Go Yayo – Jedediah Lyrics

Ayy, let’s get it

Masked up, I’m strapped up, gat tucked
He try to up it, he get a rack stuck
Get a sack up or you dumb ass gettin’ wrapped up
Chopper hit him, now that nigga need back-up
I’m the demon, every day I be schemin’
Run with your sack, Willie Beamen
You kissin’ that bitch, she eat semen all day to the weekend
He talk like he tough, he don’t mean it
Addicted to Perc’, I be fiendin’, Hi-Tech, I be leanin’
Sip straight out the bottle, I’m goin’ full throttle
They tell me to quit, I think I got a problem
They tell me to quit, I think I got a problem with sippin’
OG 93, I’m geeked, bitch I’m lifted
RIP Granny, she told me I’m gifted
Get rich or die tryin’ like 50
Addicted to trappin’, can’t stop it
My bitch she attractive
You smokin’ your re-up, I’m stackin’ my profit (Dumbass)
Official jacker, I’ll go in your pocket (Give it up)
Run in your trap dressed in black like I’m gothic
These niggas cappin’, bitch, Go Yayo who copy
You only number one if losin’ the topic
I’m on fire, all I spit is that hot shit
I had to get it, I ain’t had no more options (Ho)
These opps talkin’ tough but they super weak
Now I’m at your door with a mask like it’s trick or treat
Go Yayo big homie, he been a G
The king of the Murda, lil’ boy must be kiddin’ me (The f**k?)
I got that sauce on me
Sell so much dope, got the laws on me
I got the drip, tell your bitch keep a drop with me (Drip)
VVS diamonds, no flaw with me (Bling blaow)
Better not let your dogs put they paws on me, frrt, get off of me
Two liter Big Blue full of Big Red
Come get your freak, she go too fast, she all on my dickhead
College bitch, she give me big head
f**k her and ditch that, Yayo not with all that chit-chat (Nope)
Miss me with all of that he said
Don’t give a f**k ’bout what she said
Ran up on me and now he dead
Creep down the street with that heat sprayin’
Scoot up with stick, double back and we replay it

Bitch, Yayo, huh
Pussy nigga, gang gang gang
Good Dope, Vol. 2
Ooh, Rich ‘Fore 21, gang