Garcelle Beauvais Reveals Why She’s ‘A Little Scared’ To Return To ‘RHOBH’ For A 2nd Season

Garcelle Beauvais Reveals Why She’s ‘A Little Scared’ To Return To ‘RHOBH’ For A 2nd Season

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Jenna Lemoncelli
News Editor

Garcelle Beauvais is ‘hoping’ Bravo asks her to return to ‘RHOBH’ after she brought a fresh and funny personality to the explosive 10th season! However, one cast member warned her that every rookie’s 2nd season isn’t so pleasant.

Garcelle Beauvais is hopeful that Bravo will ask her to return as a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But, she’s admittedly scared to return after costar Lisa Rinna shared some veteran tea with her. “At the reunion, actually, Rinna said, ‘Your first season is always nice and pleasant and the second one they come for you,’” Garcelle recalled on SiriusXM’s EW Live with Jessica Shaw on August 6. “And I said ‘is that a warning’ and she said ‘yes!’ So I’m a little scared. I’m a little scared,” she admitted.

As HollywoodLife previously reported, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 reunion was filmed on July 16. And, things presumably got heated because following the taping, both Garcelle and Denise Richards  unfollowed Rinna on social media. Additionally, The Bold and the Beautiful actress also unfollowed costars Erika Jayne Girardi and Teddi Mellencamp.

Elsewhere in Garcelle’s interview, Shaw asked if the women got together after the Season 10 reunion taping to “rehash everything.” It turns out that some of them did, and two others apparently didn’t get the invite.

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 10 cast. (Photo credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo)

“No one talked. Apparently some of them got together afterwards but me and Sutton weren’t invited,” Garcelle revealed, adding that not everyone received Denise’s cease and desist letter. “Some people got it. I did not get a cease and desist,” she said, noting that it was “amazing that she [Denise] was able to do that, honestly.” Garcelle also revealed that the cease and desist letter will be discussed at the reunion. “Yes of course, come on. Rinna’s gonna bring it up, absolutely,” she said.

Garcelle also weighed in on if she believes Denise will return for Season 11, following the drama about her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville — which was the central topic of Season 10. “We talked about that yesterday. I said I hope so,” Garcelle said, explaining, “She’s like if you don’t come back, I’m not coming back and I’m like and if you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.”

Garcelle Beauvais for season 10 of ‘RHOBH.’ (Photo credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo)

A source with knowledge of the Season 10 reunion taping previously told HollywoodLife that Denise took the “brunt” of the drama from the other women. “The ladies went in really hard on Denise at the reunion. Despite this, she held her own very well and fought back,” the insider said.

Fans of the show will know that Denise has been accused all season of having an alleged affair with former full-time Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi — during her marriage with Aaron Phypers. Denise has vehemently denied the affair allegation since the news was reported in early January. Denise has also made it clear on the show that she and Aaron “do not have an open marriage.”

The actress added that Bravo is thinking about beginning filming on Season 11 in September. Though the network has not confirmed anything about the next season. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9 pm ET. Check back at HollywoodLife for weekly recaps and more exclusive tea!

‘RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais, 53, Debuts New Blue Hair Makeover: Before & After Pics

‘RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais, 53, Debuts New Blue Hair Makeover: Before & After Pics

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Beth Shilliday
Senior Evening Writer

Garcelle Beauvais washed the ‘RHOBH’ reunion aftermath drama right out of her hair by showing off gorgeous new deep blue locks. We’ve got the before and after makeover photos.

Following one of the most intense Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion tapings ever, first-year cast member Garcelle Beauvais decided to change up her look. The 53-year-old beauty has a new blue hair color she’s rocking, and it look amazing! The actress first shared her gorgeous new hue via an Instagram post on July 27, writing, “Tangled up in #blue,” referencing the name of the classic Bob Dylan song while adding, “#lovebeingagirl #switchup.” Garcelle wore her hair in the same style during a July 29 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, with her blue hair slightly straightened with soft waves.

