Royce Da 5’9″ – Fuck My Brains Out (feat. Ingrid Smalls & June) lyrics

(feat. Ingrid Smalls, June)

[Ingrid Smalls]
Right there, right there?
Right there, right there?

[Royce Da 5’9″]
It goes up, down, side to side
That’s how a real bitch ride, ride
With the whole thing inside, side
(Ahh, ahh) Don’t be shy
Boom, show you where the liquid is
Blow and your lipstick smears
Lick that tip that meet mine then
You might meet my liquid kids
You don’t gotta pay your physician big
And put that glaze on your glistenin chin
What? Baby I’m listenin
I know what your favorite position is
I know I’ma lick that if I have to
Hit it like a pack of zigzag wrappers
Hit it from the back then give it back to her
In the mouth then give a bitch a tic-tac after

[Chorus: Ingrid Smalls]
I, wannnnt you, fuck my brains ouuuut
I, wannnnt you, sweat my weave ouuuut (mmm)
I, wannnnt you, fuck my brains ouuuut (just like that)
I, wannnnt you, sweat my weave ouuuut (yeah!)

No mistake, June the great
Fucked the most hoes at Michigan State
Technique should be in the textbook
Love to have the ones that like to look
At their reflection, while we’re sexin
Wanna smoke while we fuck? No question
Bitch yeah, is it cool for three?
Cause two girls just don’t do it for me, I’m a beast
Hit it from the back, let me grab her ankles
Thumb’s in the asshole, take the pain slow
Jump back on that c***, keep rockin
Hundred milligram pill, bitch no stoppin
Keep poppin, energy droppin
Neighbors complain, say we too loud often
Another world – you love it
Don’t you? My favorite nasty girl


[Interlude: man talking]
Yeahhh bitch, yeah take this sugar dick bitch
Take it, yeah, take this jackhammer
You ain’t know I had that jackhammer, did you?
Yeah say M. I. C. Bitch, say Vishis
Call me Vishis bitch, yeah (Vishis! M. I. C.!)

It goes up, down, once again
I fuck and make hoes confess they sins
Gotta make sure what’s ya age again
Wish she had me on tape to show your friends
Have a king size bed when I fuck hoes over three times after s**
I don’t even wanna smell your breath
My roommate peeps in
And uh (what’s happenin) we both hit that again

[Royce Da 5’9″]
Get ’em in a rental, get ’em in a Range
Give a nigga brain; let my nigga watch, keep him entertained
It’s a wonderful thing
Don’t you go gettin all sentimental with game, let a nigga bang
Ride the Titanic
Most niggaz go from small to large, I go from wide to gigantic
Let a nigga call in
As soon as I’m caught in, I’ma try to make a nigga fall in
Dig a deeper hole in it when I hit it
Put her on feet patrol, send her to the sto’
Never let her tell a nigga “no”
Ceiling or the flo’, you dealin with a crimin-iminal