Ashanti Is Shocked She ‘Never Knew’ Producers Wanted J.Lo On Fat Joe Song Instead Of Her — Watch

Ashanti Is Shocked She ‘Never Knew’ Producers Wanted J.Lo On Fat Joe Song Instead Of Her — Watch


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Ashanti sings the iconic hook on Fat Joe’s ‘What’s Luv?’ but it turns out producers liked the idea of Jennifer Lopez to make it an anthem ‘for the Latinos.’

Fat Joe and Ashanti‘s “What’s Luv?” is an early 2000s anthem, but it turns out the tune almost had another female singing the chorus: the one-and-only Jennifer Lopez! In an Instagram Live between Joe, 49, and Ashanti, 39, the rapper revealed that the songs’ writers Irv Gotti and Ja Rule had Jennifer, 50, in mind for the track. “I go to the studio, it’s like four in the morning and they play ‘What’s Luv?’ — and you’re on it!” Fat Joe began, referencing Ashanti, who had apparently already recorded the catchy hook. “And they’re yelling at me, ‘yo, this is for you and J.Lo — we want the Latinos on this.’ That’s a fact!” he confirmed.

“I never knew that!” a shocked Ashanti exclaimed, as Fat Joe — who is of Puerto Rican descent, like Jennifer — explained that he fought to keep the Grammy winner on the song. “They wanted J.Lo to do it. And I said, ‘yo, J.Lo? This girl sounds amazing here.’ And they said, ‘Yeah, we want the Latino.’ And I said, ‘we’re leaving [Ashanti] on here…that’s a fact, I’m not lying to you,” he concluded. Fat Joe and Jennifer had also worked together in the past, as he and the late Big Pun appeared on her 1999 song “Feelin’ So Good.”

Ashanti’s mouth was wide open with surprise as she once again said, “Joe, I never knew that.” The Chapter II singer appeared furious for a moment, as she exclaimed, “Oh my god, [Irv’s] still pulling records and trying to pull records from me.” Irv, who founded the Murder Inc. record label that catapulted Ashanti, Ja Rule, and many others to stardom, has a tense relationship with the R&B songstress due to their storied history: the famed producer admitted on The Wendy Williams Show that he and Ashanti engaged in a relationship years ago when he separated from his wife, but that they no longer talk.

🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ RT @ivieani: Yesterday, Fat Joe told Ashanti that Irv and Ja wanted to take her off “What’s Luv” and replace her with JLo instead to make it “for the Latinos.”

Ashanti never knew!

— Johnny Vulture (@SoulByDaPound) May 16, 2020

“Stop, stop!” Joe urged, reminding Ashanti that the catchy tune was, indeed, a huge success. “What’s Luv?” went on to hit the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, where it stayed put for a whopping twenty weeks straight. “It happened, it went [to the top]… at the same time, you were #1, #2, and #3 right?” he reminded her, referencing Ashanti’s hit collaborations “Always On Time” with Ja Rule and her debut solo track “Foolish.”

Last fall, the two women were also part of a similar conversation pertaining to Jen’s now-iconic “I’m Real” remix as Ashanti sings backup vocals on the recording. “I demoed the record, so I sang the whole entire record and then they took most of my lead vocals out and she re-cut her part and they left my backgrounds on,” Ashanti said back in 2016.

“Ashanti was a background vocalist, that’s it, period, don’t make a big thing about it,” producer Irv Gotti added in his Wendy Williams appearance. “Yes, it was her voice, but you know how many records have background vocals? Why y’all making a big thing out of it? Ashanti wasn’t a star [back then], she was just in the studio with me, and I was Napoleon,” the Murder Inc. founder added. Notably, Ashanti also penned Jen’s follow-up hit “Ain’t it Funny.”

Mac Miller – Goosebumpz lyrics

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[produced by: Diplo]

Fat Joe Details How He Tried Getting 50 Cent and Ja Rule On Same Stage

Fat Joe says he tried to get 50 Cent and Ja Rule on the same stage and failed miserably.

The Terror Squad rap legend sat down with “Ebro In The Morning” on Hot 97 earlier today with his new artist Dre where he detailed how he tried to get 50 and Rule to perform together on Summer Jam and was shut down instantly. He explains how he came up with the grand idea to make the two New York rappers who have been beefing for years on the same stage.

Before he got to the topic of the beef, Fat Joe said he would love to A&R (Artists and repertoire) 50 Cent. “I’d make him the hottest rapper in the game it’s a fact right now 2018 if I A&R 50 Cent I would be him the hottest rapper in the game,” he said. Whether Fiddy will agree to that is another story, he might just be too busy cashing in his Bitcoins and producing movies and TV shows.

“They both good friends of mine, I love Ja Rule, i love the whole Murder Inc crew, and 50 he is a good friend too, you know am not with it man,” Fat Joe said while adding, “I know they can’t squash the beef. If there was a possibility of squashing then I would be at the summit.”

Joe then touched on the hot-button issue of 50 Cent and Ja Rule, who went after each other as recently as this week. “I tried to bring them both at Summer Jam last year and I got a ‘f**k your moms,” the rapper/producer said. “Ni**s was like, ‘There won’t be no kumbaya moments on this f**ing stage.’ That was that. I tried it.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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