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Tangled up in #blue 💙 #lovebeingagirl #switchup @jjulesbeauty @keevahair

A post shared by Garcelle Beauvais (@garcelle) on Jul 27, 2020 at 12:08pm PDT

Garcelle got props on her new blue hair from her fellow RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley, 44, who commented, “So fun! Looks great.” But none of her other cast mates commented, as they’re all apparently still trying to recover from the super intense reunion taping on July 16.

Garcelle Beauvais with her natural brunette locks at the The Helping Hand of Los Angeles Mother’s Day Luncheon in Beverly Hills on on May 9, 2014 Photo credit:  MEGA

During WWHL, Andy asked her, “What was your reaction after you finished your first reunion?” Garcelle let out a big sigh and rolled her eyes. “I was exhausted. I was drained, I was shocked by the…It was a lot. It took me two days to shake it honestly.” Fellow RHOBH newcomer Sutton Stracke — who also appeared on WWHL as a guest — agreed it took her a few days to get negative energy off.

Andy noted how Garcelle unfollowed cast mate Lisa Rinna, 57, on social media after the reunion taping. “After the reunion it was a lot for me. I just felt like she was…the stakes were too high for something that really is between Denise and her husband. It just seemed too much for me,” Garcelle said about how Lisa responded to Brandi Glanville‘s allegation that she had an affair with married Denise. Garcelle has been friends with the former Bond girl since long before appearing on RHOBH, and thought Lisa was way too harsh on Denise.

Despite the hellish reunion, Garcelle said she’s glad she appeared on season 10 of the Bravo hit. “I am glad I did it,” she told Andy. “It definitely challenged me. It made me grow and when I don’t like things that are uncomfortable, I try to shy away sometimes. But yeah, I’ve had a ball. Thank you for having me. It’s been really cool.”

‘RHOBH’: Denise Richards Claims Brandi Glanville Told Her She’s Had Sex With Someone Else In Cast

‘RHOBH’: Denise Richards Claims Brandi Glanville Told Her She’s Had Sex With Someone Else In Cast

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Jade Boren
Evening Writer

A plot twist has emerged in the ongoing drama between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville. In a sneak peek for the Aug. 4 episode of ‘RHOBH,’ Denise claims that Brandi said she had sex with a different ‘RHOBH’ cast member!

The July 29 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills left off on a cliffhanger. Brandi Glanville, 47, boldly claimed that she hooked up with Denise Richards, 48, earlier this season, but in a preview that aired after Wednesday’s episode, Denise alleged that Brandi said she actually had sex with someone else on the cast! Denise made the major claim during a dinner amid the cast trip to Rome.

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What are we watching tonight? You guessed it: Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. #RHOBH

A post shared by Bravo (@bravotv) on Jul 29, 2020 at 9:49am PDT

A clip from the July 29 episode of RHOBH. Denise Richards reacts in anger after Teddi Mellencamp reveals that Brandi Glanville claimed that she and Denise had sex.

“I don’t know Brandi Glanville very well. I don’t know you well, either,” Teddi Mellencamp said in the teaser for the show’s Aug. 4 episode. On that note, Denise alleges, “I will tell you, Brandi said that she’s had sex with some of the people from this group.”

Kyle Richards is taken aback by such an assertion. “Someone at this table right now?,” Kyle asks, to which Denise says, “Yes.” That’s when the ladies of RHOBH turn to Lisa Rinna, mouths agape in shock! Alas, the teaser ends there.

Right before this surprise twist, fans saw Teddi confront Denise with the rumor of her affair with Brandi. “She [Brandi] said you two had sex,” Teddi revealed to Denise amid the cast’s dinner in Rome, a claim that left Denise furious. “Are you f***ing kidding me?,” Denise asked, and added that she had “no idea” why Brandi would make up such rumors. The ladies were doubtful, and it didn’t help that Denise said Brandi was lying about “that” — AKA, their alleged affair — before Teddi even made it clear that she was talking about the sex rumor!

