Pablo Skywalkin – Birthday Lyrics


Glock get to singing like It’s Drake in the room
It ain’t my birthday but it’s cake in the room
I was raised around bosses you was raised by some fools
Cause when the f**k niggas thought faking was cool?
Got so blowed last night fell asleep by the pool
You ain’t shooting that shit right if it didn’t make the news
In the backyard hooping and I played in some Loubs
Even if these was your size you couldn’t play in my shoes
They keep asking if I’m cripping cause I stay with some blues
But this the money that you get when you play by the rules
I’m addicted to the streets should’ve stayed into school
Better hold your head high you need faith
I’m a prize to a bitch I’m a f**king sweepstakes
Type of girl realest nigga only right I need Bape
I got water around my neck and I’m from the Great Lakes
My bitch make 10 bands every time she switch states
She a real ass bitch even though her lips fake
I’ve been getting f**king money way before a mixtape
If she ain’t talking bout no money then I’m gone [?]
If she talking bout money then I’m gone with her safe
I will never fall in love cause it f**k up the pace
Tattoos by my eye saying f**k out my face
Keep a Glock in my pants like it’s stuck to my waist
She don’t really love me just the hundreds I make
You won’t catch me in the club without a gun in that place
This so motherf**king good [?]
You did 40 shows just to rock a necklace
That’s why I don’t like rapping cause to me that shit pathetic
Make a bitch throw it back only right that I catch it
I hate I popped a pill I can’t deal with this sweating
Bitch shut the f**k up you talk to much take this [?]
Got a bitch with pretty titties with my dick on her breasts
Shot a nigga crib up if he ain’t got it [?]
They say I need to chill cause I’m driving while I’m texting
Triple H bitch hell no i ain’t wrestling
You know my niggas lethal cause they always got some weapons
Don’t you ask me them questions like where you been at and why you looking at my bestfriend
Shootouts on camera I’m just mad we hit pedestrians
I had to suck it up and I just took it as a lesson
Every time I’m on the beat I let my soul leak
Nigga that’s your main bitch well that’s my old freak
Mommy even told me that these f**king hoes weak
I ain’t want to take her out and she told me I was cheap
It’s cold outside I need a Moncler or a Mink
I love a bad bitch with a pussy that be pink
But imma kick her out if her pussy f**king stink
I blow my money quick spend 10,000 before you blink
Police asked me can I get up out the car cause it reek
I fell one time in the water it was deep
Bitch she a freak she take dick when she sleep
Used to stand by the stove days when we ain’t have heat
Told her don’t wanna hit the room it’s a backseat