Brielle Biermann Sizzles In White Bikini Designed By Mom Kim Zolciak As She Poses On A Beach — Photos

Brielle Biermann Sizzles In White Bikini Designed By Mom Kim Zolciak As She Poses On A Beach — Photos


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Brielle Biermann looked sensational as she lounged on a sandy beach, modeling one of her mom’s two piece swimsuits.

Brielle Biermann, 24, is the perfect bikini model! Kim Zolciak‘s daughter looked sexier than ever as she sported a two-piece white swimsuit from her mom’s Salty K line in an ad posted on Friday, Nov. 25. The brunette posed with her long legs spread down the beach she showed off her golden tan and three Cartier LOVE bangles on her right wrist.

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Brielle accessorized the spaghetti strap bandeau top and high waist bottom with a blush pink bucket hat that partially covered her eyes as she gazed off into the abyss. “Happy Thanksgiving from our Salty K family to yours! Brielle wearing our Seashells top + bottom…#saltykswim,” the brand captioned the Instagram post, naming the styles of the top and bottom, which retail for $90/each.

Earlier this year, Brielle opened up about her fitness plan and shedding some pounds after the COVID-19 quarantine. “I only eat between 3-8 every day!” she said via a fan question and answer session on Us Weekly‘s Instagram account back in March. The 24-year-old also confessed that there’s one particular fast food restaurant she visits on the regular. “I go to [Chick-fil-A] EVERYDAY (except Sunday) around 3 for my breakfast/lunch,” she added.

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Her go-to order? Their classic chicken sandwich with extra pickles, or a spicy chicken sandwich with extra sauce (she keeps extra in her fridge), along with a large soda drink. In 2019, she also revealed she was a fan of intermittent fasting, which means you time meals around certain times of day — generally avoiding the afternoons.

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The reality star particularly missed her Chick-fil-A visits during quarantine when her dad Kroy Biermann didn’t want her to leave the house and expose herself (and later potentially family members) to the virus. “We got in this huge argument one day because finally I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m having withdrawals or what’s happening, but I’m going a little insane here. I just want some sense of normalcy. Can I please go to Chick-fil-A?’” she said to Us Weekly in 2020.

Brielle Biermann, 24, Confuses Fans With Cryptic Tweets About Being ‘Married’

Brielle Biermann, 24, Confuses Fans With Cryptic Tweets About Being ‘Married’

iamKevinWong / BACKGRID

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Brielle Biermann is confusing her fans by tweeting about being married twice, with no explanation. Did she really get hitched?

Does Brielle Biermann have something she would like to share with the class? The Don’t Be Tardy star, 24, baffled fans by tweeting out not once, but twice, “Married. Don’t Care.” Wait, what? Brielle didn’t provide any further explanation or context to the cryptic message she tweeted on both March 22 and March 28. Her fans were obviously confused.

married. Don’t care

— Brielle Biermann (@BrielleZolciak) March 28, 2021

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” one fan tweeted in response to her message, referencing the fact that Brielle recently made an appearance in Sin City with her parents, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. Most fans just wanted to see her ring… if it exists… and find out the truth behind her relationship status. Since posting the latest cryptic message, Brielle tweeted “i got my peaches out in Georgia,” and retweeted a series of memes.

It’s not like Brielle doesn’t have her picks of eligible bachelors to make her a Mrs. Kim and Kroy said on HollywoodLife‘s podcast in December that football players are always sliding into their daughter’s DMs! Kroy, a former Atlanta Falcons player, isn’t so happy about that. “We find it so funny, when these NFL players DM Brielle and Kroy is like, ‘Oh man…’” Kim said.

Brielle Biermann channels Barbie in a pink dress during a night out (iamKevinWong / BACKGRID)

Kim admitted that she thought Brielle would be “single for awhile” because Kroy “ruined this” for her. Previously, Brielle was in a relationship with Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech. The couple dated from May 2016 until March 2018. Michael went on to marry Riverdale‘s Vanessa Morgan, filing for divorce six months later. Brielle’s fans practically begged her and Michael to get back together. Alas, it just wasn’t in the cards.

‘Don’t Be Tardy’: Kim Zolciak & The Biermanns Come Face To Face With Ghosts In A Haunted House

‘Don’t Be Tardy’: Kim Zolciak & The Biermanns Come Face To Face With Ghosts In A Haunted House


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Deputy Editor of Los Angeles

This week’s new episode of ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ was a good one as a lead-in to Halloween since the Biermanns encountered terrifying ghouls and ghosts in a haunted house.