I’m literally just telling the truth 💗

— Brandi Glanville (@BrandiGlanville) July 30, 2020

The claim that Brandi supposedly had sex with a RHOBH cast member who wasn’t Denise, though, was a new rumor. For months, fans’ focus has been on whether or not Denise and Brandi hooked up ever since a report of their alleged “months-long affair” emerged in Jan. 2020 from Daily Mail. Denise (who has been married to Aaron Phypers since 2018) has repeatedly denied the allegation, while Brandi went into detail about their alleged hookup on the July 22 episode of RHOBH. However, the cast has been more rattled about what Denise has allegedly been saying about her co-stars behind their backs, according to Brandi’s claims.

“They just want [Denise] to be truthful and feel like she’s not about a variety of things, but they really don’t care if she did or didn’t have the affair. Most of them seem to believe Brandi,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife after the cast filmed the Season 10 reunion on July 16.

Amelia Hamlin Claims Mom Lisa Rinna Forces Her To Be On ‘RHOBH’: It’s ‘The Last Thing I Want’

Amelia Hamlin Claims Mom Lisa Rinna Forces Her To Be On ‘RHOBH’: It’s ‘The Last Thing I Want’

Christopher Smith/Invision/AP

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Erin Silvia
News Writer & Reporter

Amelia Hamlin responded to critics claiming she was ‘lying about’ her ‘anorexia’ to be on TV and revealed her mom Lisa Rinna is the one who wants her to have ‘air time’ on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’.

Amelia Hamlin, 19, made a shocking statement about her mom Lisa Rinna, 57, when she took to her Instagram story on July 19 to respond to trolls who were claiming she was faking having anorexia to get more “air time” on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The young star said her mom is the one who “forced” her to be on the Bravo show, in her message, and called the accusations “disgusting.” “I usually don’t post these. But this really got to me,” her message began. “Lying about a mental illness is disgusting. Something I hope nobody would ever do.”

Amelia Hamlin responds to critics and says her mom Lisa Rinna ‘forced’ her to be on ‘RHOBH’. (Courtesy of Instagram)

“I seriously can’t believe I’m being accusing of lying about anorexia to get more ‘air time’ sorry but I’m forced to be on the housewives by my mom,” she continued. “Ask anyone it’s the last thing I want to do. I couldn’t care less about air time. So f**k you.”

Amelia first opened up about having anorexia in 2018 and in a memorable RHOBH episode the year after, she was seen admitting to Lisa that things were so bad that she “could have died.” She also wrote about her struggles with not eating in social media posts and admitted she likes to tell her own story so she can inspire others going through the same issues and wanting to get better.

Lisa Rinna and Amelia Hamlin both appear on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. (Christopher Smith/Invision/AP)

“I am SO beyond humbled and grateful to have the platform that I do at such a young age,” Amelia wrote on Instagram in 2018. “And to wake up every morning with a little girl reaching out to me and telling me I am her inspiration, really makes me feel like I have a purpose. I went through this journey not for attention, not for people to pitty [sic] me, but to help. I am on this earth to help people, and I know that.”

Lisa also talked about her daughter’s battle with an eating disorder on RHOBH and admitted she was scared to watch her go through such a difficult challenge. “The scariest thing about anorexia is: Is she going to have this forever?” she said. “I don’t want to see her suffer. You want to fix it. You want to make it go away. You want to erase it. You know, you just want to take your child out of pain. You don’t want your child to be in pain.”

Lisa has yet to comment on Amelia’s claim she forces her to appear on RHOBH.

Why ‘RHOBH’ Fans Are Convinced Teddi Mellencamp & Kyle Richards May Be Getting Axed From Show

Why ‘RHOBH’ Fans Are Convinced Teddi Mellencamp & Kyle Richards May Be Getting Axed From Show


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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

Andy Cohen threw fans into a tizzy with this IG post of him with cardboard cut outs of the ladies — with several believing the pic could mean Kyle & Teddi are next to be fired!

