KYLE – It’s Yours lyrics

Ooh, yep

[Verse 1]
Stop tellin’ me yes
Stop tellin’ me no
Start takin’ control
I’m just doin’ what you said, ooh
I should stop tellin’ you yes, if I ain’t sure
Lot of answers I don’t have
Every day is a new test
I always try my best I swear the right boxes get checked
But I still end up incorrect
Baby I could use a tutor
Relationship troubleshooter
I wish I had found you sooner
Cheerleader who loves the loser (oh, yeah)
In real life not on computers
I get up, get on my scooter
Roll on down the hill to meet you
Road for you prior to Uber
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
So someone in Southern Cali
Lives a little lightskin, deep in the valley
Nearby is this girl, she’s a baddie
Curly cutie equipped with the fattie
And he likes her, but scared of her daddy
Understandably, that nigga’s big
Waits ’til he dips, goes to her crib
Looks over the fence, blows her a kiss
She opens the door and he doesn’t go in
Seven days later she does it again
This time they’re not blowin’ kisses they’re kissin’
Start in the bedroom and goes to the kitchen
Different positions, switchin’ and switchin’
Windows is open, the neighbors can listen
Breakin’ foundation we shakin’ the walls
Finish the mission and get in them drawers
His homies is clappin’ he hears the applause
You did it, you did it, lil nigga it’s yours

Haha, yo, wow, this is crazy
Okay, I-I did not have a speech prepared tonight
I did not plan on winning
Uh, shit, I’ma just go from the heart, okay?
Uh, first of all, I’d like to thank her dad
For actually leaving the premises, and giving me this opportunity
To score my first pair of buns
So, thank you sir
Uh, shit, um also
Oh, I’d like to thank my friends
My loyal ass friends for stickin’ through this with me
You know, I know I’ve been a virgin for a long time
But now that I’m not, I have you guys to thank, so thank you guys
Uh, shit, okay, uh where is Ginuwine at?
Is he in here–yo, man
You, bro, you
My source of inspiration
Without you, this shit would’ve not have happened
So thank you, and thank you
Ginuwine everybody, give it up for Ginuwine, come on
Whoo! What are you doin’ here?
And uh, I just wanna say one last thing before I get out of here
To everyone watching that’s working the low paying job
And that’s under six feet tall
You can do it too, okay?
This shit is not just for professional athletes, alright
It’s about persistence
If she doesn’t text you back, text her again, fuck it!
If she doesn’t give you the address, Google Map her house
You got this man
Alright thank you guys, thank y’all for so much, wow
This is such an honor
(Oh this is great)