Kim Zolciak was forced to hold onto her wig this week, as the Biermanns traveled to the most haunted house in the country during the Oct. 20 episode of Don’t Be Tardy. It was actually Kroy Biermann‘s idea to go, and it wasn’t well received by Kim or their kids. Especially because Brielle Biermann is so afraid of ghosts that she still sleeps with her little sister most nights.

“Driving to St. Louis as a little kid, my uncle, who lives there, would tell me all kinds of crazy ghost stories and [talked about St. Louis] kind of being a very haunted place. And so I learned a little bit about a haunted house that is supposed to be the most haunted house in the area, and I’m going to take Brielle and Ariana [Biermann] to see if we can’t scare the s*** out of them,” Kroy said alongside Kim during their private confessional.

Brielle went on to tell Kroy that she believes demons are real, so she didn’t want to participate. “Nothing really freaks me out except for demons. If they like take over your body, then you’re just screwed. I feel like something’s watching me all the time … me and haunted houses — we don’t mix,” Brielle said during her own confessional.

But despite Brielle’s initial hesitations, she went with her parents to the haunted house. And once inside, Kim, Kroy, Brielle and Ariana came across a spirit, whom they believed might have been one of Kroy’s best friends who passed away in a car accident. It was a somewhat pleasant experience, but the Biermanns were still quick to exit the haunted house and made sure to ask all the ghosts to demons to not follow them home.

Want more drama? New episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Recap: Brielle Flirts With Truckers & Kim Cries About Her Dad’s Cancer

‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Recap: Brielle Flirts With Truckers & Kim Cries About Her Dad’s Cancer


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Deputy Editor of Los Angeles

Ariana Biermann claimed she’s the more ‘fun and adventurous’ sister during the Oct. 13 episode of ‘Don’t Be Tardy,’ however, it was Brielle who made everyone laugh while hitting on truckers.

Brielle Biermann was asked to show her breasts during the Oct. 13 episode of Don’t Be Tardy, after her family got stuck in traffic and she tried passing the time by chatting with truckers nearby. It all happened after a bit a hiccup in Ohio. Following the discovery that her dad had suffered from cancer for a bit, Kim Zolciak shed some tears. Then, the family tried continuing their journey across America, but when Kroy Biermann drove the massive RV into a mud ditch, he needed some help.

Brielle & Ariana Biermann (Bravo)

First, Kroy and a few people from the campground tried pulling the RV out of the mud with a chain and a bulldozer, but that didn’t work initially. However, eventually, they got the RV out of the mud and the Biermanns made their way towards The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

Unfortunately for them, however, they hit some major traffic and while Kroy thought it was due to construction, he suggested they turn on the radio to hear what nearby truckers were saying about the situation. And that’s when Kim told Brielle to get on the radio and start flirting with the truckers. Brielle then asked which trucker wanted to “yee” her “haw”, and one quickly asked her to show him her breasts. The family had a good laugh over it, but nothing ever came of it. All in good fun, right?

Eventually, the family arrived in St. Louis and took pictures under The Gateway Arch. Kim was too afraid to go up into it, so no one did. And Kim also decided that it was best if they all refrained from reaching out to her parents — despite her dad’s recent cancer battle. She went back and forth thinking about it, but in the end, she felt it was the best decision for everyone. Especially after her parents sold stories about her to the media.

Want more? New episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Season Premiere: Kim Zolciak Learns Heartbreaking News About Her Dad

‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Season Premiere: Kim Zolciak Learns Heartbreaking News About Her Dad


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Deputy Editor of Los Angeles

‘Don’t Be Tardy’ returned with back-to-back episodes on Oct. 6, and while the new season started off with jokes about the Biermanns’ cross-country road trip, a reunion with Kim’s aunt elicited some heavy emotions.

With the younger kids growing up and Ariana Biermann heading off to college next year, Kim Zolciak and husband Kroy Biermann planned to take the family on one last epic vacation. So during the Season 8 premiere of Don’t Be Tardy, which consisted of two back-to-back episodes on Oct. 6, Kim and Kroy packed their six kids into an RV, and kicked off a six-week, coast to coast journey. What could possibly go wrong?

It's KZB, yeah you know she! #DontBeTardy is back THIS Tuesday at 10/9c!

