Montana of 300 – Lambo Lyrics

All she do is get cash like a fuckin’ check
And make ’em take it out like a fuckin’ ref

She got her dough up, yeah she got her dough up
She got her dough like a Lambo
And you know how we rockin’, you ain’t from the bottom
You probably wouldn’t understand though
Whenever she dance though, they letting bands go
She pick it up off the damned floor
Then she bring it to daddy then sit on my pipe like a bike
And she ride with no hands though
She like to ride with no hands
She like to she like to ride with no hands though
I make her come fast like a Lambo
She like to ride on my dick like a Lambo
She like to ride with no hands
She like to she like to ride with no hands though
So when we get done countin’ these bands though
She gone ride daddy dick like a Lambo

[Verse 1]
She poppin’ that pussy she poppin’ that pussy
Like she got unlimited ammo
Ass perfect and fat and she twerking
It’s cappin’ she workin’ at Magic Orlando
Her family be trippin’ because she be strippin’
But really they don’t understand though
How shorty be workin’ that pole
Is like watching Beethoven up on the piano
Me and shorty got one thing in common (What’s that?)
We got money off the damn floor
I let her wear my bandana
Then came out that water
Bustin’ like I’m Rambo
These bitches be on me I’m looking like money
They want [!]
Got these bitches wonderin’ if that’s a dick print
Or a gun in my pants though
I am not with the flaugin’, no camo
I’m in my bag like I sack race
You say you gone ride but you all caps
I’m deletin’ your type like a backspace
She droppin’ that ass like it’s heavy
She make my D jump like a [!]
We cut no machete, step in with that strap
No Giuseppe, been saucing on ’em like spaghetti
I ball out like Fetty


[Verse 2]
Shorty’s a keeper, she shake that ass like a seizure
Come home and blow like a speaker
Blowin’ like reefer, cold with the top like a freezer
She know all my spots like a cheetah
She throw it back, I catch it like a receiver
She like me ’cause I go deeper
She follow my lead
We been on the same track like a feature
Might have to lick her like tequila (woo, woo!)
That’s my lil’ baby she say that she love it
Whenever I FaceTime and call her
That pussy be drippin’ it’s water
When we be fuckin’ she let me record her
I got good D I’m a baller
Titties ‘n ass in this bitch like Tha Carter
I’m in the walls like a charger
Shorty ride me ’til I bust like a charter
Her sauce on infinity pussy [!]
Titan, no she’s not from Tennessee
Her co-workers feelin’ me but she ain’t worried
She schoolin’ them bitches, assembly
‘Cause she like [!] bounce like a pogo
Shorty go down and come up like a yo-yo
Go nuts like a low blow
Just like a locksmith
My baby gettin’ to that dough, though