YMA4 – Passing Mic lyrics

(feat. Mayman)

[Intro: A4]
We got this rap game where ever we go
We just willing to take chances,
But we ain’t taking chances cause we know what we doing

[Verse: young mahasi]
Chillin’ in da studio I got a bible on ma head
Rhymin’ verses that has been written in my mind
Like am preachin’ for niggaz those who have never went to church
After dropping rhymes I monitor my clips
How am gonna sound if I terminate my flow?
Cause these rappers they ain’t type and know how I flow
Black and white tv cracked like a cracked House
Get down and lay in the white house
Nothing bad about it, whatcu know about it
Young Mahasi layin’ back in the back of the booty cap
Like a Scumbag throw back is ma feedback
Whatch gon’ be?
Aa with the good rhymes and am good with it
A4 get da mic speakin’

[Verse: 2 A4]
Let me tell you whatchu wanna hear
Through hard times be good no tears
Lay low no lower ring, like keep your mouth shut
Don’t act like a slay hoe,
I took rap game to another level but you still wanna take lot inclined for my wake yoh
Don’t hate what am doing now, you better love what am doing now
Ain’t you jetty when you spitting jealousy
What the hell you doing?
A4 wanna be the best but you busy acting like a paparazzi
And you ain’t even qualified to be a journalist homie
Why you keep nailing your nose tomy things that ain’t non of your business nigga
Funny life, get a life do hard drive
Don’t look at me,
Like you starring drama shows in your own crip
Don’t smile am just saying
I ain’t a dentist
Keep your eyes on the other side
Am not an optometrist
[Verse: 3 young mahasi]
A4 you’ve been rapping now is my turn
Okay let me go in
I’ve been rapping while you’ve been partying
Now you wanna judge my sound cut your clitoris or your foreskin
Am livin’ the music I will die in speakers
Cause the environment of sound is killin’ me like a pest
But I gotta find my territory, a region of my sound
Dfc is my flow, a part of my face
Baby am a bad boy, Baby am a rap boy
Look how I slauterin’ everybody in the play
Rappers don’t wanna swim with me like a fish
Cause I play water games dangerous like a jelly fish little law
Listen up I’ve been there and raised to the states
The shit that am dropping to the niggaz wanna fit in
When I get to my nigga they will never speak about how am dropping rhymes
Like a black and red bendela
Little 4 get, little 4 get them

[Verse: 4 A4]
Last night was little really relief
Dope guest on my white brains
Dope guest on my night dreams
Mayman shoot the average
Lame dopes on the lish yoh

[Verse: 5 mayman]
Anytime everytime when you need me
Call me or else come and see me later
Five Star on top go down header
Mayman talk shit am the big leader
Change down top gear am a life saver
A4 am a big leader
I’ve been killing these pussy as niggas
Now, they busy wanna kill my fake niggas
N5 Double G am the best nigga
When I rap I do kill am not a hard thriller
Am the main pillar
Mayman pillar
I will step you on a head am a Godzila

[Verse: 6 young mahasi]
When Young Mahasi goin’ in people complains
D. F. C is hard
Alright let’s sing
I got little brain but I have lot of thoughts
My mind is a blade Yeah that’s weapon
Call me lmf4 Little Shot
I’ve been to the building that you never want to see
Now am a man
(Now am A man)
I blended to the shit that you never want to seek
Young Mahasi is a cracked brain like a brain to your steam
To the shit that you tryna hesitate
We’ve been to the ship that you ain’t wanna see
Nobody wanna deal with me
Is a hybrid microphone motherfucker am living to the mic that you never see
Mic Pop Filter sticking over to the shit that am doing
Cause am droppin’ rhymes dry than better dry braai stickin’ to say
White coupe planned to this niggaz
With the white suit
Then I see canon flicker

[Outro: yma4]
When we say we going out
The rest of my team has been saying
Mayman isn’t here
You know
A4 what’s going on?
(Am ouche)
Whatchu saying?
(I’m ouchee!!)
Alright am outche too