— Bravo (@BravoTV) October 4, 2020

Nashville was the family’s first stop on their road trip, and everyone seemed to love the capital of country music. Especially Brielle Biermann, who tried to hit on a man that looked a lot like Matthew McConaughey. Kim and Brielle spotted him walking by a store they were in, so they begged Ariana to chase him down and bring him back to them.

Ariana did so, even though she realized the man looked more like he could be Matthew’s dad, but he only seemed interested in Kim, so their interaction with him was short-lived.

Later, the family packed themselves back into the RV and made their way towards Ohio, where Kim planned to reunite with her aunt. However, before they got there, they hit some bad weather, which consisted of a torrential downpour and tornado warnings. Yes, tornado warnings.

Kim Zolciak reacts after hearing her dad had cancer. (Bravo)

Fortunately, the Biermanns made it to Ohio unscathed, but Kim didn’t love the fact that Kroy was barreling down the highway with minimal visibility.

Anyway, once Kim and her crew made it to Ohio, they reunited with her aunt and discovered that Kim’s dad, who she’s been estranged from for a few years now, recently had cancer. Kim couldn’t believe she had to hear the news from her aunt, as she exclaimed, “Jesus Christ” in the last few seconds of the season premiere.

Want more drama? To find out how Kim deals with the heartbreaking news she received this week, watch new episodes of Don’t Be Tardy Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

Brielle & Ariana Biermann Tease ‘Don’t Be Tardy’s ‘Dramatic’ New Season: It’s ‘Emotional’

Brielle & Ariana Biermann Tease ‘Don’t Be Tardy’s ‘Dramatic’ New Season: It’s ‘Emotional’


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Deputy Editor of Los Angeles

‘Don’t Be Tardy’ is returning with all-new episodes on Oct. 6, and according to Brielle and Ariana Biermann, it’ll be the show’s most dramatic season yet.

If you thought being cooped up in your apartment during quarantine was bad, wait until you see the newest season of Don’t Be Tardy, which premieres on Oct. 6 at 10pm on Bravo. With all the kids growing up, Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak decided to plan one last epic vacation, which will involve all eight family members cramming into one RV, and it’ll all play out throughout Season 8 of the series.

Ariana Biermann, who spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the show’s new season, said fitting into the RV “was the most scary thing about going into it”. She added, “[I had no idea] how we were all not going to get so annoyed with each other being in one space cooped up and not having any alone time.”

Ariana & Brielle Biermann (MEGA)

Brielle Biermann, who also sat down with HollywoodLife for the same EXCLUSIVE interview told us she had no idea “what to expect”, but the thought of being away from her own bed for six weeks made her feel “depressed and upset”. She added, “I’m very thankful that [Ariana] was there. I was telling somebody earlier that I don’t think I could’ve done that road trip if Ariana didn’t come or she wasn’t there and it was just me and the littles and my mom and dad. I would’ve lost my mind. I definitely would’ve booked a flight home or gotten in an Uber.”

Throughout the season, Kim Zolciak and her family will visit multiple cities throughout the United States before finishing their trip in Los Angeles, but Brielle told us that her “favorite city to visit was probably Vegas.” She explained, “I had so much fun there. Obviously lots of food. Vegas is Vegas. It’s just so fun. But the most drama happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You watch The First 48 and you see a lot of crimes happen on TV. The most craziness happens in Tulsa, Oklahoma and of course we break down in Tulsa, Oklahoma. People were DMing us that this was not a safe area. ‘You need to get out of here immediately,’ [they said] and we couldn’t.”

To find out why they couldn’t get out of Ohio quickly enough, you’ll have to watch the show, but Ariana said she’s “thankful” they made it out in one piece.

As for the new season overall, Brielle told us, “It’s just a fun, crazy season. There’s a lot of drama, a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, a lot of fears. There’s a lot that went on. It’s going to be a really great season.” And Ariana agreed: “There’s a lot of drama in every city, not necessarily bad drama, but always some kind of drama.”

The girls will also face some pretty heavy news by the end of the first two back-to-back episodes on Oct. 6, and while we can’t spoil what happens, Brielle did tell us that “the news definitely hit hard.” Ariana added, “[The news] definitely hit very deep for us and it was extremely emotional just hearing that. Everybody knew, everyone, but us.”

Want more? New episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

Brielle Biermann’s Dark Hair Makeover: She Shows Off Jet Black Locks — See Before & After Pics

Brielle Biermann’s Dark Hair Makeover: She Shows Off Jet Black Locks — See Before & After Pics

iamKevinWong / BACKGRID

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New hair, who dis? Brielle Biermann went over to the ‘dark’ side to live out her full ‘Kim Possible’ fantasy with the help from some long, luscious, dark locks.

