Bugzy Malone – Clash of the Titans Lyrics

Sounds of the Sir
Yo, Yeah
Listen, yo
Watch this, yo

[Verse 1]
I’ve been in all types of pickles
Back when man used to roll naked
By naked I mean no shang with the brissles
Now this big boy teeth on the blade
Threw a bubble coat, man are still gonna dribble
Any sign up, blue lights or sirens
Dem man run from the devil
Over the fence and straight for the ghetto
Nowadays man are teflon and dem man let off the thing it tickles
I’m not the leader of North Korea but man don’t want it cuz they know that I’m letting off missiles
I’m like a silverback gorilla climbing to the top of the tree
And pulling off squirrels
I was gonna stamp on my man’s chest like Bruce Lee but I got morals
Not talking about boiling hot water
When I say that I will put on the kettle
The presidential is on a different level
There is about 15 just in the bezel
When man do a move and start showing off
I just think to myself, what did he want? Medals?
One box between about 4 man
I’m just standing in the club tryna pop bottles
We got 2 quid a piece
That’s if they sell it in zeds
Couldn’t even buy a moped
My man’s banging a 140 kilos on chest, but he’s on steds
That’s like blazing weed and calling yourself a rasta
But having no dreads
I’m the king of the north
If this was the 1600s then I would be cutting off heads
In the autopsy he said that he got shot but he never found lead
That’s cause I’m a lyrical hitman and I will JFK anybody no stress
Man can’t press my buttons
I’m not a PS4 there’s no start select
Man never leave evidence for the feds with this beef thing you never see me send a text
I’m a jockey and I don’t mean on the decks
When I’m driving I don’t give the engine a rest
When I wrapped up the s-tronic quattro rs3 I jumped out and knew I was blessed
The car was a write-off but I didn’t have one scratch on me, even my phone wasn’t smashed
Won’t tell a lie
When I woke the next day man had a little stiff neck in HMP reading books in solitary confinement
Them times my future was not vibrant
Back when the judge told me I was violent
I was tryna look on the bright side of life like in an episode of Monty Python
I call this one bar for bar I’m not giving it a hook do I sound like I’m on a Mike Tyson?
I wear Hugo Boss so they know I’m the grime scene M. Bison
MCs act like they don’t know every last word to my track cause I got ’em all frightened
I shut down JD in London and I shut it down in Ireland
My man said he can kick and all that but he’s not a thai boxer he’s never been Thailand
I snore man with the left and right hand
01 to the 61 that’s my gang
You’re listening to the Sounds of the Sir
And this one strictly for the grime fans
In fact I think this one so cold that we should call it “Clash of the Titans”
The Medusa couldn’t turn me into stone
I’ll decapitate then pick up her head by the pythons

Ahh shit
Bar for Bar, Clash of the Titans
(Hey what you saying Spyro, we carry on?)
Yeah, watch this

[Verse 2]
Man wanna reach the heights that I’ve reached
Tell them man that it’s never gonna happen
I’ll drag man to the darkest parts of the ocean, man can’t fuck with the kraken
This one’s gonna leave man shock like I was when I seen that the Ice King stolen a dragon
That’s for the mandem on season 7

Ahh shit keep that one in