Rob Kardashian & Aileen Gisselle: The Truth About Their Relationship After Their Dinner Date Video

Rob Kardashian & Aileen Gisselle: The Truth About Their Relationship After Their Dinner Date Video


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Rob Kardashian and Aileen Gisselle’s video date, which Aileen recently shared on Instagram, started dating speculation but it ‘took place a long time ago’ and ‘is not new.’

Rob Kardashian, 33, and Aileen Gisselle did go on the date she shared an Instagram video of on Aug. 3 but it turns out the clip was old and the two are no longer romantically involved. “The video Aileen posted to her Instagram stories of her and Rob’s date took place quite a long time ago and it’s not new,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Aileen has been dating boxer Devin Haney since January and they’ve had an on and off relationship for several months now.”

The model decided to post the video of her date with Rob after she found out Devin was going on a romantic vacation with another model during a break from their relationship. “During one of their recent breaks, Aileen found out that Devin was going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas with Instagram model, Lira Galore and she couldn’t have been thrilled about that,” the source explained. “So although it’s not 100 percent known why she posted that old video of her date with Rob, it’s certainly curious timing. Aileen and Devin have reconciled since he returned home and they’re all good now.”

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#PressPlay: OH-KAY! Looks like #RobKardashian and IG model #GiGi (#AriFletcher’s former BFF) kickin’ it!👀

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Ironically, Rob and Aileen also have a connection through their significant others. Devin actually made headlines in 2018 for reportedly dating Rob’s ex, Blac Chyna, 32, who is also the mother of his daughter, Dream, 3. Blac even shared an Instagram photo of Devin sitting on top of a car, which can be seen below, and wrote “Hi babe,” in the caption for it while tagging his account.
Two years before the reports about Devin and Blac’s relationship went public, Rob and Blac had a messy public breakup at the end of 2016/early Jan. 2017. After Rob accused her of leaving their home and taking Dream with her in Dec. 2016, they had a brief reconciliation a few weeks later but eventually ended things for good. Now they both co-parent their daughter.

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Looks like #BlacChyna has a new man in her life!

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Rob has yet to speak out about the video that Aileen posted of their date but Aileen was spotted looking calm and comfortable during an outing on Aug. 8. She appeared to be running errands while showing off her figure in a white crop top under a long and flowing tan and black patterned overshirt and gray short shorts. She also wore black knee-high boots and held her purse and her phone while hurrying along.

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