Call her, beep her, if you wanna reach her — but don’t call her Kim Possible. Instead, call Brielle Biermann Shego because the Don’t Be Tardy star felt like a supervillain in a series of photos she uploaded to Instagram on Sept. 20. “Dark haired bitch and she look like Shego (she do),” the 23-year-old woman captioned the gallery. She also included a string green-and-black hearts, the same color as the Kim Possible nemesis’s outfit (Brielle, it should be noted, was wearing what looks to be a tie-dye crop-top.) In Brielle’s Instagram stories, she tagged her stylistChrissy Rasmussen – who shared pictures of Brielle’s dark makeover to her Instagram.

“Hot fudge sundae // Wavy or straight?” asked Chrissy, while showing Brielle’s dark hair both straight and wavy. It seems Brielle went with wavy, and her fans approved of this new look. “Somebody call the power company to check that meter!!! Because it’s reading HOT [fire emoji] IN THAT CORNER,” commented celebrity chef Tracey Bloom. Tana Mongeau said that she “loves” Brielle, while others referred to her as “Kween,” said she was giving them “hair dreams,” and that the look was amazing. “Dark hair goals! You make me want my extensions again.”

A day before Brielle got her dark extensions, she had a brief photoshoot with her little sister, Kaia Rose Biermann. “When your 6-year-old sister pulls thru as your photographer,” Brielle captioned the shots of her brown hair. The pictures were pretty fab. Perhaps this means Kaia is destined to be a fashion photographer? If that’s the case, we can’t wait to see how she shoots Brielle’s new look.

Brielle Biermann before her dark hair makeover (Mega)

Kaia and her twin brother, Kane Ren Biermann, were left behind when the Brielle joined her mother,  Kim Zolciak-Biermann, 42, and stepdad Kroy Biermann, 35, for dinner with the Stallones on Sept. 17. The Real Housewives star met Sylvester Stallone, 74, his wife Jennifer Flavin, and daughters Sistine Stallone, 22, and Sophia Stallone, 24, for a meal at Fia Restaurant. Everyone – from Sly to Kim – wore protective face masks. Brielle even coordinated her mask to match her black pumps.

Brielle didn’t share any social media photos of this dinner, and considering what happened when she posted pics from Kroy’s 35th birthday party, that might be a good thing. Fans criticized Brielle after she posted pictures of her sitting in her stepfather’s lap. However, she had a simple clap-back to haters who said it was inappropriate. “Honestly bc I had no where [sic] else to sit. (W)e were making jokes the whole time about him being Santa. It was comedy,” said Brielle.


Kim Zolciak-Biermann Goes Makeup-Free and Wig-Free on Instagram

Kim Zolciak/Instagram/Bravo

She’s wigging out—literally!

She’s known for her made-up ways and her wig-infused locks, but Kim Zolciak-Biermann is giving fans a peek at what she’s really like—makeup-free and wig-free.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star hopped on Insta to show the world a fresh-faced image of herself, sans all the regular pomp and circumstance usually shown.

The “Don’t Be Tardy” singer wasn’t late to the Instagram party when she took to social media on Saturday to post the selfie, along with a lengthy caption in which the reality star gave fans a healthy tip: you do you.

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The 39-year-old, who has been wearing a long blonde wig for years, wrote, “I feel beautiful with no makeup and no wig and I feel beautiful with makeup and a wig.”

The mother of six wrote, “I love being a woman dressing up and I also love running around in my La Perla pajamas bottoms (that are old as sh-t I wear them everyday) and my bathrobe.”

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The Bravo star also made sure to give a shout out to her husband Kroy Biermann, saying that he’s all about her no matter what she’s wearing.

“My husband makes me feel beautiful at all times! I think it’s really important to do what makes YOU happy!”

Kim, who showed off her flawless complexion in the makeup-free snap, also said gave fans some tips on how she keeps her skin looks so amazing.

“I have ALWAYS been into skincare and my skin  I have gone to bed maybe twice in my entire life with makeup on (yes even if I’m swaying at the sink hunni I still scrub that face).”

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The star, who is known for having a way with words, concluded her caption by writing, “I think it’s REALLY important to do YOU! Do what makes YOU happy! Love the skin you’re in!”

Just as Olay says: Love the skin you’re in!