Did Andy Cohen just give Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans a hint about the shows’ future? The 52-year-old Watch What Happens Live host shared a photo of himself posing at home with life size cardboard cut outs of the current cast, including Kyle Richards, 51, Denise Richards, 49, Erika Girardi, 49, Lisa Rinna, 57, Dorit Kemsley, 44, Garcelle Beauvais, 53, and Teddi Mellencamp, 39. “#RHOBH Reunion Cosplay… I miss them!” Andy captioned his post, shared to his Instagram account on Friday, July 18.

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#RHOBH Reunion Cosplay… I miss them!

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on Jul 17, 2020 at 3:24pm PDT

While it looked like Andy was simply having some fun in his backyard, some fans read into the photo as a possible hint about who could be leaving the series after this season — in particular, OG cast member Kyle and Teddi, who joined in season 8. “Kyle and Teddi on the end…is this a hint as to who won’t have a diamond next?” one of Andy’s 3.9 million followers added. “I hope this would be the seating order. Goodbye Kyle & Teddi!” another fan commented, while a third pondered why Erika and Lisa Rinna were “seated the closest” to the Housewives EP. The comments play into the long running theory that those who sit closest to Andy during reunions are safe for the upcoming season, but those seated furthest could be in jeopardy.

Teddi Mellencamp & Kyle Richards. (SplashNews)

The post comes just a day after the ladies filmed the reunion for season 10, which was “bulls—” according to Lisa Rinna. “Reunion was bulls— today,” the Days Of Our Lives alum began her post, written in white text over a green background. “I’ve never said that in 6 years. I guess cease and desists do work,” she added, referencing the  alluding to the cease and desist letter that Denise Richards, 49, sent to Brandi Glanville, 47. The letter was sent after Brandi alleged that she had a sexual relationship with Denise. After the reunion taping, fans quickly noticed that Denise unfollowed Lisa, Erika, and Teddi.

Notably, newcomer Sutton Stracke, 49, was not included in Andy’s latest photo as she was already moved to a part-time role on the series. “My ex-husband just was adamant that [my kids’ could not film with me, and I totally get it,” she explained on the May 22 episode of podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey. “It was hard. It was a hard blow because, you know, it’s exciting to do,” she also said.

Denise Richards Claps Back After Eileen Davidson Accuses Her Of Acting ‘Weird’ At Movie Premiere

Denise Richards Claps Back After Eileen Davidson Accuses Her Of Acting ‘Weird’ At Movie Premiere


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Jenna Lemoncelli
News Editor

Denise Richards has responded to Eileen Davidson’s recent claim that she acted ‘weird’ when the pair both attended the same movie premiere last September. Here’s what Denise had to say!

Eileen Davidson has yet to make her highly anticipated cameo on Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she’s already spicing things up. The longtime soap actress, 61, got a response out of Denise Richards after recent comments she made in a June 14 interview.

“A few of the Housewives came to my husband’s premiere of his movie Seven Days to Vegas and I kind of had a feeling something was going on. And I was kind of waiting for something to happen,” Eileen began during a recent episode of Bravo’s “Daily Dish” podcast. “But it did feel a little weird, and I asked Denise [Richards], ‘Are you OK?’ because it just felt weird, and she was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ Something was going on,” she recalled.

Since you publicly spoke about this 😂 @eileen_davidson when you asked me if I was ok at your husband’s premiere I was so nervous knowing I was having surgery in two days. I was so sick & in so much pain but we still wanted to be there.& I hadn’t told any of other women about it

— Denise Richards (@DENISE_RICHARDS) June 23, 2020

It didn’t take long for Denise to fire back on Twitter about their run-in at the September 2019 movie premiere. She cleared the air about her apparent odd behavior, and revealed that the event was just 48 hours before she was scheduled to undergo hernia surgery. Fans of RHOBH watched part of Denise’s recovery on the show.

