2018
The GSK | Kellogg | USAID Global Health Case Competition brings together business students from around the world to discuss global health challenges. Students will be placed into teams and, together, develop a proposed solution to a given global health case study that they will then present to a panel of judges. Students will also participate in site visits to local partners from both the public and private sectors (e.g., McKinsey & Company, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, social enterprises, etc.).
Africa and Southeast Asia are home to the fastest growing healthcare markets in the world. Building effective business models in these markets, however, poses unique challenges. From innovative financing mechanisms, complicated supply chains, to cultural norms that change from community to community and a multitude of regulatory requirements, there are no shortages of barriers to overcome… and opportunities to leverage.

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Build business-minded global health capacity in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States
Generate new thinking and solutions to real world global health challenges
Identify (business/private sector) talent in the global health space
Raise awareness and interest in global health opportunities and challenges among the business community
Build relationships between students and schools across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States
Generate new global health case studies to be used in business school curriculum globally

Team Assignment.
GSK will accept 20 students for the year’s case competition.
Five teams of four students each will be comprised of students mixed across universities.
Although there will be a focus on MBA program students, students in other related programs are eligible to apply.
There is no prep work required of the teams – Kellogg faculty and staff will pre-assign each student to a team, and students will be notified of their assignments at the competition.

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Funding and Travel.
All students accepted to the competition will be fully funded.
The event will be held at GSK’s headquarters at 980 Great West Road, London, UK.
GSK will generously provide expenses to fund travel to and from the event, and lodging/food expenses in London.
More details regarding travel booking and visa processing will be distributed via email to those accepted to the case competition.

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Team Prizes.
First place will take home $5,000. Second place will take home $3,000. Third place will take home $2,000.

February 22 – Applications due
11:59 PM (London Time) MARCH
March 1 – Accepted applications announced
March 1-March 28 – Travel booking + logistics coordination

Event Schedule.
APRIL 15 -Travel to London-Welcome Dinner
APRIL 16 – Site visits – Team assignments -Case distribution
APRIL 17 -Case prep – Coaches check-in

Visit the Official Webpage of the GSK/Kellogg/USAID Global Health Case Competition 


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