“Since you publicly spoke about this @eileen_davidson when you asked me if I was OK at your husband’s premiere I was so nervous knowing I was having surgery in two days,” Denise tweeted on Monday, June 22. “I was so sick & in so much pain but we still wanted to be there.& I hadn’t told any of other women about it.”

I never said she was

— Denise Richards (@DENISE_RICHARDS) June 23, 2020

Denise hit back at Eileen in one tweet, but followed up after a Twitter user chimed in and suggested that maybe Eileen wasn’t “speaking negatively” about Denise. “I never said she was,” Denise replied.

(L) Denise Richards and Eileen Davidson. (Photo credit: REX/Shutterstock) 

Denise has been a controversial fixture during the 10th and current season of RHOBH. She’s been at odds with her co-stars — Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne and Teddi Mellencamp — since she took issue with them discussing threesomes at a dinner, which took place at her home, in front of her teenage daughters, Sami, 16, and Lola, 14.

Meanwhile, Eileen is set to make a highly anticipated return to RHOBH, around the same time Brandi Glanville‘s alleged affair with Denise will (potentially) be explained. Brandi is set to appear on the show as a guest in the latter half of season 10. Eileen, who was a full-time Beverly Hills housewife, left the show after Season 7.

As for her opinion about Denise and Brandi, Eileen admitted that she (like RHOBH fans) is clueless. “I really don’t know what happened [with Brandi]. I don’t know if it happened,” she said on the “Daily Dish” podcast. Though, Eileen did admit that she sympathizes with Denise.

“I honestly feel for her. Because even though you sign on for this, it’s not easy. And I’m not sure if she was prepared for all of this, you know? I feel for her,” she explained.

Eileen, who filmed scenes for RHOBH at Kyle’s house in November 2019, gushed over reuniting with her former cast-mates. “It was fun to see everybody,” she said. “Kyle’s house is completely beautiful, and it was a great party.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo from hiatus in July. Be sure to check back at HollywoodLife for weekly recaps!

‘RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Shades Lisa Rinna’s ‘See-Through Bodysuit’ Dancing Videos

‘RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Shades Lisa Rinna’s ‘See-Through Bodysuit’ Dancing Videos

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Chris Rogers
Deputy Editor of Los Angeles

Camille Grammer thinks she’s ‘so much better than’ Lisa Rinna. So much so that she took to Instagram to try and outdo the ‘RHOBH’s star famous dance videos. Did she succeed?

We think it’s safe to say that Camille Grammer, 51, doesn’t like Lisa Rinna, 56, very much. On April 29, the OG Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star “took a break” from her beach bike ride “to do a little Lisa R ribbing”. As she stood on the sand and showed off some wild dance moves, Camille told her Instagram followers that she was “just being silly”, according to one of her many hashtags, but for anyone who follows Lisa Rinna, it looked like a deliberate attack on the former Melrose Place star.

Lisa regularly posts her own dance videos on Instagram, and after Camille made it clear that she was teasing her on-again/off-again co-star, a fan took the diss up a notch by saying, “So much better than Lisa R.” And that’s when Camille’s playful diss took a turn for the worst. “And I’m not in a nude see-thru bodysuit in my bathroom filming myself,” Camille added, which is an obvious dig at Lisa’s own Instagram videos. Lisa has yet to react, but you can see the comments below.

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First of all, they’re called @skims. #CommentsByCelebs

A post shared by Comments By Bravo (@commentsbybravo) on Apr 30, 2020 at 12:05pm PDT

Over the years, Camille and Lisa have always been friendly with each other, but their friendship took a hit last year, when Lisa Rinna told Camille that she let Lisa Vanderpump off the hook when it came to “puppygate”. Camille didn’t take that criticism very well, as she sided with LVP in her fight against the cast, and they’ve been at odds with each other ever since.